Why Do Cattle Haulers Drive So Fast? (Unknown Factors)

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Many of us are just amazed to see the speed and power of cattle haulers. Most cattle haulers are running up to 100 miles per hour. That means its speed velocity is 100+ miles/hrs. Are you shocked and saying wow! Right? This is just a demo conception. Now everyone like you may wonder why cattle haulers drive so fast. 

Powerful engines, greater speed availability, better traction, excellent fuel utilization, sturdy construction, advanced technology, etc. are the main reasons behind the fast driving capability. With the change of the season, cows or any other animals need to be transferred from one farm to the next and it should be done swiftly. In this case, the cattle hauler is a fantastic and powerful choice.

A cattle truck bull rack or hauler can run between 100 miles and 130 miles per hour. With a 400 to 700+ horsepower engine, it can deliver much better speedy driving to take away the cow, pigs, chicken, etc. There are many things to know about the speed of livestock haulers. So keep reading to know the unknown.

Reasons Why Do Cattle Haulers Drive So Fast: Unknown Factors

There are some specific reasons that ensure cattle haulers’ speediness. However, the significant reason is the higher RPM engines that produce sufficient horsepower. With this efficient engine, it can drive for 11 hours or more without taking a rest.

Powerful Engine

In an interview, Kucera said that the engine is the heart of the truck. Therefore, if the engine is bad the total system will fall down quickly. Additionally, a bad engine can hurt the overall performance and damage a business’s reputation for its unreliability.

Fortunately, the cat engines that are older are well-known and reliable options for everyone. You can choose them for satisfactory reliability and extremely low maintenance. Surprisingly, this engine produces 600 horsepower and more with satisfactory torque. The engine makes the cattle haulers different from others in terms of speed.

Greater Speed Availability

As mentioned earlier, the engine is good so performance and speed are superior. You don’t have to look behind its speed variability. The quality and rigorous construction make this the highest speedy truck that blows your mind automatically.

No matter how much weight haulers carry, it continuously provides the highest speed without wearing and tearing themselves. Whether it is rough terrain or rocky trails, local streets or highways, jungles, or off-roading surfaces, it is unstoppable all the time.

The availability of a higher speed ratio with OEM functions disappears the speed worries.

Better Traction

Traction means a lot to feel top-class driving even on uneven surfaces. It is crucial to drive in snowy or winter conditions. Without proper traction, the truck will slip anytime leaving you in a hazardous situation. Not only you but also all the things inside the truck or livestock.

This is why the manufacturer pays attention to improving traction quality. Cattle haulers are made with greater quality traction. As a result, the front and rear axles send the power and torque to the wheels to balance the performance.

Excellent Fuel Utilization

Unlike cars or any vehicle, big trucks like livestock have incredible fuel-saving options and utilization. Basically, large trucks are efficient in saving fuel mileage and it is called drafting. Unlike other big trucks, a cattle hauler has an air pocket to lessen the resistance or friction.

In general, it can increase the fuel mileage by between 30% and 40% which is sufficient. Can you imagine how much fuel livestock save per year? Maybe you don’t have any idea. Typically, they save more than a thousand miles per year. Moreover, they are superb at utilizing fuel accurately.

Sturdy Construction

The truck that carries cattle or any other sensitive things is made with rigorous materials and high-quality plastic construction. This is why there is no question about speed and performance. Dynamic design, foldable outside mirror, high-resin plastic construction, and folding internal divider gates. 

Advanced Technology

Cattle haulers or livestock have been introducing the latest technology that allows them to drive safely and hurriedly. So there is no question about the speed of cattle haulers.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Cattle or Bull Haulers or Livestock

Would you like to buy a bad truck to invest so many dollars? So in this case you must know some things before buying a cattle truck. They are discussed below.

Mileage efficiency

Whether you buy a cattle hauler or bull hauler, check and recheck mileage efficiency. If the truck fails to serve better mileage, you can’t go longer, let alone 100 miles. So it is better to make sure you buy trucks that deliver mileage efficiency.


After 100 or more hundred miles, trucks will be sludgy or worn out. In this case, the driver must clean it or fix the problems. But if the maintenance is challenging, it will hamper driveability and performance.


Right now there are lots of trailers available. The choice depends on the types of haul like cattle, grain, hay, etc. Also, here costs also play a significant role. The most demandable and most drivers buy ground-load haulers. It is very efficient and performs in harsh situations.


Costs also matter a lot when the subject is buying cattle haulers. Most cattle haulers cost around $5,800-$9,800 per unit. But it varies in size, appearance, features, and number of cattle or how much hay can load. It is better to buy mid-level priced haulers for carrying 28 to 20 cows at a time.


There is no compromise about the performance when buying a truck hauler. Performance is king when it comes to automotive. So make sure you buy haulers that deliver clinical performance at any place.


Cattle haulers are perfect livestock to carry a herd of cattle, hay, grain, pigs, goats, sheep, and many more things. But still, it has great speed and it drives at more than 100 miles per hour. Therefore, many of us wonder why cattle haulers drive so fast. The reasons are already described in the body sections.

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