How Much Does It Cost to Weld Exhaust?

Welding is the best alternative to any other repair in an automobile. Using the same exhaust for a long time can cause rust and corrosion. As a result, this erosion needs to be eliminated. And for this we need welding.  But it is unknown to almost everyone how much it costs to weld the exhaust system.

It is important to remember that welding an exhaust is not cheap at all. It all depends on the exhaust types and types of decay. However, the consensus is that this amount is between $150 to $1100 depending on the garages. The average cost is $575.

It is not always possible to install a new exhaust repeatedly. In that case, you have to find an alternative way that will give you a way out.  And in this case, the only way is to burn the old exhaust.

what is weld exhaust?

Welding is a stronger bond than clamps can provide and will last your pipe’s lifetime. The downside of welding? You need specialized skills, tools, or professional assistance if you don’t have them.

Welding is a fabrication technique that’s been used in motorsports since the 1920s. Today’s welders need to be knowledgeable about applying various types of welding such as steel, chrome-moly, stainless steel aluminum, and even exotic materials like Inconel.

Welding isn’t just for joining two pieces together – it can also create new products from scratch! For example, exhaust systems alloys are typically made up primarily of metals with different melting points which makes them perfect candidates when being forged bilinear swords into shapes and then adding intricate details.

Different types of welding and their costs: Must-Know information

There are some welding for automobiles that play a significant role to make the exhaust system more durable. Among them, MIG welding is the best overall. In addition to this TIG, SMAW, and FCAW are well-known welding right now. Here are overall thoughts about different types of welding and their costs.

MIG- welding

MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding, is the top-notch welding for every automobile, especially cars. It is also used in homes and buildings to shield cable and other equipment. However, as it is a well-known and long-lasting welding, the price is normally high.

The average price range of this welding is between $200 to $350. If you have 2 cylinder exhaust, it may cost slightly less. But if you have a 4-cylinder exhaust, the price will be increased automatically. So the exact price depends on the number of cylinders in the exhaust.

TIG Welding

Another name is TIG welding is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). Unlike MIG, it also uses electric arc technology. Here you need to use a tungsten electrode. Tungsten is high atomic number material. This is why it never dissolves or burns off. TIG welding can be completed through a fusion reaction instead of using filler metal.

Now let’s talk about its price. The price of this welding varies. But the standard price range from $180 to $210 including the labor charge, wire cost, and gas cost. You can also calculate the welding cost yourself. Follow the below steps and calculate before welding your exhaust.

  • Measure the total weight of the weld.
  • The required time of welding.

Also, you can apply the formula [At= A*(100+x)/100]

Stick Welding

It is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). If you want to make the hardest welding, go for it. You can also use this casting in construction. Maintaining hardware, underwater pipelines, and industrial purposes. It is the best and most effective for welding your car exhaust as well.

However, the total cost of this casting is ranging from $100 to $1000. The price is slightly higher than MIG. This welding is economical, best to use in cars’ exhaust systems, and it doesn’t require bottle gas.

Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

It is a similar welding option to MIG casting. Unlike MIG, it also uses both wire and power supplies. To complete this casting, you need to combine a continuous electrode with a grounding metal. If you are looking for a thick layer of shielding, you can go for it.

It works relatively fine with thicker joints. It can also prevent oxidation reactions. This is why rust can’t grow faster and your exhaust tips and cylinder last for a long. However, the price of this casting is not more than $180-$500 including an additional requirement.

Energy Beam Welding (EBM)

It is also a fusion casting process where electrons are produced by an electron gun and move at a higher speed with the help of electric fields. The overall cost including everything is not more than $500.

Plasma Arc Welding

It is a high-temperature shielding technique that prevents the exhaust from decaying again shortly. It is slightly similar to the TIG. The thickness level of this casting is mind-blowing. This is why it lasts longer than others. However, the cost is not too much compared to other castings.

Tips To Maintain Your Exhaust To Increase Longevity

Since the exhaust pipe or system is under the car, naturally it can break down very quickly. In this case, what to do? Here are some tips that will help you keep your exhaust system good for a long time.

  • Polish over and over

Polishing every now and then is enough to keep your exhaust pipe new. If there is rust here and there, the only way to remove them is by polishing. So make sure you’re applying metal polish. Remember to apply metal polish with steel wool or a rag. Then simply release them for a better finish. By doing this, you can make your rusty exhaust new.

  • Clean every weak

Cleanliness is a great habit and many of us avoid this. In many cases, only for this lack, exhaust loses its shape and gets rusty. But if you clean your exhaust at least every week, there is less chance of getting damaged earlier. So try to clean it after every ride and always make it fine.

  • Choose a high-quality exhaust system

There is no alternative to installing a high-quality exhaust for a longer lifespan. However, there are many exhausts available but not so good at all. So here you need to be very tricky and intellectual. 

  • Give wax coating

No water or dirt can accumulate in it if the wax is applied. In this way, the exhaust made of iron or steel cannot be rusted very easily. This way it stays safe for a long time and also keeps the gas flow straight.

  • Wipeout dirt and dust after every ride

It is recommended for every rider to wipe out the dust after every ride. By doing this, you not only ensure durability but also ensure the proper flow rate. As exhaust systems play a vital role, you must maintain them properly to get rid of frequent welding costs.

The Bottom Line

The importance of the exhaust system cannot be denied. And you can’t deny its rapid decay and rust. However, everything will decay. And the thought of victory will come only when there is decay. This article discusses in detail how much it costs to weld an exhaust system. Hope you enjoyed this article and fix your problem shortly.

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