Exhaust Leak Repair Cost: Complete Cost Guide


The exhaust system is the most delicate and mandatory part of any vehicle. Unfortunately, it can wear out or leak over time. If the exhaust of your car is leaking or faulty, the maximum number of other parts will be damaged. The approximate exhaust leak repair cost is on average $100 to $1200 including labor costs.

Needless to say, this is not a fixed rate. It can vary in size, type of exhaust you have, and the car’s system. Any vehicle’s exhaust system is an essential component, so it is worth replacing or repairing. But replacing the old one with the new one is time-consuming and slightly expensive too.

In this case, the repair is your only option to apply. So in this article, you’re going to understand a complete guide on leaking repair costs.

Different Types of Exhaust And Its Leak Repair Costs

The approximate cost of repairing an exhaust leak ranges from $50 to $400 excluding labor costs and shipping. But if you want to fix it by an expert or from a workshop, you will pay $1000 plus. But it varies. However, the following is the approximate cost.

Single exhaust pipe

The cost will not be too high when your car has a single exhaust system. The cost is also lower as it does not require much time to open and repair a single muffler.  Also, many times you can fix it yourself if you have the proper knowledge and useful tools.

In this case, your cost will not be more than 50 to 60 Dollars. However, if you do not have enough time and opportunity, you must take it to the garage or seek the help of an expert.  In this case, they have to pay their labor wages, considering the time. In this case, you may have to pay $200 to $500.

Double exhaust pipe

When your car has a double exhaust system the cost will be a little higher than a single exhaust. Since it will take more time to open and repair the dual muffler, it will cost more than the previous one. You can also fix this yourself if you have the proper knowledge and useful tools. But it is also a matter of time and skill. 

However, if you do not have enough time and accurate knowledge about this, then you must take it to the garage or seek the help of an expert. In this case, they have to pay their labor wages, considering the time.

In that case, you may have to pay $300 to $600. However, if it is leaked in only one place then the cost will be less. But leaks in exhaust gaskets, tips, and mufflers can be costly.

Header back exhaust

Some special kits are needed to repair header back exhaust leaks. These are relatively expensive. There are currently many shops that charge $80 to $90 per hour. Therefore, if it takes 3 hours to complete your repair then you have to pay 240 to 260 dollars.

And if the leak is a little more, then the cost will increase. So it depends on how much your exhaust is leaking or damaged.

However, in many cases, many shops charge as much as 110 per hour. So it would be better to work by checking and saving. In that case, you have to pay $220 to $330 for a complete job.

Cat-back exhaust

A cat-back exhaust, however, is used widely right now. It is the portion of the exhaust that is behind your catalytic converter. Usually, it is made up of a mid-pipe or without a resonator. It looks like the English Letter ‘Y’  which connects to the muffler and tips. It is a long pipe that takes more time to take off and repair.

However, if the leak is not too much you may pay little. But if it is a significant hole or damaged gasket, you need to pay $150 to $600 on average including all other necessary things. In most cases, the cost may be between $300 to $1200 as well. The digit may be longer but once you have fixed it, you won’t be disappointed.

Axle-back exhaust

Another name for Excel back exhaust is a straight pipe. It plays an important role in reducing back pressure. Hopefully, installing this pipe requires less money and money, so it can be fixed at a lower cost even if it leaks. The potential cost is around $120 to $1200. The cost is also much closer to the cat-back exhaust.

Symptoms of leaking exhaust: Know before repair

No one wants to spend their money lavishly. If there are no issues or leaks in the exhaust system, it is worthless to pay a big amount of money on it. So before investing your valuable money know the signs of a leaking exhaust.

Produce blowing sounds

A good exhaust pipe produces no sound or very soft sound when starting. Also, it does not increase the sound. But the first problem you may encounter when your exhaust leaks are the extra noise. Normally a good exhaust system produces twice as much noise as a bad exhaust pipe.

Less performance of the engine

Needless to say, the performance of the engine is largely dependent on the exhaust. Just as the engine needs fuel to run, it also needs to be refined. And this work is done by the exhaust. It removes harmful wastes and gases very well and protects the engine from overheating.

It keeps the engine cool and gives a satisfactory performance. But a bad exhaust can never do that. Rather a bad exhaust system reduced engine performance. As a result, there is no fun in driving.

Bad or unwanted smell

Another notable symptom is that smoke will come out of the engine and they will stink. This will clearly indicate that your exhaust system is leaking. On the other hand, a good exhaust system does not emit or produce any such foul odor.

However, the point is that such foul-smelling gases are as harmful to humans as they are to the environment.  So you have to fix this leak as soon as possible.

Failure in emission test

In many countries and states, your car has to undergo an emission test every few days. If you fail this test then you may have to pay higher fees. If you are unlucky enough to break the law, you may end up in jail. The main culprit behind this is exhaust leakage.

If this leak is near the oxygen sensor, it damages the air-fuel mixer. And if there is a leak away from the oxygen sensor, the emission test will show a very lean mixer. As a result, you will fail the test.

There are also some symptoms like a burning smell, rattling sounds or noises, check engine light, and rapid vibrations.

Why should you need to repair the exhaust leak?

Is it a big deal when the exhaust is leaked or damaged? Needless to say, this is obviously a big and significant issue. Believe it or not, it is true that you can never expect a quality ride with a leaky or bad exhaust system.

Better exhaust flow

Good quality and accurate exhaust systems keep the airflow running smoothly. This does not cause any issues in the engine. And as a result, the air filter is not clogged or jammed. As a result, air flows at the right rate in the engine and unnecessary air is expelled which is purified.

Save the environment

When the exhaust pipe leaks are repaired, it does not emit any harmful gases. This does not cause any major damage to the environment. Poor exhaust systems emit large amounts of carbon monoxide which can mix with air to cause acid rain.

Proper sounds

A leaky muffler makes a few times less exhaust than it sounds. In a word, a good muffler does not produce such a bad sound. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

Increase engine performance

The efficiency and functionality of the engine largely depend on the exhaust. It depends on whether the exhaust pipe is emitting gas properly or not. All this is possible with a good exhaust.

This makes it easier to convert engine heat to work. This increases both torque and horsepower. Which keeps the engine running and the engine works without any interruption.

Keep the system running

You can never expect a good ride with bad air filters, broken fuel valves, and most importantly exhaust pipes. It is nothing more than your imaginary dream.

A quality exhaust system or muffler or catalytic converter will take your riding to another level. So always keep an eye on the exhaust and other things and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Final verdict

The cost of repairing each type of exhaust leak varies. Exhaust leak repair cost depends on how much time the workers spend, the internal structure of the vehicle, and the type of exhaust. Again, if you take it to the garage there will be exceptions too.

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