Moog Strut Review – Is It Good?

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Struts and shocks are an inevitable part of the vehicle to ride well. Moog strut is the highly recommended and rated strut that is perfect for vans or SUVs. Moog strut review helps you to understand all things with ease.

Also, this review allows you to know its features and specifications. It is best for ameliorating vehicle dynamics and provides an unwrinkled ride every time.

Moog is a well-known brand and makes quality struts to ensure better ride and handling. Moog ST8606 strut can reduce body roll and is a great option for restoring ride height.

High-quality Moog struts are made for especially enhanced handling and ride control. It features a coil spring to make the installation process a breeze.

Moog Strut Review

Moog ST8567 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly
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Moog struts are the perfect suspension part for your car, Mini Van, SUV, and truck. With the coil spring, isolator pads, jounce bumper, top strut mount, and bearing, Moog is now becoming a leading brand in the world.

Sturts have lots of duties to handle. However, their main duties are to support the vehicle’s weight and provide structural support. In addition, they moisten the springs even on hot days and keep the car running smoothly. Plus, they provide the utmost friction between the road and the tires.

Struts are a great option to provide structural support. To do this, they connect the loftier strut bearing to the bottom ball joint.

Who Is Moog Strut For?

It is not a great thing to face critical issues like over bumps, banging sounds, or bounciness while you are riding your car. In this case, you should replace your old strut with a new one. Here you can choose this strut to get the perfect ride. If you don’t know why you should install Moog struts, then the Moog strut review is for you.

To stabilize your vehicle’s movements

Controlling and handling smoothly is the first thing you are driving. If you don’t feel stability in your driving, you don’t even enjoy it. That’s why struts are an important part of the vehicle to make it stable while driving on the highway or terrain. Strut lessens the risk of sudden worn and over bumps which provides a stable ride all the time.

To reduce hollow clunking sounds

Bad struts make unnecessary noise and vibration. And, they create a lot of problems when driving on the highway or on rough terrain. Moog struts are the best for lessening extra noise and unwanted wear. Additionally, they help to connect the wheel to the road smoothly.

Enhance control and handling

No matter what surfaces you’re driving your car. If your struts and shock absorbers perform well, you can ride your car joyfully. Struts are made to enhance the riding quality and control your ride with ease. They improve control and handling when you are turning, braking, accelerating, and encountering potholed road surfaces.

The Features

moog strut reviews
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Moog’s complete strut assembly is like a breeze. It incorporates some extraordinary features to give your car a new look. If you’re experiencing irregularities or instability in your driving, you need to change your old struts immediately. Here are the features of Moog struts that make it unprecedented.

Superior performance

Moog is a renowned brand for making the best struts assembly. It improves the vehicle’s dynamics and consistency when you drive your car. It offers the utmost flexibility, adjusting the strut mount with ease, and more miles riding ability. Also, it provides a trouble-free ride wherever you are driving -be it on rough terrains or stony roads. It also keeps your car stable and enhances control while driving on uneven road surfaces. In addition, this strut allows you to turn or accelerate the car smoothly.

Triple piston rod seals

It features a triple piston rod seal that makes it durable. The piston rod seal helps to provide the utmost performance as well. The triple piston rod seals are the Outer wiper seal, main seal, and inner PTFE buffer seal. Each has a different job to do. The duty of the outer wiper seal is to polish the piston rod and protect it from unwanted damage. Plus, it prevents the main seal from debris and contamination. The main seal optimizes performance ability. It keeps the inner seal by preventing garbage and sludge. The inner PTFE buffer seal improves riding and absorbs high-pressure fluid spikes that help to get a smooth ride on rough roads.


It is coated with a rust-resistant and anti-corrosive spring to ride stably. Also, this spring allows you to drive in the rough terrain smoothly. It performs well after a long time hassle-free and provides you with a consistent ride. However, it also has a highly polished, solid chromium finish that improves the sealing function. Additionally, it enhances durability and delivers long service.

One-piece, over-molded PTFE piston band

The piston is polished perfectly, with a solid-chrome finish, and an over-molded PTFE piston rod helps to ride quietly and smoothly. Exactness valving provides the utmost driving performance and helps to control your ride with maximum comfort. It features OE-style hardware to ride efficiently even on the stony road or in hot temperatures. Spring upper plate provides smoother operation, effective and improved performance, and ensures long-term service life.

Easy to install

It comes with lower mounting hardware and accessories that allow you to install and repair with ease. It is engineered and tested with a top plate spring that offers a 1-million-year life cycle even in a heavy load. So, make your ride comfortable and control your car with ease by replacing the old strut with the new Moog strut.

The Strength

  • Moog strut is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosive springs that extend longevity.
  • It features a triple piston seal rod that offers dual protection and enhances durability.
  • Designed with coil springs to get a consistent ride all the time.
  • It provides a million cycles under the utmost load and pressure.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • These struts are accomplished by using powdered-coated metal gusher bearings to reduce sudden wear on the whole parts.

The Weakness

  • Some hardware tools are missing and the packaging is of poor quality.
  • Limited warranty.

Why would you choose Moog strut?

  • Moog suspension and ride control parts are durable enough to keep your vehicle stable on any surface.
  • It features a coil spring for a long-term and consistent ride.
  • It offers a long time of performance without damaging or wearing.
  • It is coated with a top spring plate that is engineered and tested for smoother ride and control.
  • A triple piston seal rod with a hard-chrome finish improves vehicle dynamics and protects the strut from unusual damage.
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Does Moog make good struts?

Moog strut is a high-rated strut that fits the minivan and other similar vehicles. They are much better and restore the ride height that makes your ride joyful. They are durable enough to provide the utmost control and handling under extreme pressure.

Is Moog better than Monroe?

Both Moog and Monroe are affordable and reliable brands. They have produced quality products over the years. Moog struts are reasonably priced struts that fit perfectly. Meanwhile, Monroe struts are premium and exclusive.

Is Moog coilovers good?

Moog struts are engineered with coil springs and the springs are sturdy enough to handle with ease. The springs provide a stable ride on uneven surfaces.


If you want to buy an exceptional and durable strut for your car, you can choose the Moog strut. Through this Moog strut review, hopefully, you will see all the information. Undoubtedly, struts are an important part of a vehicle. If you want to give your car a new look, you need to change struts and shocks, or other components after a few months.

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