California’s Catalytic Converter Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide

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Throughout America, the Catalytic converter for California introduced rigid rules that catalytic converters must have to meet CARB components. Otherwise, the California law ministration will fine you for breaking the rules. Therefore, you must buy a catalytic converter that meets CARB components.

In this article, we demonstrated the five best catalytic converters in California, which follow the CARB components.

5 Best Catalytic Converters in California

1. Walker 82551 CalCat OBDII

best walker converter

Walker manifests that it is a leading catalytic converter industry for import and domestic applications. Consequently, it offers a direct-fit catalytic converter that is available for OBDII (1996 and newer) vehicles and pre-OBD (1995 and older) vehicles.

It is specially designed for California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations. As we know it meets the requirements of CARB. So, it is legal to sell in California. Although, it is one of the best catalytic converters in California to use.

Key Features

It is constructed with all viable features that are unparalleled for European, Asian, and North American vehicles. Besides, It comes with an OE-style design, OE-grade washcoat, and stainless steel design which all are vital parts for vehicles. 

OE-grade washcoat– It is an optimal feature technology that provides maximum oxygen storage capacity. It reduces black exhaust fumes and helps the environment.

OE-style design– It includes hangers, brackets, and flanges that make it legal to sell in California. Moreover, this feature enhances strength.

Stainless steel– Coming with a stainless steel body with an aluminized extreme heat pipe and heat shields increases the durability.

Why should you buy it?

  • It is a direct-fit catalytic converter that’s why you don’t have to run into any hassle with installation.
  • OE style design and stainless steel having a single catalytic converter are great because these increase durability as well as strength.
  • Walker is a popular brand and installs various vehicles. Moreover, it earns lots of reputation for consistently meeting the customers’ requirements.


  • Easy to install
  • Premium metals
  • Maximum efficiency
  • CARB component


  • May start with rattle

2. MagnaFlow 447206 Universal

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The MagnaFlow 447206  is a versatile catalytic converter because its single unit covers up different vehicle makes and models. Importantly, It meets the requirements of CARB. It is legal to use in California.

In California, all catalytic converters are too compliant. However, it is not legal to use it solely on vehicle weight and engine size. In other words, to say, MagnaFlow 447206 requires welding, cutting, and tube bending which is why you need professional installers.

Key Features

It is one of the strong catalytic converters as it builds with so many viable features which make it strong and durable. With regard to seam welded which is closely settled to the converter for a strong and tight bond. Moreover, it offers stainless steel and formulates with gas and diesel engines which makes it a shining example of the catalytic converter in California.

Aluminized components– It comes with a heat shield that creates unbanded wall protection against heat and adds to the structural existence of the converter.

Stainless steel– Another amazing feature of Magnaflow, it enhances a converter’s durability and makes sure that it has a long life.

Design– Working out diesel and gas, which are money-saving and emission fumes.

Why should you buy it?

  • The certification of CARB components that meet all requirements is an ideal choice for maximizing the conversion of harmful pollution which plays an immense role in reducing the toxicity of gases. It also increases the longevity of the engine.
  • It is a honeycomb catalyst, and the ceramic is designed for the greatest flow and surface area which maintains exact specification, MagnaFlow 447206 is made in the USA.
  • Strong, durable, and tight bond all in one in a single converter. Furthermore, it is available for different vehicles, makes, and models.


  • Has a ceramic core
  • Economical
  • Strong and durable


  • Not legal on single-vehicle weight and engine size

3. Walker 82603 CalCat OBDII

unique converter of walker in california

Walker is a popular catalytic industry throughout the gloves, where Walker 82603 offers a CalCat OBDII Universal Catalytic Converter. Moreover, it is available for OBDII (1996 and newer) and PRE-OBD ( 1995 and older) vehicles which are specially generated for California and meet the requirements of CARB.

It is a popular catalytic having so many substantial features as well as legal to sell in California.

Key Features

It comes with a slip-fit converter intel attachment and outer attachment also slip-fit. Although, emissions are California OE-approved. Furthermore, the overall width is 4.125 in, and the overall length is 8.000 in and constructed with ceramic honeycomb constructs materials.

OEM converters– It is a universal feature that saves costs over expensive OEM converters. Moreover, it helps to reduce black exhaust fumes and produce a nice sound.

Stainless steel– It builds over an extremely heat-shielded pipe and stainless steel body which develops the converter’s strength on the road and durability.

Design– It is the expandable bushing for usage installations recommended and requires modification to complete installation because it offers so many features that are not easy for everyone. 

Why should you buy it?

  • It is specially made for California even if it meets all the requirements of CARB precisely. Moreover, it is a super-effective catalytic converter and a renowned brand throughout the world.
  • You don’t have to be frantic with worrying about durability because it comes with a stainless steel body that ensures a long life of catalytic converter in California.
  • It provides a warranty for 5 years or 50,000 miles. Above all, Walker 82603 is a renowned catalytic converter throughout the world.


  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Optimize efficiency


  • May require modification to the absolute installation

4. Mophorn Exhaust Manifold

effective mophorn converter in california

Mophorn Exhaust Manifold is popular for its outstanding design and turns harmful gases into less harmful gases. It is EPA-approved for all federal and California emissions vehicles, which meet all requirements of CARB. in addition, it is legal to use in California.

It offers all premier OEM quality where each part runs through strict manufacturer control and inspection.

Key Features

The conversion rate of the Mophorn Exhaust Manifold catalytic converter is 99%. Moreover, it goes well with Toyota CAMR, and Toyota Solara, having up to standard light-off temperature. Furthermore, the stainless converter has W gaskets which ensure a long life and are easy to install. 

Direct-fit– It offers a direct-fit converter which guarantees you tremendous OEM replacement with a catalytic converter with assembly. Its parts are easy to install and fit well.

Stainless steel– It is constructed with stainless steel which brackets for the installation of genuine heat shields. In addition, it boosts durability which maximizes this feature.

Design– It comes with premium materials. Moreover, the front catalytic converter takes the place of the original manifolds which are fractured from thermal expansion and construction.

Why should you buy it?

  • The Mophorn Exhaust Manifold is designed to fit different vehicles and it meets EPA approval which is for different installations. Moreover, it is precisely recommended for Toyota CAMR and Toyota Solara.
  •  It is a direct-fit catalytic converter, where each and every material and substrate are constructed meticulously coming from premium materials.
  • The Mophorn Exhaust Manifold develops your car’s overall performance with substantial features. Moreover, all features come in handy in case of long life, installation, and performances.


  • Premium quality
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Legal to use in California


  • May start with a rattle sometimes

5. Walker 80708 CalCat Pre-OBDII

Most selling converter

The Walker offers various types of catalytic converters for different vehicles and different states. It is the most popular brand and a precious catalytic converter that approaches Calcat universal catalytic converters following regulations with OBDII and pre-OBDII vehicles.

It meets all the requirements of CARB so it is legal to use in California. However, the direct-fit catalytic converter may require modification to installation.

Key Features

It features a universal expensive OEM converter which is a welder in design and a great cost-saving converter. In addition, it provides a stainless steel body, heat-shielded pipe, and structural brace to maximize power and long life. Certainly, A great range of catalytic converters is available for different vehicles.

High-technology washcoat– It helps a converter to protect from the engine heat as well as cleans the converter. Moreover, Walker 80708 uses a high-technology washcoat for better protection.

Aluminized pipe– Stainless steel body with aluminized pipe and heat shield used for long life. It provides all factual items to enhance durability. That case provides long durability throughout the journey.

Design– It comes with light-loading precious metals which make it strong. Moreover, the converter configuration comes with a direct fit, and without a 02 sensor port. Furthermore, the installation of Walker 80708 may require welding and cutting.

Why should you buy it?

  • It is one of the most reliable and popular brands of catalytic converters which provides a cheap catalytic converter with all substantial features.
  • Walker 80708 has stainless steel with aluminized pipe and heat shields to develop its durability which provides a warranty of 5 years or 50,000 miles. It earns lots of frames for durability and tremendous performance.
  • It is not legal to use in California, but it is also legal to use everywhere, and you will feel much more comfortable using it because you will get the best balance as components are settled well.


  • Increase horsepower
  • High performance
  • Durable


  • Need a professional to install

Carb/Federal Catalytic Converters Buying Guide

Before going to buy a catalytic converter, you first need to know if your vehicles are manufactured. After that, you would choose a catalytic converter to keep at either CARB or Federal regulations. In addition, finding out the best catalytic converter that suits your car components as well as state regulations is easy to find by seeing emissions stickers.

The sticker is located either near the firewall area behind the engine or directly underside of the hood. In addition, it will help you find the perfect catalytic converter for your car. Federal standards for catalytic converters are on the road with EPA (Environment Protection Agency) standards.

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) requires more precious metals and meticulous testing methods which is why it costs more than EPA converters.

Why Carb Converters?

The California Air Resource (CARB) is stricter on its rules and regulations because they are sensitive to toxins from the vehicles which will jeopardize the atmosphere. CARB, established in the 1960s has made promises to protect the American environment from harmful toxins. 

The CARB regulations were shaped in answer to Los Angeles’ different smog problems. It subsequently settled for higher regulations to prevent vehicle emissions-based pollutants to decrease the effects of GHG (greenhouse gases). 

Catalytic converters are required to meet rigorous federal emissions standards, but they’re not legal in all 50 states. California requires some of the most demanding tests for a CatCo because their cars and trucks produce high levels of pollution with regard to air quality problems that can be attributed largely to burning fossil fuels.

Final Verdict

There are lots of things to learn about catalytic converters. Now, if you think it is the right time to replace your catalytic converter then you can try one of them. They are all trusted brands and they enhance your car performance with quality materials.

Catalytic converters for California may costly than other converters, but they play an immense role in a healthy earth.

We especially focus on catalytic converters that maximize car performance within your budget. That’s why we present you with the best catalytic converters for California, Some of them are low prices and some of them are high priced, but we place a high priority on car performance. So, we can say you can try one of them, which will meet your budget.

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