CR2032 Vs Dl2032 – What Are The Major Differences?

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In our day-to-day life, batteries play a major role. They provide the little and large amounts of power that we need in our appliances. They come in all shapes and sizes, with A, AA, AAA, and so forth batteries being made. They can power small devices like watches to cars and planes too.

Moreover, for small appliances and devices, we need batteries that sometimes don’t even need batteries. Coin batteries are odd-looking ones, but they sure do provide the small amounts of energy that we need in appliances. The Cr2032 and the DL2032 are a specimen that we can look at in this case.

Cr2032 Vs Dl2032 With a Table

Product Dl2032Cr2032
Description The Dl2023 is a coin-sized battery made for enhanced performance and battery life. Cr2032 batteries have the perfect making for a consistent and rough temperature performance battery.
Brand These batteries are made by the popular battery company Duracell.The cr2032 batteries are made by multiple companies including Panasonic and Energizer.
Weight Dl2032 batteries are generally with a 4.5-gram weight.These batteries come with 3.1 grams.
Minimum operating temperature These batteries can operate at as low as -20 degrees Celsius temperature.-30 degrees Celsius is the least temperature that this battery can handle.
CapacityThey have a stable capacity of 225 mAH.In Panasonic and Energizer Cr2032, the capacity goes up to 235.
Cost These have a cost of 0.33 US dollars per pack (2 batteries).They have a total cost of 0.41 US dollars per pack (2 batteries).

Cr2032 Vs Dl2032: Major Differences

Compatibility devices 

Generally, both these batteries are practically the same and have almost identical specifications. Moreover, identical specifications lead to identical compatibility. In brief, both the Cr2032 and the Duracell Dl2032 are compatible with small devices. For example watches, computer motherboards, PDA (personal digital assistant), toys, games, pedometers, stopwatches, and other lightweight medical devices. 


With the specifications and the details of the product being almost identically the same, the batteries can be generally swapped out for each other as they are the same size and have the same work ethics. So if you are running out, you can always swap yours out for another one of these bad boys. Overall, as both the dl2032 and the cr2032 have the same capacity of 225 mAH, the products can be changed. However, brands might have a hand here. For example, the Energizer cr2032 has a capacity of 235 mAH rather than the normal 225 mAH capacity.


As these batteries are small and lightweight, the time on these tends to be longer. On average surprisingly the dl2032 and the cr2032 both can give up to 8 to 10 years of service. Which is great as you can install and forget!


Like almost all other coin-sized non-reusable batteries, both the cr2032 and the dl2032 are made using Lithium Manganese Dioxide.


In the case of batteries as small as this, weights do not really make much of a difference. Generally, though, the Duracell Dl2032 has a weight of merely 4.5 grams and surprisingly the cr2032 has a lighter weight of 3.1 grams.

Minimum operating temperature

Again, these temperatures don’t make much of a difference in these batteries but the features are surely useful. In the case of the lowest temperatures, the Dl2032 can be used in -20 degrees Celsius temperatures. Surprisingly again, the Cr2032 batteries can be used in even lower temperatures, -30 degrees Celsius. 


Even though both these batteries have the same costs overall, there is a small difference. In this case, the Cr2032 comes in 8 cents higher than the Duracell Dl2032.

Cr2032 Vs Duracell Dl2032: Similarities


Generally, as already mentioned these two batteries are extremely similar. In the case of sizes, the numbers on these batteries indicate them already. In both the cr2032 and the dl2032 the numbers are not random. The 20 in the numbers say that the diameter of the batteries is 20 millimeters and the 32 or 3.2 mm indicate the thickness of the battery. In this case, both batteries are the same size. This feature also fuels a lot of interchangeability.


In brief, the amount of potential energy that a battery holds is called its voltage. The voltage amount is seen by measuring the volts. In the case of the cr2032 and the dl2032, both the batteries have a 3-volt (3v) voltage held in them.


The total amount of energy that is going under production in a battery by means of electrochemical reactions is called the capacity of a battery. Generally, it is measured by milliamps per hour or mAh. In the Duracell Dl2032 and the CR2032, the capacity is the same. Though in some cases (as mentioned in the case of Panasonic and Energizer) the capacity might differ from 225 mAh, it is not a significant difference.

Continuous drain current 

In brief, the maximum amount of energy that can be conducted by any battery is called CDC or continuous drain current. In the case of the batteries presented, both hold a 0.19 mA of CDC. In terms of comparison and size, it is pretty decent for compatible devices.

Maximum operating temperature 

The maximum temperature a battery can perform is called its maximum operating temperature.  In general terms, these might help in terms of devices that heat up during use. Conveniently, both these batteries have the same maximum operating temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.  In this case, the environment temperature and also the device temperature matter.

Pros and Cons of Dl2032


  • Generally, it is a very long-lasting battery. 
  • In terms of cost, the Duracell Dl2032 is slightly cheaper than the cr2032. It was 0.33 US dollars a pack.
  • These batteries are easily interchangeable with other small batteries of the same size


  •  A downside with these batteries is that they are one-time, which means they cannot be recharged.
  • Another downside is that these come in packs of 3 or 4 batteries, so you have to buy them at once. Though, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Pros and Cons of Cr2032


  • The cr2032 is also a very long-lasting battery. 
  • Regardless of brand, they can be easily interchanged with other batteries of the same specifications.
  • They have a lower minimum operating temperature, which means you can use these batteries at lower temperatures in comparison with dl2032 batteries.


  • These batteries are for one-time use and cannot be recharged.
  • They are about 7 to 8 cents pricier than the Duracell Dl2032 batteries (per pack).

Final thought

In brief, these batteries are completely identical, and they almost eliminate the causes of comparison. Generally, if you cannot find one brand of these batteries, you can easily swap them out for the other choice. However, be aware of the specifications as they may affect your device. The only high hand the cr2032 has is the lower minimum temperature and the higher capacity in some brands. Though of course, it is slightly pricier. However, they are still great alternatives for each other.

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