Why and How Fire Trucks Transport Water

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Safety is always the first priority for a firefighter when they set out to quench. So water is a unique, affordable, easily available resource to fight a fire. When there is a heavy fire outside or inside, the fire trucks run away with firefighters and other necessary things. But do fire trucks carry water?

Fire trucks carry lots of things inside including ladders, hoses, necessary tools, and pump water. Usually, fire trucks carry water in special trucks like Quints. Fire engines can carry between 300 and 1250 gallons of water simultaneously in an onboard tank. But varies the capacity and size of a truck.

Typically, the certain amount of water (500 to 750 gallons) a fire truck can carry There is a lot of confusion about whether there is water in the fire truck’s onboard tank or not. The true conception will be given here to know the unknown. Keep reading this article from top to bottom to get real information.

Different Types of Fire Trucks and Their Water Carrying Capacity

The availability of fire trucks is increasing day by day. Most of the time they work so well to set the fire out. For a human being, it’s so tough to stop the fire by hand or putting force. In this case, a firefighter uses these trucks to stop the fire. And most work is done by the water or extinguisher. Here are some fire trucks and their water availability.

Conventional Fire Trucks

 A standard and conventional fire truck comes for firefighters to help them in hazardous situations. It can do many things like take away fighters to the fire spot, along with carrying necessary fire extinguishers and other equipment. But the most important thing is water.

It has a larger water tank that carries sufficient water to supply when needed. This truck is efficient in driving rough terrain. Therefore, it takes fighters to the spot in a very short time.

Modern Fire Trucks

Although fire trucks were in vogue in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were not very advanced. They have improved a lot since the 20th century, as you can see now. These are designed to deal with fires or other catastrophic accidents very quickly. However, its apparatus includes ladders, protective gear, and water tanks. On average, that water tank contains 400 to 500 gallons of water.

Pumper Truck

Triple combination pumper or pumper trucks are mostly common units right now. It carries almost everything needed to set out the heavy fire. Unlike A-Wagon, it is attached to a hose body, fire pump, and a large water tank. Having this large water tank provides enough water to set the fire out completely.

In addition, pumper trucks are seen at almost every rescue spot providing the firefighters with important tools to save the victims.

Wildland Fire Engines

The main purpose behind building wildland fire engines is to deliver smooth and wonderful experiences over rough, tough, and challenging terrains. It is usually slightly different compared to traditional or regular trucks as it can extinguish the fire from hills and mountains. Interestingly, it can pump water even when it is running. As a result, it can spray water from every corner and fire can’t spread rapidly to demolish.

Tiller Trucks

This truck is also called a specialized ladder truck that includes almost every apparatus. Having both a trailer and tractor unit makes it a hybrid version. Surprisingly and wonderfully, there are two drivers running with separate steering wheels.

By the way, this hybrid version ensures that there is an onboard water tank that carries a minimum of 0.4K to 0.7 gallons of water. It can reach up to 50 feet, which is the most significant feature.

Water Tenders

The purpose of developed water tenders or mobile supply apparatus is to take, transport, and offer water in emergency fire spots. Most of them come with straightforward designs that everyone can understand. This is why one can easily use this to extinguish the fire immediately. It is efficient to supply water at the right place at the right time.

Reasons Why Fire Trucks Need to Carry Water

Safety is always focusing on things. Firefighters risk their lives to put out the fire. In this case, water plays a leading role.  As water is a fire extinguisher, it easily extinguishes fires. So it is important to carry water in the fire truck. Below are some of the reasons why fire trucks need to carry water.

Safety Concern

Safety is the first priority when you deal with a situation like a destructive fire. Fire can cause great damage in no time. In this case, firefighters need to be very careful and keep their focus on the fire. In this circumstance, water is important as it resists fire for a short time.

Supply Adequate Water

Without sufficient water, fire can’t be reduced. Ensuring adequate water in the tank is crucial if you want to set out a flaming fire. This is why fill the tank with water and then exit for rescue. Otherwise, you won’t save yourself, let alone your victims.

Perfect extinguisher

Water is called a superb and effective solution to put out a fire in no time. There is nothing as good as water when it comes to putting out fires. This is why fire trucks need to carry water with other apparatus.


Water is the most common and readily available solvent that is used for many purposes. Additionally, it has excellent workability against fire that helps to put out the fire immediately. So it is not hard for a fire truck to carry enough water to rescue fire victims. So there is no excuse left to carry fire.


Fire trucks carry lots of apparatus to put out the fire to save lives. There are apparatus including an aerial ladder, flood lights, reference books, ventilator fans, hoses, water tank, pump panels, air tank, etc. But the most significant thing is water. Hopefully, you now know the answer to do fire trucks carry water. By now, don’t hesitate and buy fire trucks with water tank availability.

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