Car Ac Compressor Making Clicking Noises When Turn On! Why?

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Car AC (Air Conditioning) compressors do many things to keep the fluid circulation right. Additionally, it contributes a lot to cool the car’s engine on hot summer days and balances the temperature in winter. But often drivers experience or notice strange noises like clicking noise from the car AC compressor. Now you may wonder why the car AC compressor making clicking noises and how to fix this.

There are many reasons why AC compressors make clicking noises when turned on. The most common or possible causes are damaged hoses, worn-out clutches, blower motors, air conditioning system failures like leakage, etc. It’s not a good sign to hear a clicking noise from the air system. If the noise occurs consistently, it is a concerning issue.

Here is an overall discussion about recognizing the problem and fixing it. If you are worried about this noise and want to fix it immediately, read this article from top to bottom. Hopefully, you will get a clear conception and keep you away from misconceptions.

Reasons Why Car AC Compressor Making Clicking Noise Most Of The Time

Hearing or noticing clicking sounds from the AC compressor is normal. But it might be a significant issue if the sounds get louder and make you feel bored or weird. Here are some reasons that help you to recognize the exact problems why this happens.

Seized compressor

The first reason behind ac compressor making a clicking noise can be a seized or lock up of the compressor. When the compressor is out of the way, it prevents the engine to start or ignite. An AC compressor has a significant contribution to keeping the engine or overall system cool.

Needless to say, when the compressor fails to compress the air in the right portion, the entire system works less efficiently and makes a clicking noise repeatedly.

Jammed or pulley refrigerant

Refrigerant components are vital to cool the entire system and allow the system to work better. Usually, the refrigerant can be jammed because of a jammed or dirty air filter.

An air filter allows the air to flow correctly and keeps the airflow to the engine and other components. Nevertheless, clogged or jammed air filters will not provide the engine with enough fuel or oil to run smoothly.

AC components are frozen

If you notice some unworthy or weird clicking on/off noise or clicking noise, the reason could be the frozen AC components. When AC components are going to be frozen, there is a chance of colling insufficiently. Consequently, the AC unit will fail to work naturally and stop working suddenly.

Low Freon

Low refrigerant is the most possible reason for making a clicking noise or AC keeps turning on and off. When there is a lack of freon inside, it turns on and off frequently which is called short cycling. Usually, the AC system can cycle every 45 seconds when it is in normal condition. It happened because there was a leak in the low refrigerant.

Due to the worn rubber seal or o-rings fault, refrigerant leaks occur at the fitting. The dirt, dust, and grease accumulate on the leaky surface causing great damage to the AC compressor and making the AC function critical

Air filter damage

Often there seem bad noises, black or blue fumes from the back, and any other worst things, understand that is the faulty air filter. The most significant damage that occurs the clogged or messy air filters is the clicking noise from the AC compressor. Furthermore, a faulty air filter may cause strange engine noise that breaks down your engine performance.

Fan blade detoriation

Another concerning reason for hearing a clicking noise is breaking the fan blade. An imbalance fan blade can’t spin or rotate according to the need. This is why it makes a humming or rattling noise.

In addition to producing these noises, it causes great damage to the internal components as it circulates less air. If the airflow is reduced, the car tends to lose its individuality and you feel nasty while riding it.

The problem with the capacitor

Capacitors do a lot to store electricity so that they can provide instant power to the amplifier. And when the capacitor stops working naturally, the clicking sound arises.

Also, you will notice hard starting if the capacitor is damaged. However, to fix this problem, you need to look at the AC compressor. If there is a problem, try to replace it immediately.

Blend door motor

HVAC actuators also known as blend door actuator is efficient in controlling the vent’s positions. Also, it handles airflow that goes into the passenger area. But when it starts to fall, it causes consistent clicking noise. So the wise option is to take an instant step and change it immediately to get an instant remedy.

Tips to Keep Car AC Compressor Good Always

None wants to experience any sounds that come from the car. In this case, the car should be checked properly and regularly. But sorry to say, everyone likes better functionality but no one wants to take care of their car.

Tip 1: Check the oil level

Sometimes oil is contaminated and after a week or month, it can be reduced. For this, the car produces a clunking noise as metal-to-metal contact harshly. So checking the oil level regularly is mandatory.

Tip 2: Clean the air filter regularly

Clogged or jammed air filters can’t supply sufficient air to the internal components. This is why the internal parts get too hot and produce smoke or noise. If you keep the car away from this, clean the air filter after every week.

Tip 3: Fix the bent and other related parts immediately

Whenever you notice the bent is damaged or broken, take an instant step to fix it. If you let this happen, you will suffer in the long run. Also, check the other parts and fix them within an hour or a day.


Everyone wants a hassle-free, blissful, weird noiseless, and properly functional ride. But what if you hear a car AC compressor making a clicking noise even when turned off? Weird, isn’t it? There are some reasons behind this mysterious sound. So fixing the noise immediately is needed. This article discussed all the necessary guidelines related to this. Make your ride blissful always!

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