KYB 565104: A Comprehensive Review of a High-Performance Shock Absorber

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As a seasoned professional mechanic, I have garnered years of experience in the automotive industry. One of the frequently asked questions by customers pertains to the most optimal suspension solution for their GM trucks. Subsequently, through intensive research, I have come across a remarkable addition to the KYB brand. KYB claims that their 565104 shock is the quintessential suspension solution for any GM truck. Personally, I have been utilizing this shock in my own truck for several weeks and have acquired comprehensive knowledge about its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

For those encountering arduous and rugged driving conditions with their GM trucks, this article will prove invaluable. I will provide a thorough review of the KYB 565104 shock, whilst also delving into the KYB Monomax review f250. This will include a comprehensive breakdown of all its features, benefits, pros and cons, and other pertinent details regarding KYB’s unmissable shocks.

Who should use KYB 565104 Shocks?

KYB 565104 shocks are always in demand in every country. People have considered it to be the ultimate suspension solution for every GM truck. From the design, and exterior to the features and installation, everything is pretty impressive here. These shocks have stood as the most adjustable, controlled, and smoothest addition to the brand’s history. Whoever uses KYB shocks can ensure maximum durability and comfort for the rider. The stainless steel of the shock exterior makes it more durable. Besides, herewith the sharpest sealing, you’ve got no worries of leakage off-road.

Considering all these facts and features, I started using it to solve my rough driving issue with a GM truck. Whoever is searching for a good shock for a GM truck at an affordable price can certainly give KYB 565104 a shot. The price range seems pretty impressive for most riders. So,m anyone could easily give the shock a nice shot.

What was my first impression of the Kyb 565104 review

The First Impression of any product lies in the look. KYB 565104 hasn’t failed to kill the first look anyhow. The stainless steel and smoothest exterior can certainly ensure durability and an attractive look on the same plate.

Besides the look, when I started using the shocks on my GM truck, it gave me the smoothest driving experience I’ve ever had. There was no roughness anymore, and the truck was all on the go without any hassle. My First Impression of this KYB 565104 has been really positive. Since the first day, it made me realize I was worthy of spending bucks.

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KYB 565104 MonoMax is an Ultimate Choice

Every product indeed serves the best at the first shot. But with time, it gets faded. But the KYB 565104 was nothing like that. Using it daily, I have got to learn more details about the product.

Kyb serves automatically adjustable driving conditions with your truck. This thing made my truck and F250 go at the smoothest. The zinc-coated stainless steel kept it shiny in the long run. It looked nothing like an old and dirty one. The rubber boot protector made sure to keep all the dirt away from the shock. 

I’ve got to experience the smoothest controlling driving these days. This undoubtedly serves the most damping performance compared to the other shocks in this price. I’ve used a few high-end shocks before. But KYB 565104 worked certainly best for my truck.

Here you can take a certain tip for taking it good in the long run.

  • As the installation process is super handy, you can do it by yourself. But people who have never installed any shocks before should go to the professional mechanics only.
  • Proper maintenance of the shocks is a must. Being handy and protective, you don’t need to catch extra hassle for this.

These small and noticeable suggestions can undoubtedly get you a better experience with the KYB 565104 shocks installed in your truck.

After using “KYB 565104 MonoMax” for a few weeks

For me, as a GM truck rider or F250, KYB 565104 review is no less than a blessing. Certain things and innovative features about the particular shocks made it stand out of the box. After using it for a few weeks, I can consider it the best and perfect suspension solution for any GM truck. The automatic adjustable has made driving more fun. I no longer face any roughness, controlling, or licking issues on any road with my truck.

If you’re getting introduced to KYB 565104 for the first time, nothing could be so helpful as knowing the pros and cons of the product. I’ve been using this shock for a few weeks now. So, here you’ll get some pros and cons I can review. 


  • Easy to install
  • Super handy and comparatively lightweight
  • Smoother ride in the long run
  • Quite affordable


  • The sound seems to be annoying sometimes.
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Features and benefits KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock.

Here are some appreciating facts with KYB 565104 review shock. The features are supremely innovative and more attractive than the other shocks in the budget. Let’s get a check on the special features and benefits of this shock of KYB:

  • Designed for the GM trucks and F250
  • Works on an outstanding level with every suspension
  • Serves 405 extra damping services compared with other standard shocks in the market.
  • Zinc-coated stainless steel body with an attractive exterior.
  • Leakage-free with extreme positive sealing.
  • Dirt and Debris free in the long run.
  • The shocks come in the color red.
  • Rubber boot protection in the shock body.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty from the company directly.
  • Comes with a pretty affordable price range in every currency.
  • Available on every international automotive marketplace.

Is KYB a good brand?

From what I can tell, KYB might just be one of the best-known suspension brands. They are made in Japan and offer a customer’s first 2 years of warranty on original purchased parts. It’s definitely a good brand.

Who makes KYB?

JAPAN was founded and in a little over a year made the first batch of imports from America. When Japanese manufacturers began producing their own shock absorbers for export, it marked the end of an era for both KYB USA and its parent company now

Where is KYB manufactured?

KYB is manufactured in Franklin, Indiana. In 1957, the company started to produce shock absorbers and springs. In 1975, Kyb made a big decision to shift its focus from manufacturing automobile parts to commerce products for automobiles produced by other manufacturer’s brands.

How long do KYB shocks last?

The answer depends on a variety of things. Auto shocks naturally lose their ability to compress and rebound as they age, so the answer varies depending on driving habits, the weight of the vehicle, how often it’s driven up or down hills, etc. The KYB shocks last approximately 30-50k miles.

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Before using KYB 565104, and giving the review, I tried some other shocks too. These stood outstandingly impressive with every ride. I would certainly recommend using these shocks for every GM truck rider and F250. Those who are going through rough driving conditions will find it undoubtedly worth spending bucks. I’ve been using these shocks for a few weeks now. After having a complete experience and knowing the details, I can rate it 4.9/ 5. The unimpressive noise could be an unacceptable thing for many. Rather than that, KYB 565104 can work at its best with proper maintenance.

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