Pulstar Spark Plugs Review: Is It Good Spark?

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Pulstar spark plugs are unique because of their pulse power technology. They are tested to provide more horsepower, torque, and throttle responsiveness. These plugs also deliver smooth performance and emit less gas than other traditional spark plugs on the market.

You do not have to be an automotive nerd to appreciate the role spark plugs play in your engine. The little component functions as the heartbeat of your vehicle. 

Spark plugs have a significant impact on engine performance. That is why it is critical to make the proper decision. To find out if the Pulstar spark plug is right for your engine, read out the Pulstar spark plugs review. 

What are Pulstar spark plugs?

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The Pulstar spark plugs have been around since the first OPEC Oil Embargo in 1973. The excellent manufacturers of this brand have innovated an outstanding pure plug, still rare in the market of spark plugs. They are also called Enerpulse spark plugs.

Pulstar spark plugs significantly increase ignition velocity. This is the expansion of the combustion flame in front of the cylinder on top of the piston, the speed of which influences the quantity of energy released and generates torque by using fuel.

The plugs are based on capacitor-discharge technology, which was created in the late 1800s. They integrate the capacitor as near the combustion chamber as possible.

Who Should Use Pulstar Spark Plugs?

Quality matters in spark plugs because a good spark plug not only creates a spark better but also improves the overall performance of the vehicle. 

The pulstar spark plug review is for you who are in need of these:

  • Immediate improvement: According to many customers who used these plugs, they have noticed better performance within a few days after installing them. 
  • Both Torque and Horsepower: Pulstar plugs are proven to increase both torque and horsepower in the engine. 

If you are confused about what these two do, here are the definitions for you- In an engine’s crankshaft, torque is a rotating force and horsepower is the metric used to measure the power generated by a car’s engine.

According to the theory, the more torque an engine creates, the more efficient it is. Similarly, the higher horsepower is given to the wheels, the faster it runs.

  • Smooth Idling: While stopped at a red light, waiting in front of an office or home, and in other situations your car’s engine becomes idle. Pulstar spark plugs provide you a comfortable idling without making any harsh noise. 
  • Better Throttle:  This spark plug is known for better throttling and it will curb your fuel budget.


  • Plasma Power technology: Pulstar has an inbuilt capacitor that was created with the assistance of a US Department of Energy laboratory to store energy. When the energy is released, it produces a high-intensity electrical pulse. This pulse saturates the fuel with combustion-enhancing plasma, resulting in immediate ignition.
  • The Capacitor: Pulstar Spark Plugs has a patented capacitor. 

The capacitor employs-

  • copper gas seal as a positive plate, 
  • a threaded metal shell as a negative plate, allowing access to the ground 
  • and an insulator as a dielectric media that prevents energy from passing between the two. Every pulsar spark plug is made of this unique internal capacitor.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer of this brand offers you a two-year warranty. Also, the good news they do not void their warranty. 
  • No Misfire: A misfire happens when your spark plugs wear out. Pulstar’s spark plugs are free from wear out. With these spark plugs, you will not be encountering any misfires. However, there can be exceptions, in that case, you have to check the other functions of your vehicles. 
  • Less emission: They emit less carbon dioxide than any other spark plugs. 
  • Refund Policy: The coolest thing about Pulstar spark plugs is that they offer the full cost if you do not feel complete satisfaction with their product. Within 30 days from your purchase, you can send them back with the receipt if you do not notice any improvement. 
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Pulstar spark plugs are fit for almost any car. Switching them is easy as well. Besides, they are designed to fit in trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

Technical specifications

Hex Size: Hex is the socket or diameter in the center of a spark plug required for installation. Pulstar offers both 13 and 16mm, the two most hex sizes used in spark plugs. 

Threaded Terminal Stud: Spark plugs with detachable terminal nuts may be utilized for both terminal nut and threaded stud connections. Pulstar spark plugs offer a threaded terminal stud. 

The Advantages

  • Purchase at your convenience: They are available in sets of 1, 6, and 8, making it simple for you to buy based on your needs.
  • Quick Start: Their electrical discharge occurs at the gap with greater precision than any other spark plugs on the market. For their performance, they are also good for racing engines.
  • Higher Performance: Pulstar engine spark plugs increase the performance of your car in ways that ordinary spark plugs cannot. Because Pulstar engine spark plugs employ cutting-edge plasma-assisted combustion technology–developed, produced, and rigorously tested. 
  • Sound fuel economy: Pulstar burns fuel efficiently, ensuring that it is not wasted. Somehow, it also depends on your driving style, whether you will notice an improvement in power, fuel economy, or both. 
  • Improved Throttle response: Rapid ignition and a more thorough burn lead to a swift response from your engine. You will feel a significant difference when pulling away from a pause. 
  • Easy to install: Though exceptional like the traditional spark plugs these plugs are easy to install. 
  • Durability: According to automotive experts, pulstar spark plugs last longer. They deliver at least 50,000 miles. 

The Disadvantages

  • Bit Pricey: The biggest disadvantage of the Pulstar spark plug is the cost. But they offer so much more that there is no room for doubting whether they are worth sending the penny or not.  
  • Not Pre-gapped: If you are a fan of DIY stuff, this won’t be a problem for you. These plugs do not offer pre-gapped sets, so you have to install them according to the requirement of your engine’s gap. 
  • Mix reviews: Another problem you may face while searching about this brand is the mixed response. We would like to clarify that, before purchasing spark plugs you have to check other factors that affect your vehicle’s performance. So, you have to do a little research on your vehicle. 

We also recommend you change not only one or two but the whole set of spark plugs while replacing the Pulstar spark plugs for better results.   

Why Would You Choose Pulstar Spark Plugs?

pulstar spark plugs review

We hope that you have pretty much a clear idea about Pulstar spark plugs by now. If you are still in doubt we would like to tell you again why you should choose them:

  • They are almost suitable for all types of engines, including lawnmowers. 
  • Their plasma power technology helps them to create super torque and horsepower.
  • The higher the rate of these two powers the higher performance your engine provides.
  • Burning fuel completely leads to a lower fuel budget, which is promised by Pulstar spark plugs. 
  • These plugs offer a quick start, durability and so much more.

More clarifications- 

  • DYNO Testing: Dynamometer, shortly DYNO, is standard industrial testing for checking engine performance. Pulstar spark plugs are proven to enhance horsepower, and torque and boost the overall performance of the engine. 
  • Research and Lab Testing: Pulstar spark plugs have done instance research and lab testing of their plugs by third parties. An independent study and testing at reputable laboratories have shown Pulstar’s capacity to ignite gasoline instantly and burn it quickly, increasing the amount of force on the piston.

For these reasons, they are good at delivering such a great performance.

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How does Pulstar spark plugs work?

The plugs work through their cutting-edge plasma-assisted combustion technology to provide excellent engine responsiveness. Pulstar has an inbuilt capacitor to store energy that produces a high-intensity electrical pulse. This pulse saturates the fuel with combustion-enhancing plasma, resulting in immediate ignition and fat burning. This is how the Pulstar Sparks plug works. 

Is Pulstar spark plugs good?

Yes, Pulstar spark plugs are good for your engine because they provide a quicker start, better throttle response, durability, better fuel economy, and less CO2 gas. 

How long do Pulstar plugs last?

These plugs last for approximately 50,000 miles/80,467.2 kilometers.


Pulstar spark plugs are well known for their performance in the automotive market. We would recommend you to try them out. If you are not completely satisfied you can always take advantage of their refund policy within sixteen days. We hope this Pulstar spark plugs review will guide you to make the right decision about your engine. 

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