Why Is A Catalytic Converter Expensive? (Deep Explanation)

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If you ever go to replace the catalytic converter, you will wonder why is catalytic converters so expensive? Also, you may wonder why this small part of the car costs lots of money? Well! You cannot use a car without a catalytic converter because it reduces black exhaust fumes produced from cars. Even more, it is a rigid law in the USA and throughout the world. You must have a catalytic converter otherwise you have to pay lots of fines which, would be up to $10,000

So, you have to accept its prices, also there is a reason, which I am going to point out which makes it expensive and how you can keep it in a good condition.

Why is a catalytic converter so expensive?

catalytic converter cost
  • The catalytic converter is made from precious metals. Like, as palladium, platinum, and rhodium, which are really expensive metals. 1 gram of palladium costs about $50 which is more than gold, and each catalytic converter contains 5 grams of palladium on average.
  • The construction of a catalytic converter is tricky, and meticulous so that here needs an expert help
  • The construction machinery of the catalytic converter is also expensive

The average price is between $150 to $1500. Most important, different states, and country requires different catalytic converter which also varies the price. For example, in California, the catalytic converter should meet the CARB components. 

How do catalytic converters go bad?

catalytic converter goes bad

Typically, catalytic converters are placed under the car. Even, though it has the greatest surface area to civilize the greatest number of chemical productions.

The most massive reason is that fumes and chemicals produce with it, so it a very natural for dirt accumulation. If you don’t clear it quarter in a year, it will big chance to go bad quickly.

Another reason, under the car face all dirts, and mud. So, it holds on the surface of the catalytic converter for a longer time, there has the most chance of damage and rust, which causes your catalytic converter.

When you see, your catalytic converter smokes blue fumes that mean oils are burning, so, if you consistently drive with it without fixing it then it will go bad quickly.

How to keep your catalytic converter in a good condition?

If you want to properly take care of your catalytic converter properly, there are some following steps, you should look through.

First of all, you should conscious of your catalytic converter, and make sure that is always clean. So, you can do it at your trusted automotive stores or where you purchase. 

Secondly, you can also clean your catalytic converter by yourself with seafoam, which is really effective to prevent rust and mud.

Last but not least, always use hot water to clean your converter because hot water is good for the converter while cleaning. After cleaning, use a towel to wipe it off. And see the tremendous results because every unwanted debris will be gone.


Most people are unconscious of the catalytic converter, because it is placed under the car that’s mean, there is nothing to show and style with. However, it is an important part of your car. Without it, the environment will be a disaster with your black exhaust fumes. Regardless, it is pricey. In this case, you should better maintain your catalytic converter properly.

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