Detroit Axle Vs TRQ – Which Is The Better Strut?

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Main Difference of Detroit Axle vs. TRQ: Detroit Axle has been an industry leader for many years. its questionable wheel hub assembly of Detroit Axle is holding the crown position in this industry. On the other hand, TRQ has provided top-quality products to customers throughout all these decades with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Wheel hub assemblies are important to get a comfortable ride. The wrong one can decrease your efficiency and performance, so choosing the perfect shocks and struts wheel for your vehicle is necessary! Here we have two options: Detroit Axle which has a common name in the automotive industry as well TRQ-the most outstanding features worth mentioning.

Detroit Axle Vs TRQ In a Table

ParticularDetroit AxleTRQ
DefinitionDetroit Axle is holding the crown position in this industryTRQ has provided top-quality products.
Front Wheel4WD Front Wheel hub assembly.TRQ Front Wheel Hub assembly.
FitsFits 4WD models only.2007-14 Mazda CX-9 rear driver and passenger side all-wheel Drive.
InstallComplete and ready to installInstall is easy and swift
PerformancePre-coated with anti-corrosion lubricated.Reduce friction and enhance fuel economy.
QualityTop-quality seal design ensures a clean, lasting hub bearing.Comes with an ABS sensor that automatically controls speed.
ManufacturedProducts are manufactured to exceed original equipment standards.Detroit Axle’s price is around 6 packs $230-$235.
MadeAll Parts Heated By High Temperature To Ensure The Reliability & Perfect Fit.This product is made of heavy-duty metal, ensuring smooth and long-lasting operation.
WarrantyComes with 10 years warrantyLimited lifetime warranty.
Come withCome with an ABS sensorCome with an ABS sensor
PositionFront left or rightAnti Lock brakes sensor
PriceDetroit Axle price is around 6 packs $230-$235.TRQ price is around 6 packs $220-$225.

What is Detroit Axle?

Detroit Axle - Front Struts + Rear Shocks Replacement for Chevy Equinox GMC Terrain Saturn Vue Pontiac Torrent - 4pc Set

Detroit Axle is a leading global retailer and distributor of high-quality auto parts that are remanufactured or new. They offer an incredible value with our rapidly expanding product line consisting mainly of CV axles, wheel hub & bearing, suspension components such as springs & shocks; complete strut assemblies which include dampers, shock absorbers drum brakes ceramic pads rack pinion gears transmission shafts rear ends tools accessories clothing Accessories. And more. With more than 30 years in the industry, They have built a name for themselves by providing high-quality parts and service.

What is TRQ Strut?

TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Assembly Shock Kit Set 4pc Front & Rear for 2011-2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 & 5.0L V8

Wheel Hub by TRQ®. This high-quality replacement part will help restore and keep your vehicle running down the road in like-new condition for many miles to come, it’s manufactured using state of art facilities with materials that are subjected to rigorous testing processes so you can be sure about its reliability.TRQ is a company that makes and sells high-quality auto parts. so you know they are good at what they do!. Their mission statement says “to offer DIYers an affordable way to keep their cars running smoothly without having to worry about breaking down on Route.

Detroit Axle Vs TRQ: Major Differences

Built Quality

When it comes to axles, the Detroit Axle has the crown position. They’re known for their top quality products and excellent customer service too. On the other hand, TRQ provides high-quality products with their best effort to keep up.


The Detroit Axle Products are designed to exceed the original equipment standards. In contrast, TRQ comes with an ABS sensor that automatically controls speed for a more precise driving experience.


Detroit Axle’s high-temperature parts are designed to keep your car running smoothly.TRQ, on the other hand, is made of durable metal which will last long even under pressure from driving conditions.


Detroit Axle Fits 4WD models only. In contrast, TRQ Front fits in any 6-lug wheels. Wheel Hub assembly has a detachable axle that allows for easy maintenance and servicing of your vehicle’s differentials or transmission gears without having to remove the wheels.


The Detroit Axle wheel hub assembly is one of the easiest parts to install on your car. In just minutes, you can have it done and ready for use. In contrast, TRQ with the help of ABS sensors, can measure how fast your car is rotating. These are installed on wheels and determine velocity appropriately for an accurate guess at what speed you’ll need when turning or merging into traffic.


The Detroit Axle hub assembly is a revolutionary design that reduces the friction of the wheel against metal. This means less wear and a greater lifespan for your vehicle’s tires.TRQ’s wheel hub assembly is designed to provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride both on-road and off of it. TRQ reduces noise by ensuring proper dampening control so your adventures will never feel unwelcome again.

Detroit Axle – Best for Slotted Rotors

Detroit Axle has introduced new technology in their wheel hub assembly which is designed to give you better performance when driving both on-road and off of it. The slotted rotors provide an M+S rated speed, so that means no matter where your adventure takes place – from mountain roads all the way down dirt paths or smooth asphalt streets, you’ll have plenty of power for every turn.

TRQ – Best for Anti-lock Brake Sensors

The anti-lock brake sensors are one of the most special features in TRQ wheel hub assemblies. They allow for immediate response to any braking command given by drivers, which can be crucial when off-road or driving at high speeds operationally. The anti-lock brake sensors are important because they help prevent any accidental slips when driving. If you’re going off-road, then your car will have more quick-stopping power thanks to this special feature.


Are Detroit Axle parts quality?

5.0 out of 5 starsThe price for these OEM quality parts was unbeatable and the fit is perfect- no need to worry about getting a refund or replacement because you didn’t know that this would happen when purchasing! I’m really glad Detroit Axle had such a quick response time as well considering they are open on weekends now too.

Is TRQ good quality?

TRQ is a company that offers some of the best quality and direct-fit auto parts. They have dedicated their business to precision, performance, as well reviews from customers who are interested in checking out what they have on offer for themselves or others around town.

Will Detroit Axle Fit in my 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 4wd

Yes, the Detroit Axle wheel bearings are only compatible with vehicles of the 4WD category. So it will fit your 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 – an excellent choice for all you off-road enthusiasts.

Final Words

Detroit Axle and TRQ are both automobile companies. They manufacture different parts for automobiles. The TRQ is a product worth mentioning for its outstanding features. The Detroit Axle, on the other hand, has been in the automotive industry for decades and continues to be one of their most popular products today with good reason.

When it comes to the wheel hub assemblies of your vehicle, there is no doubt that you’re looking for something reliable. Just know they are both affordable and compatible with specific cars or trucks. The decision will ultimately depend on what type of fitment best suits your needs. So take some time out now in order to get everything clear before making any final decisions about which accessory might work better than another one.

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