Everstart Vs Duralast – What Are The Major Differences?

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Generally, everything in recent times is power-reliant. Without power, they fail to function. Cars and automobiles also fall under this category. Batteries help the car get the jumpstart that it needs and also provide smaller powers for screens, GPS, and such. Moreover, they help stabilize the overall electric voltage and keep things running in your car.

Batteries need to be up to good quality to keep the overall performance of the car intact. Both EverStart and Duralast provide the quality that you need. However, in comparison, both can have their positive and negative sides. In the end the one with the upper hand.

Everstart Vs Duralast In a Table

Product EverStart Picked model: Everstart MaxxDuralast Picked model: Duralast 24DL
Definition It is a lead-acid automotive battery. It mainly focuses on fitting and maximum starting power for your vehicle.The Duralast is an OEM engine that will offer your car the best Cold ranking Amperage. 
Size This model of Everstart has a size of 78N. Which means it has a length of 26 centimeters, 17.9 centimeters of breadth, and 19.6 centimeters of height.  The Duralast in question comes at a size of 24F. This means it has 27.3 centimeters of length, 17.3 mm of width, and 22.9 centimeters of height.
Total Reserve Capacity It has a total reserve capacity of 1 hour and 50 minutes (110 minutes). It has a total reserve capacity of 1 hour and 50 minutes (110 minutes). 
Weather compatibility It is good for both high and low weather.It is better to use in colder weather.
Warranty It has a total of 3 years of warranty It has a total of 2 years of warranty 

Everstart Vs Duralast: Major Differences


When it comes to durability, both batteries have a significant difference. Generally, the Everstart has an estimated warranty of about 3 years, and Duralast on the other hand has about 2 years of warranty.

Reserved load 

As for the standard load that is given (about 25 amperages or more), both the batteries have a reserved time load of about 110 minutes till it is completely charged. Which is decent when it comes to batteries with medium pricing.

Cold-cranking amperage

Cold Cranking Amperage or CCA is a battery’s ability to start up on cold temperatures. Generally, the higher the CCA of a car the more power and leverage it has. EverStart has 800 amps of CCA and Duralast consists of 600 amps. In brief, it is more than a significant difference to look into when buying.


In this comparison, both these batteries provide 12 volts of potential energy. In general, batteries have around 12.8 volts of energy. For further info, voltage is the energy that is needed to move one electron from one place to another. So, when it comes to batteries, it plays an important role.

Weather adaption

When it comes to buying car batteries, considering your environment is key. Generally, batteries tend to decrease or increase performance on different sides of the weather. In brief, the Everstart is great for both high and low temperatures. Duralast is also amazing to use in colder and mid-weathers, but it may have issues in extremely high temperatures.

Everstart Vs Duralast: Similarities

Service system

In both the batteries, the batteries are serviced. As a result, you can replace distilled water in the batteries. This is convenient as slow or no crank in your battery can lead to flickering of lights and such.


Alongside the regular servicing warranty, both batteries provide a prorated warranty. In a prorated warranty, they will offer you a new battery at a lower price after the original warranty period is over. So overall, you can get a discount even after the 3 years for the EverStart and 2 years for the Duralast. It’s a win-win.


In terms of build quality, both these batteries are impressive in their playing grounds. Both the batteries are made in a patented, well-researched, and company-standard manner. Though they differ in size, both have a slick, attractive look and a tough build. Generally, Everstart is known to have a smooth, simple look. That shines here very well, and so does Duralast.


Some of the performance in both batteries falls under the same radar. For example, the total reserve capacity and the voltage of both batteries are similar, which helps both to be better. Overall, both are quite powerful and good for general use in this regard.


When it comes to where it fits, both the batteries fall under almost the same category. Even with the slight difference, both the batteries somewhat fit into the same general-use cars and trucks.


Moreover, both the EverStart and the Duralast have a Voltage of 12 VDC (Volts of Direct Current). Generally, it meets the standards of a regular and decent car battery.

Everstart Is Best for Power

Generally, EverStart would be a better choice for higher-caliber cars. Their focus on better cranking power definitely helps out in this regard. On the other hand, their prices are much more affordable than the Duralast that we have picked. Overall, as price takes a huge hand when it comes to choosing a battery for your car, Everstart might be better. If we look at the essentials such as the Reserve Capacity and voltage, the EverStart is very decent for its price.

Duralast Is Best for Cold Weather

Indeed, out of the comparison, Duralast would take the lead if it came to usage in colder and steep weather. Moreover, from the long line of Duralast products, their products are a great choice if you use your car regularly in harsher conditions. However, their prices might be a little steep. For instance, the Duralast 24 dl comes at 128 US Dollars. Other than the price, the battery would be a great choice if it fits your vehicle.

Pros and cons of Everstart


  • The 3-year warranty period helps EverStart get the upper hand.
  • The price of the battery is cheap and commendable.
  • It gives you a smooth jumpstart and good voltage.
  • It has a decent and simple look.
  • They are technologically ahead with their design and lithium technology which helps the battery last longer.


  • The low-cost products do not use the same advanced technology, which affects their durability.
  • Some of their choices are not great in harsh weather.

Pros and cons of Duralast


  • They have high amperage in the case of Cold Cranks.
  • They are built to stay smooth in colder and harsher temperatures.
  • The batteries are also great in terms of Reserve Capacity and Voltage.


  • Overall, Duralast batteries might have a steeper price than general ones.
  • They are not the best in hotter conditions.
  • These batteries might have to be maintained with better care for durability.
  • They also lack the carrying handle, which makes it harder to move around and carry.


So, that brings us to the end of these comparisons. If we take the size, price, durability, and power into account, it seems to be that EverStart has to be the better choice if it fits in your car. Moreover, their price makes it a great bargain. So before making a decision, look into the specifications above.

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