Why Does My Car Clock Keep Changing Time? (Fix It)

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Over time, there are many problems that might occur in a car. That can be bigger problems in your parts or smaller problems like your clock. Though it is minor, the car clock is a vital part. It provides comfort to the driver. Now, you might notice, that your car clock has been changing. Generally, this might create huge confusion and mostly get annoying. 

Though it might be scary or frightening that the clock has been changing without you doing it, there are some fixes for it. And it is for sure that it was not a ghost or a thief. The culprit of this crime can be your vehicle itself. Here, we have provided some fixes. And later, stick around to check out some of the causes of this problem! 

So, before checking the reasons, let us get first to the fixes. Likewise, where we provide some of the quickest and easiest fixes for a changing clock of a vehicle. Your car can be either resetting every time you turn it on, or it might just be changing in time. If it is something else, it is best to consult a professional. Let us take a look at our fixes.

General Fixes for Clock Changing Time

  1. Fix 1: Changing a car battery mostly fixes a lot of internal problems. After a while, a car battery can get jittery and old. Just like with everything else, car batteries get slower and sloppier. After some time, it might develop some hiccups in the smoothness. This can cause the clock of your vehicle to restart. So, changing the battery every 2 or 3 years will help. If you can change it yourself, that’s great. If not, it is best to consult a mechanic. 
  1. Fix 2: Other than the battery, most of the problems still lay inside your hood. The second problem could be the ignition system of your vehicle. A new, fresh ignition coil or key can get rid of this problem. Also, cleaning the ignition system, especially the ignition switch might help as well. Though, it is best to check if that’s the problem with your vehicle. As ignition coils, spark plugs, and so on can be expensive to buy and fix. So, make sure you know the problem before diagnosing it. 
  1. Fix 3: Generally, the third problem can be a fuse. A fuse in your car hood can cause many problems. Along with all the other hassles, a stubborn clock can be one of them. So making sure your fuses are fit and intact can save you a lot of hassle. If this is the problem, then changing all the fuses every few months or so can help.
  1. Fix 4: Now, for the most complicated one of the 4 reasons. Faulty wiring of your battery can guide you to this problem very easily. Faulty wiring not only causes this but a list of other problems. So, check with your mechanic and get yours to a fix if this is the problem. If not, you may be a victim of the other three. 

Reasons for a Resetting or Changing Time Car Clock

Moreover, let us get to some reasons and precautions. Generally, knowing the problem’s reason and having precautions for these problems can help get the solution easily. So, let us get to some of these. 

If we look closely, most of the fixes are in the hood. More specifically, the battery and the parts relating to it. Firstly, an old and faulty battery. Changing your battery can help easily because an old battery is faulty most of the time. The lack of smooth electricity causes this. This might be a result of a faulty battery, old battery, faulty or torn wiring, faulty ignition switch, dirty ignition switch, and so on.

More Tips and Advice

Moreover, the fuses also cause this. Again, the same thing is with the wiring and ignition switch. This might be dirt, too much resistance or friction, and the breaking of wiring can cause breakage in electricity. These problems restrict smooth electric flow. Without the smoothness, a hiccup may be causing these problems. Besides a hiccup, these problems can also cause a total stoppage in your electricity. 

Moreover, buying good-quality parts like batteries and ignition switches can help get rid of these problems. Maintenance of these also matters. 

Though, we know that these parts can get very expensive. But it is sure that spending of higher money will give the best outcome for your vehicle. Other than that, it is also important that you know which to get and what to get. If you get the wrong ones, you will most likely lose your vehicle health. Again, this causes a whole lot of hassles and problems. 

Also, while fixing these things, try to use some help from professional mechanics. As we all know, the internals of a vehicle is very complicated. A lack of experience can make the problem way bigger than it actually is. So generally, it is best to do the work with or by someone who knows what they are doing. If you know and have complete knowledge, have fun!


So, we got to the end of this article. Generally, I hope the fixes have been working and are easy to follow. As always, knowing some of the tricks and having knowledge will help with your experience as well. It is pretty clear that this problem is both common and annoying. So, we can easily think of helping a friend or family. As a recap, the four easy fixes are given above. Alongside some knowledge and causes of these problems are mentioned as well. While trying the fixes, make sure you have the right guidance from either a friend with experience or a mechanic. Or else, major damage to your parts can be done. So be careful, and enjoy the ride!

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