Why Do Garbage Trucks Have Two Steering Wheels?

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Have you ever thought about the purpose of garbage trucks having two steering wheels? You should brain that out. While almost every vehicle uses a single steering wheel, it’s easy to ponder why garbage trucks feature two.

So, why do garbage trucks have two steering wheels? In general, garbage trucks have two steering wheels because they weigh more and have more payload heavier that needs to be distributed evenly.

Alongside, dual-wheeling for garbage trucks increases safety by protecting the axle. These are, however, some of the fundamental purposes of adding a second steering wheel to garbage trucks. 

There are many reasons why lead engineers choose to add a second steering wheel to garbage trucks. In this article, we’ll explore why engineers choose to add a second steering wheel to garbage trucks in greater detail.

Why Do Garbage Trucks Have Two Steering Wheels?

As we have mentioned at the beginning, the main purpose of including two steering wheels in garbage trucks is to ensure well distribution of weight and protection to the axle. Now, it’s time to have a closer look at other beneficial aspects that will clarify the answer for you. 

Proper Load Distribution

Garbage trucks are larger to carry more junk and other waste. Trucks are built so that they can easily be unloaded, which is advantageous because the driver can load the receptacle scattered in different areas. Additionally, they have more wheels to allow for greater maneuverability and greater durability. 

These vehicle types have two steering wheels to deal with such as the middle of the vehicle. If you have a steering wheel in the cockpit of a huge and heavy vehicle, the axle joints may be damaged, causing them to prematurely wear out.

When your axles are bent, you can become unsteady behind the wheel, and it affects your balance. Furthermore, if your car is significantly bent, it can make an abnormal noise during this action and break the alignment. 

Having two steering wheels solves the issue. At the same time, it minimizes the risk of damage and ensures the longevity of the vehicle. 

Convenient Waste Picking

Having two steering wheels is beneficial for garbage trucks because they help to make the waste collection process safer and more expedient for the driver. The driver need not resort to introspection during the waste collection process; instead, the driver can remain on the left side of the truck.

Moreover, they can efficiently control all aspects of the system for proper disposal. In this manner, the drivers become less busy because they do not have to come out of the truck and fiddle at its various systems as a function of each stop. Additionally, a reduction in the number of stoppages on particular branches of the roadway is also possible.

Improves Roadway Visibility 

Drivers of large vehicles also need substantial clearance to provide stability and comfort on the road. The size of garbage trucks allows them to also steer with a broadside that reduces visibility on the road. The decrease in viewing angle, especially at junctions, can lead to accidents. The visibility from the cab is quite clear. 

It becomes easy to drive the car or truck with proper visibility, even though the conditions generally because it difficult to drive by the road when the truck driver has only the left or right of the truck’s control. The predicament became hectic the driver actively watching outside.

Enhanced Automatic Arm Control

The part of the garbage truck that collects pickups is called the automatic arm. The automatic arm is part of both garbage trucks that have steering wheels, which make it easier for you to maneuver and control the automated arm.

This may then be expected to safely place recyclables into the hoppers. The automated arm then receives the pickups from the hoppers. 

Increases Load Capacity

If you boost the weight of the truck, the excess load will cause it to rock, and as a result, the tires are likely to become worn quickly. Since heavy loads will put enormous stress on various parts of the unquestionably strained suspension system, it will definitely start to produce abnormal noise. 

The added load doesn’t affect the stability while driving at moderate speeds as the heavy loads also destabilize the steering wheel when steering a 2-axle truck with power steering. 

The plan complements these trucks by having them equipped with two steering axles that are capable of providing additional support for the additional loads of garbage trucks.

Ensures Safer Driving

Having two steering wheels makes these garbage trucks much safer to drive. It’s ideal to have multiple people use these vehicles, as one can be dangerous enough to drive the vehicle. Both front wheels of this vehicle are used to help it drive in reverse, while the rear ones are connected to a hydraulic apparatus to make the truck more stable when driving. 

Also, the truck helps accumulate debris from different points, as it is known as an arm-disposal truck. There are risks posed by the clutter on the roadway, as you must take the extra step in order to reduce them. 

Adding two steering wheels actually extends their vehicle service life by preserving their various parts. Being able to lower the chance of injury can also be helpful, as more dangerous accidents can be avoided.

Does Every Garbage Truck Have Two Steering Wheels?

Yes, all waste disposal trucks in the US and Canada have two steering wheels used to control the automatic arm for getting rid of waste. In some countries, these trucks function without two steering wheels because they can confuse the driver behind the wheel. The added button is installed on their autos to manage electronics control that will be automatic.

How Many Tires Does A Garbage Truck Have?

The majority of garbage trucks have between ten and a dozen tires depending on the type of loading they were used. The amount of tangential tires primarily depends on how the vehicle was used.

Final Words

The dual steering wheel on a garbage truck is an essential part of the machine’s operation. Without it, the truck would be unable to turn in a consistent and controlled manner, potentially leading to accidents. So next time you see a garbage truck out on the street, don’t be surprised to see its two steering wheels in action-ensuring a smooth ride for all!

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