Motorcraft Vs NGK Spark Plugs: Main Difference

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The spark plug is the tiny piece of the component in the cylinder that ignites the air-fuel mixture by producing a high-voltage electrical string within a specified gap pushing down the piston in the cylinder that starts your engine. In other words, the spark plug is the nucleus of your engine. 

Among the variety of brands and plugs, the ‘Motorcraft vs. NGK’ debate is a hot topic in the automotive market. Before choosing any of them you should consider some facts. Firstly, all spark plugs usually provide a similar range of services. Secondly, no spark plugs are superior to others since their heat range varies. Buy plugs that match your engine’s specifications. Lastly, different types of material are utilized in the electrodes of the plugs, buy spark plugs with the finest configured electrodes. 

Motorcraft and NGK both are the kings of spark plugs in the automotive market. In this article, we will find out the major differences between them. 

What is a Motorcraft Spark Plug?

Motorcraft Spark Plug

Ford introduced Motorcraft in the 1950s however, they temporarily discontinued the production. In 1972 Ford relaunched this division to manufacture replacement parts and original equipment parts. In recent years, they engineered parts to install on Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford automobiles. Motorcraft produces oil filters as well and the filters fit into a variety of applications. 

What is an NGK spark plug?

NGK spark plug

NGK is a Japanese technology firm that is often called a global leader in the sale of spark plugs. They also produce glow plugs, ignition coils, and sensors. They are well-known for selling high-quality spark plugs that operate even in the most adverse situations. The fundamental features and noble quality made it sell like hotcakes, especially in India. 

Motorcraft vs. NGK spark plugs: Key differences

FunctionsCreate ignition for automobile enginesCreate ignition for automobile engines and for other applications
Variety5 types More than 5 types 
CompatibilityFord, Lincoln, Mercury, MazdaAlmost all kinds of engine
ManufacturesSpark plugs, glow plugs, and oil filtersSpark plugs, glow plugs, and sensors
Heat range *Colder (10-3)Hotter (12-2)

*You must use extreme caution when it comes to heat range. Always get spark plugs that are in the same thermal range as your prior plugs. Because the temperature must be kept low enough to avoid pre-ignition while being high enough to avoid fouling. Lower numbers imply hotter spark plugs, while higher numbers suggest colder spark plugs, according to the NGK heat conversion table.

Motorcraft vs. NGK spark plugs: Major differences 

These two spark plugs differ in their design and a few features, we are going to break them down for your convenience:

  • NGK plugs have trivalent plating and anti-seizing lubricant. Whereas, Motorcraft do not have trivalent plating.
  • Spark plugs from Motorcraft are not observed to provide torque. NGK plugs can provide torque. In spite of that, Motorcraft Spark plugs provide optimum performance.
  • The Motorcraft’s multi-rib insulator protects the engine from misfiring. NGK’s ceramic-coated insulator prevents high-voltage transfer to earth.
  • The gasket seat is NGK’s feature, on the other hand, Motorcraft’s plug includes a Conical seat.
  • Motorcraft’s spark plugs are resistant to oxidation and NGK’s plugs are resistant to carbon deposit.
  • NGK plugs transfer heat effectively, meanwhile, Motorcraft provides self-cleaning action at high speed. 

Pros and Cons of Motorcraft Vs NGK


Prevent fouling at low speed
Provide self-cleaning Two-year warranty
Resist erosionPrevent misfire Anti-corrosion
DurableProvide services from 60,000 to 100, 000 miles
Plugs from NGK are durable
Provides Torque and horsepower
Strong sparks Reduce carbon deposit
Work under extreme conditions
Properly gapped
Provide services from 60,000 to 80,000 miles


Not exactly gapped
For only specific applications 
A little bit more pricey than Motorcraft
No warranties

Which one is better?

The debate revolves around this question. Motorcraft spark plugs will be the maximum fit, if you have or buy Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury cars. NGK spark plugs are suitable for almost any type of engine, however, if you are seeking durability then NGK Spark plugs are suitable for your expectations.

We can conclude, though vary in a few features and configurations, that both NGK and Motorcraft are pretty much similar to each other and try to offer the optimum performance.

Both NGK and Motorcraft offer optimum performance now it is your turn to choose one of them as per your expectations. 

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