Monroe Shocks And Struts (Everything You Need To Know)

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In the early 1900s, cars were a new invention that many people could not afford to buy or maintain. In order to get around town and get from place to place, most people relied on horses for transportation. Monroe Shocks and Struts was founded in 1916 by August F. Meyer wanted to provide shocks and struts for these automobiles so they could be driven without going too fast or bouncing too much.

Nowadays, we take our cars for granted but back then this was a revolutionary idea. The company is still around today with headquarters in California, where it continues its operations as an industry leader in automotive suspension products. 

Monroe Shocks and Struts is an industry leader in the automotive aftermarket. They manufacture shocks, struts, steering dampers, leaf springs, and other suspension components for cars and light trucks.

FounderAugust F. Meyer
The average price of struts$50-$275
The average price of shocks$50-$140
Monroe struts lastAbout 50,000 miles total
Monroe shocks lastAbout 50,000 miles total
Made ofSteel
Does Monroe provide a lifetime warrantyYes
Is Monroe OEM?Yes

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What Is Monroe Shock?

Monroe is a leading manufacturer of shocks and struts for passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, racing cars, and more. Their products are engineered to optimize your vehicle’s performance with the ultimate goal of providing comfort for you and your passengers. Monroe engineers test these high-quality parts in their own state-of-the-art facilities as well as on roads all over the world before putting them into production.

What Is Monroe Strut?

“It’s a new service that encourages drivers to strut their style and show off their rides. Monroe Strut is the newest trend in town” Ever since the first car was invented, drivers have been trying to find a way to make it more comfortable. Monroe Strut is a new product that promises to do just that.

The Strength of Monroe Shocks and Struts

Monroe shocks And struts are easily one of the most affordable units in the market. They are durable and come with a lifetime warranty, which is great for off-road vehicles.

They are also hand-built in the USA with an industry-leading warranty that covers all of North America. With the high-quality parts manufactured overseas to meet stringent U.S. specifications, you’ll always get Monroe quality on or off-road.

Monroe shocks and struts are a leading brand of suspension parts. The company’s products have been providing the automotive community with dependable, quality performance for decades. Monroe shocks are installed in vehicles to help control the bouncing motion that is caused by uneven surfaces or bumps in the road. They also provide better handling on rough terrain. Drivers who need their vehicle to perform at its best should ensure it has a set of Monroe shocks and struts installed as soon as possible.

The Weakness of Monroe Shocks and Struts

The most common complaint is that the shock absorbers will separate from the strut after time and use. This can be caused by manufacturing defects or improper installation.

The weakness in Monroe shocks is due to faulty designs that require constant replacement because they wear out quickly.

Monroe shocks and struts’ weaknesses lie in their tendency to wear down quickly when used with heavy loads or high speeds. They also tend to lose their dampening ability as they age. For these reasons, it is important that the shock absorbers be inspected periodically by an expert mechanic who can repair or replace them if needed.

Who Founded Monroe Shocks?

When August F. Meyer founded his company in Monroe, Michigan nearly 100 years ago he could never have imagined how much success it would eventually have with the automotive industry or that this business specializing as a pump manufacturer for early car owners would evolve into one of North America’s largest suppliers to vehicle manufacturers today.

What Company Owns Monroe Shocks?

Tenneco, the parent company for Monroe, has split into two. This is an exciting time as we are able to take our business in different directions and become more successful than ever before.

Is Monroe a Good Brand for Shocks?

When you’re in need of a new suspension system, Monroe is the first name that comes to mind. The company has been around since 1992 and its line-up includes everything from struts and shock absorbers all made right here at home (USA).

Is Monroe a Good Brand for Struts?

Monroe is a high-quality replacement strut assembly that provides better ride comfort than the original. The Monroe version has slightly longer components because its bottom was ground to provide more cushioning for those who prefer it like this, and they’re 1/2″ taller as well.

How Much Do Monroe Struts Cost?

With the Monroe Struts, you’ll be able to experience a world of difference in handling. This product is durable and easy to use with an affordable price tag of only $50-$275 depending on which package option suits your needs best.

How Much Do Monroe Shocks Cost?

Monroe shocks are less expensive to replace than struts. The average cost for a set of two is about $200, but can be as low as $140 when you buy an individual unit instead which costs around 50-100 dollars more than that.

Do Monroe Shocks Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Monroe shocks are a great investment! They come with a lifelong warranty and offer a free replacement process. Plus, the company will pay for any associated labor costs when your shock fails during installation or wear and tear from driving on public roads over time.

Do Monroe Struts Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Tenneco Inc. announced that every Monroe Quick-Strut assembly will now be covered by a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring their customers’ peace of mind when installing the product on their fleet vehicles.

How Long Do Monroe Struts Last?

Monroe strut suspension systems typically last about 50,000 miles when they work in perfect condition. If you maintain them consistently and replace the struts at least once every 25-30 thousand miles or so; your vehicle should not experience any major problems with this component for quite some time.

How Long Do Monroe Shocks Last?

Monroe shocks typically last about 50,000 miles total when they work in perfect condition. As long as you maintain them consistently and change the oil every 3-4 months or 12k kilometers, your ride should be safe for years to come.

Are Monroe Struts Worth It?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your car’s suspension, then Monroe is here to help. This strut assembly will keep the driver from having to take apart any parts on their own and saves time by requiring fewer tools than other kits do. Parts like these have been slightly lengthened because of how round at the bottom this model has while others come flat as if there was nothing.

Where Are Monroe Quick Struts Made?

It features a vehicle-specific design and is manufactured in Paragould, AR to exacting standards by skilled technicians using only high-quality parts of Monroe quick struts that are corrosion-resistant or made from lightweight alloys for improved handling characteristics.

Where Are Monroe Shocks Made?

The Paragould facility is the second-largest plant in Tenneco’s North American portfolio, with more than 100 manufacturing operations. Every year millions of shocks are produced at this location and Monroe aftermarket suspension relies on it for production.

Are Monroe Shocks Soft?

Replacing your shocks with new ones is a great way to soften the ride. Monroe offers high-quality, performance-enhancing products for lowered vehicles and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one that fits just right.

Are Monroe Shocks Good for Off-roading?

The Monroe Adventure 4X4 shock absorbers are a versatile and dependable suspension system that will enhance your vehicle’s performance in any environment. Whether you’re driving on, near, or off-road the heavy-duty components of this kit have been designed specifically for versatility so all types can enjoy their benefits.

Are Monroe Shocks OEM?

All OEM shock absorbers are guaranteed to be from MONROE.

Are All Monroe Shocks Made in the USA?

Monroe has been providing drivers with a high level of comfort and control since 1992. Their lineup includes struts, shock absorbers, sway bars as well other auto parts manufactured in the USA.


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