Skyjacker M95 Shocks Review – Is It Worthy To Buy?

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Being a mechanic, using new shocks, and finding the best is part of my job. I always tend to find out the best to suggest to my customers. A few months back, someone asked me for an honest review of a popular shock addition by Skyjacker. After bunches of research here, I chose to go with the Skyjacker M95 shocks review in this article.

The Skyjacker M9560 M95 claims to be the ultimate solution to all your vehicle suspension. But the best suspension only arrives with light vehicles. Also, they claim it to be a super responsive shock at a very affordable price.

Who should use the Skyjacker M9560 M95?

Well, Skyjacker M9560 M95 is a supremely excellent and ultimate choice for light vehicle drivers. : Light jeeps, trucks, and SUVs make the fantabulous experience with this particular shock. Also, people who are dealing with extreme temperature issues can try the shock out. The shock is designed with tranquil, more remarkable, and super responsive features. With the perfect shock, you’ll just cut off the bouncy, faded, and rough driving experiences.

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Top feature

  • monotube design
  • best fits for light trucks, jeeps & SUVs
  • It’s a single-tube design
  • heat resistance
  • Quick response to different road conditions

For myself, the best thing was the quality. Since I installed the shock, my truck driving has noticeably changed. And obviously, the change turned out to be all in a positive way. I loved the quick responsiveness that I got from installing the shock in my car. Also, I didn’t want to spend so much money after a shock at that time. So, I can say the performances are outstanding according to the price range.

Key Features – Skyjacker M95 shocks review 

Well, time to get into the Skyjacker M9560 M95 deeply. At this moment, using it so many times, I discovered the key features of this particular shock. These features are something that’s going to make you more transparent over the work of this shock.

So, without any other delay, let’s dig deeper with the Skyjacker M9560 M95 features here:

  • Dimension – 7.62 H x 61.722 L x 7.874 W 
  • Weight – 5.9 pounds
  • They are fitted nicely in light vehicles.
  • Painted exterior
  • They are designed with a single tube to control the temperature.
  • It is made with floating piston technology.
  • It is made with high-pressure nitrogen gas to push it for quick response.
  • It makes no irritating noise after installation.
Skyjacker M95 Shocks Review. the ideal shock absorber of skyjacker box
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These features are going to get you the highest ride quality of your life. In my consideration, all the components are the things that should be present in the perfect shock. If you’re experiencing such ridiculous driving issues as bumps, junked and stubborn controls, you must go for a shock with all these mentioned features. On an excellent affordable budget, you must give this shock a try.

The First Impression of using Skyjacker M9560 M95

I bought the shock Skyjacker M9560 M95 a few months back. At the very first look, it created excellent and exciting vibes. The exterior of the shock is painted and looks super cool for a shock. The product is also average in the dimensions of height and weight.

I must say, on the very first go, the installation made me exhausted. This was a little tougher to install for a beginner. But after the installation, I would say it was absolutely worthy of spending bucks and effort. So, it would get easier to get a mechanic help during installation. In case you’re professional, the installation won’t be impossible.

At the very first shot, my whole driving experience got flipped out. I no longer felt that ridiculously jammed driving. This particular shock made my driving super smooth, comfortable, and controlled. I must say. My first impression of the Skyjacker M9560 M95 was imposing and worthy.

The using Phase of Skyjacker M9560 M95 

Well, the first look or impression doesn’t really get counted for the recommendation. I’m going to get the learning I got by using this shock during the use process.

While using phase, I have taken care of the sound maintenance system of my car’s suspension. With every ride, I experienced it smoothest and effortless. The quiet and responsive driving experience made me consider this to be one of the best additions to Skyjacker Shocks.

As an expert and professional mechanic, I know all these facts to make the shock go nice in the long run. Here I can help you by providing some tips to make the Skyjacker go smoothest in the long run. 

So the vital and straightforward tips would be:

  • The first fact you should consider is the vehicle type. As you already know the Skyjacker M9560 M95 I only designed for light vehicles, so you should follow the rules. Not every shock will work with every vehicle. So, choose this only if you have a lighter truck/jeep/ SUV.
  • Well, the next and essential thing would be installation. If you’re a beginner or have no experience with shock installation, don’t try this out. At least try to take someone’s help to ensure safety. I know the labor cost is no less. But it would be best if you always considered safety first.
  • Then comes the Maintenance process. It would absolutely help if you took good care of your shock and car. Also, don’t forget to make another suspension after a specific time for better performance.

Final opinion After using Skyjacker M9560 M95 

Well, I used this Skyjacker M9560 M95 for a few months on my truck. And through the whole month, I got an uninterrupted experience from the first ride. Well, I liked the shocks enough after considering all the facts. But if you want to make it your choice or not depends only on you. The best way to make the decision easier for you would be to check up on the pros and cons here. So, I’ll mention some pros and cons that I could discover after my experience with this particular shock in my truck.


  • Super responsive
  • High quality
  • Interesting exterior
  • Quiet driving
  • Comfortable and controlled
  • Comes with warranty
  • Quite affordable


  • The installation process can be tough for beginners.

Final Words

So, it was basically everything I experienced after using this Skyjacker M9560 M95. I have no issues that can stand as an obstacle to using it. I had an outstanding driving experience with this amazingly affordable shock. So, my rating would stand 4.9/ 5 for this addition of skyjacker shock. So, hopefully, my Skyjacker M95 shock review was helpful and clear enough for you. However, If you’re searching for a shock for your light vehicle, this wouldn’t be a bad thing to give a shot.

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