How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul?

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Dump trucks are efficient to carry or haul bulk loads at a time. But it depends on truck size and weight capacity. Different-sized and weighed dump trucks haul different tons. But on average, how many tons can a dump truck haul? This question is not only for you but also for all.

On Average, a standard-sized dump truck can haul 6-16 tons which experienced drivers estimate. A large or full-size dump truck can load 10 to 40 tons and more than that effortlessly. In the meantime, a mini or small-sized truck can haul 6.5 to 7.5 tons which is equal to 13000 pounds and 15000 pounds respectively.

By calculating, you can get the perfect results that show the amount of load dump trucks can haul. Lacking proper knowledge, the estimated value can be determined easily. There is a lot of information still beyond your thoughts. So stick to this article and get a clear concept.

Different Categories of Dump Trucks and Their Hauling Capacity

There are a number of dump trucks available right now and they are dissimilar from each other. That’s why different types of trucks can haul different amounts of goods. But no worries here is an in-depth guide to know all the information.

Small-sized standard dump truck

Small-sized tri-axle dump truck is the perfect edition for hauling smaller loads like silica, concrete, and any either grocery products. This truck can carry between 6.5 to 7.5 tons of goods at a time within a short distance.

If you are a trucker in urban or rural areas, it is a perfect choice. Being a smaller size, it can efficiently load a significant amount of load without destroying performance even in tight quarters or unsurfaced areas.

Semi-trailer end dump truck

If you are looking for width and large payload tractors, choosing a semi-trailer end dump truck is fantastic. As it is a large and spacious truck, it can haul more than 13 tons which is equal to 28,000 pounds. It is available all over the world, especially in the USA, in a 3-axle tractor with dual tires.

Big-sized dump truck

The world’s most gigantic and demandable dump truck is Belaz 75710. It can haul more than 490 tons efficiently without any hassle. It is constructed with higher-quality materials for handling bulk loads. There are 8 giant tires with 360 tons of weight.

Transfer dump truck

A transfer dump truck is a popular option with a standard-sized moveable cargo container. It is efficient to load with graves, industry materials, construction aggregate, sand, asphalt, and any other heavy materials. So how many tons can a transfer dump truck haul is unknown? It can haul between 22 tons and 24 tons.

Dual and triple trailer bottom dump truck

This truck comes with a 2-axle tractor pulling with one axle and an extra full trailer. It has great advantages like a driver can easily take or lay stuff in windows just to keep the cab off. On average, this type of truck can carry at least 23 to 27 tons respectively, depending on size and workload efficiency. Also, there is another factor is road conditions.

6 wheelers

If you need to take not more than 14 tons, 6 wheelers tractor or trailer is more than enough. It is a perfect mid-sized truck with the standard number of tires. Typically, it can haul between 12 tons and 14 tons respectively.

Super Dump truck

The super dump truck is a liftable trailer axle-featured truck with a standard amount of hauling capacity. With the larger diameter and length, it can hold between 19 tons and 26 tons which are similar to 38000 pounds and 52000 pounds. With its 7 axles, it can handle a certain amount of load efficiently even on potholes.

18 wheelers

The survey of FHA (Federal Highway Administration) regulations revealed that an 18 wheelers truck’s carrying capacity is 40 tons or 80k pounds. It works by leaving less damage to the roads or bridges. The stability and performance both are present in this tractor.

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Considering Factors to Measure How Many Tons Dump Trucks Haul

There are some factors or conditions that play crucial roles to identify the exact hauling capacity. They contribute a lot to knowing the actual hauling capacity of dump trucks. Among them, size and yard are the main factors 

  • Size

Generally, big-sized trucks can hold a larger amount of materials, and small-sized trucks can carry a small amount of stuff. Mid-sized trucks load between the two. So size matters a lot to how many tons a dump truck can haul.

  • Weight

When the weight is respectable, the carrying capacity is also high. A lightweight truck can carry as much load as a heavyweight truck and is naturally capable of carrying more than that.  From this, it is understood that the heavier the weight, the higher the hauling capacity.

  • Width of the truck

The truck that has wider space and cargo, has the efficiency of holding a large amount of stuff more than a smaller space truck. If you have a bulk load and take them to distant places, a spacious cargo truck is the best option to choose.

  • Materials

Made of steel and made of high-grade metal, which is more durable? Of course, higher-grade material trucks, right? Premium-grade materials allow a tractor to haul a bulk load at a time.

  • Types of materials

Dump trucks can carry many materials and stuff including gravel, asphalt, commercial products, gravel, sand, stones, industrial products, etc. If the dump truck carries sand, it can carry more than of carrying gravel. So material type plays a vital role here. 

The bottom line

So how many tons can a dump truck haul completely depends on the type of trucks you have? In this guide, all are described for the sake of your comfort. A standard-sized dump truck can haul between 6 tons and more than 30 tons respectively. If you calculate it in pounds, it should be between 12000 pounds and more than 60k pounds.

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