Difference Between G37 Coupe And Sedan (With Table)

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Both the Infiniti G37 and G37s are standard and high-performance cars. When choosing between G37 coupes and sedans, you need to look at their comparisons. Comparison of G37 Coupe VS Sedan helps you choose the best car for you. However, the Infiniti G37 Coupe is one of the most amazing and entertaining vehicles. It is a luxury car and offers a dynamic engine with some impressive features. Alternatively, the G37 sedan is a medium-sized glamorous car. It costs little to maintain and only has a few problems. The basic difference between them is that the sedan has four doors and a trunk while the coupe has two doors and a trunk.

The sedan looks great but the coupe looks more sporty. Also, it is not possible to fold the back of the sedan while offering the coupe. Plus, the coupe is a bit more expensive than the sedan. No doubt about it, good things will cost a little extra. However, there is no big difference in the price range between them. Both cars have some great and advanced technology. If you show it after a while, you will understand. So keep reading this article till the end and choose the best of these two.

G37 Coupe Vs Sedan With Table

Key factorsG37 CoupeG37 Sedan
Manufacturer Infiniti Q40 also called Nissan PrimeraNissan 
Basic Has 2-doors, a permanent roof, and a trunk.It has a 20 gallon fuel capacity fuel tank which is similar to the Coupe.
Engine configuration3.7Liters V6 Gas3.7Liters V6 Gas
Weight 3.631 lbs3,628 lbs
Fuel economyIn the city, the fuel economy is on average 19 MPG. but on the highway, it rises to 27 MPG.Same as the Coupe.
Transmission 7-speed automatic7-speed automatic
Outlooks It looks more sporty, has sharp styling, and is glamorous.As it has four individual doors, a separate trunk, and three-box bodies, it looks splendid too.
Drivetrain Rear-wheel driveSame as before
Seating capacity4-seats are available in this car5-seats available in this car
Fuel tank capacityThe fuel tank is in a standard size to contain a respectable amount of fuel. It can contain 20 gallons of fuel spontaneously.It produces maximum power depending on trim and body style. It starts at 328 HP with 7,000 RPM and can go up to 348 HP.
Trunk volume7.4 cubic ft.13.5 cubic ft.
Peak/ stock horsepowerIt produces 330 HP at 7,000 RPM.Front suspension: independent rear suspension: Only Multi-Link
Torque power270 lb-ft at 5,200 RPM.269 lb-ft at the same RPM of 5,200.
Front seat leg space43.8 inches43.9 inches
Front seat headspace39.4 inches40.5 inches
Steering typePwr Rack and PinionPwr Rack and Pinion
Front-wheel size18″ x 8.0″17″ x 7.5″
Rear-wheel size18″ x 8.0″17″ x 7.5″
Suspension Warranty DurationFront suspension: Double wishbone rear suspension: Independent Multi-Link
Used materialsGraphite and stone, Leather seat trim.Graphite, stone, and wheat, leather seat trim.
Rear A/CThe rear A/C is not available in this car.It features standard rear A/C.
Warranty duration4-years / 60,000 miles4-years / 60,000 miles
Price rangeThe average expected price of this car starts at 15,000 Dollars. But this price can be lower or higher considering car models. The sedan costs slightly less than the Coupe but not so much compared to others.

G37 Coupe Vs Sedan With Features

The table above shows the main similarities and differences between the two vehicles. There are many differences as well as similarities between them. They differ in the following categories, for example, architectural design, interior body materials, construction, weight, stock and torque horsepower, seating capacity, trunk capacity, emissions, speed adjustment, color adjustment, price range, and many more. So keep reading this article to improve your knowledge about these cars. However, let’s start with the main point without making the foreword too long.

  • Architectural design

Design is a crucial consideration before buying any automotive or technical products. So these two cars have a unique design that makes them different. The G37 coupe is both a sporty and luxurious car with a ratio of 50:50. In addition, it is made with 2-doors and a separate trunk.

Counters, the Sedan is 25% sporty 75% luxurious and 25% sporty. Likewise, it has 4 individual doors, one separate trunk, and three box bodies. So easily speak up, when you need comfort you can overrate Sedan than the counterpart.

  • Basic

Technically, a Coupe is prescribed as a permanent roof car with less than 3 cubic feet of rear interior volume. It has typically 2 doors and one separate tank. On the other hand, Sedan is technically a closed-roof car with more than 33 cubic feet or at least 33 cubic feet of rear interior volume.

  • Interior body materials

In terms of construction issues, they are very handy and captivating. Both are constructed with the same characteristics. Though they have been engineered with similar materials, they have a subtle difference here. For a Coupe car, the interior body is made with Graphite and stone with leather seat trim. Alternatively, the Sedan is built with Graphite, Stone, and Wheat with the same leather seat trim.

  • Weight

Honestly, weight is not a big deal when it comes to purchasing a new car. Even so, slim and simple things are preferred by many. Because while maintaining and replacing any parts of the car it plays a vital role. Therefore, before buying, you have to look after the weight. In this regard, they aren’t so different. The weight of the G37 is 3,631 lbs while the G37s is 3628 lbs. So the Coupe is heavier than the Sedan. So it will be easier to maintain and replace the entire parts.

  • Trunk capacity

 A bigger trunk volume means more space to keep necessary instruments and hardware. Everyone looks at the large space in the car’s back trunk. In this circumstance, the Sedan has a bigger trunk than the Coupe. While the trunk capacity of the Coupe car is 7.4 cubic feet, the trunk volume of the sedan is 13.5 cubic feet. This means that there is more space inside the Sedan car trunk. So if you are traveling with a lot of luggage then the Sedan is the best option.

  • Seating capacity

In this regard, the Sedan is also a little ahead of its counterpart. More seating capacity means more space inside. When it comes to seating capacity, the opposite is a better option than the coupe. The coupe has 4 seats whereas the sedan has 5. So it is capable of holding more people at a time.

  • Color combination

Color variant is, eventually, the most considerable thing when choosing a car. The Sedan car comes in different color variants like white, black, and red. Similarly, the coupe also comes in different colors like grey, light orange, white, and red. White and red are more captivating than other combinations.

  • Emissions

Most cars in the world emit lots of Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is harmful to everything. It increases temperature and produces greenhouse gases to destroy the Ozone layer. The Sedan car emits less CO2 than the Coupe. In each year, the 2-door car emits 8.5 tons whereas the 4-door car emits 8.3 tons. So this is the crucial consideration before choosing a car yet the difference is scant.

  • Peak horsepower and torque horsepower

Here the difference also is very little. All models which are powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine produce 325hp to 348 hp. With 330hp maximum horsepower with 7,000 rpm, the coupe gears up perfectly. It has a dynamic torque of 270 lb-ft with 5,200 rpm. On the contrary, the Sedan has 328 hp horsepower with the same rpm. And the torque is also the same.

  • Speed constancy

Speed consistency is another significant consideration before buying. First-generation Sedan cars are faster than the first generation 2-door cars.

  • Price ranging

The price is nothing apart from each other. However, still, the Sedan is slightly more costly than its counterpart. But the Sedan car can be considered affordable for its eminent features.

G37 coupe VS Sedan Similarities

The discussion between them is over, now is the time to show the similarities between them. There are many similarities between these two cars. They are similar to the following features and areas:

  • Engine configuration

If you are looking at their engine, you can see the similarities. Both cars feature the same configuration engine which is a 3.7 liter V6. It sounds good that the engine with this configuration provides impeccable performance which is impressive.

  • Fuel economy

In this area, they are also the same. Even though fuel economy varies on city roads and highways they have similarities. In the city streets, both have 19 MPG. And on the highways, they have 27 MPG fuel economy.

  • Fuel tank capacity

It is a crucial consideration for owning a car. If the fuel tank is large, it can hold more fuel at a time. Both have the same capacity fuel tank which contains 20 gallons of oil.

  • Wheels and steering

Both have the same size and standard wheels and steering.  The turning diameter is 36.1 ft.

  • Warranty

To make your purchase safer and more trustworthy, warranty issues play a crucial role. If the warranty is standard then the products may be good. Both cars have 60,000 miles of effortless running warranty with 4 years extra.

  • Other areas

They are similar in terms of Bluetooth connection, sound system, satellite radio, auxiliary audio input system, MP3 player, bucket seats, cloth seats, leather seats, vinyl seats, woodgrain interior trim, and many other areas.

G37 Coupe – Standard Car With Best Prices

Glamorous looking, outstanding activities, flawless running, attached roof with rigorous materials, common manual transmission all of these things go with it. The 2010 Infiniti G37 coupe still manages sharp styling and strong dynamic performance. It is capable enough to produce 330 hp and run smoothly till the end. With abrasion-resistant materials, it can protect dust and garbage effortlessly. This is why engines and other indoor appliances are dust-free and last for many years. It is an affordable and long-lasting car with some impressive technology.  It has better braking capability, smaller dimensions, slimmer shape, and size, and improves handling and acceleration. However, if you need a budget-friendly, rear-wheel-drive car, you can opt to buy this car, leaving the hesitation aside.

G37 Sedan – Best for Overall Performance

If you’re looking for an impeccable and reliable midsize luxurious car for you, you can choose Sedan. With four doors and a separate tank with three-box bodies, the Sedan is the best choice for many. Likewise, it is affordable to maintain and costs very little to fix the big issue. In addition, the car provides faster speed yet it is slightly low in producing horsepower considering its similar one. It is a reliable, affordable, trustworthy, and better life expectancy car over the world. This is why it is the first choice for many people.

Pros and cons of G37 Coupe


  • Easier to enter and exit the car.
  • More space in the front row.
  • It provides better handling and braking.
  • Much more affordable and sporty.
  • It has a respectable and standard engine configuration.


  • The door is larger and wider.
  • The cramped back seat of a coupe makes installing very difficult.

Pros and cons of the G37 Sedan


  • A perfect blend of acceleration, braking, speed, and fuel economy.
  • Lower weight means better acceleration and stopping.
  • It is easier to move.
  • Lower seating position.
  • High-quality and durable construction.


  • With its lower weight and small size design, it isn’t the perfect addition for hauling or towing.

Is the G37 sedan fast?

The Infiniti G37 is a sports car that reaches speeds of 0-100 mph in just 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 270 kph (168 mph).

What year G37 is best?

Any year from 2011 through 2014 is best, but any year from 2009 through 2011 is bulletproof. There have been a few cases where the car suffered from a gasket issue, but it has only happened to a handful of people. The model you are looking for goes with what you are looking for in the car.

Does the Infiniti G37 have turbos?

The Infiniti G37 Twin Turbocharger System is a powerful forced induction system that has advanced features and cutting-edge technology. It is reliable, operates efficiently, and provides maximum power to your car.

Which is more reliable: G35 or G37?

Both the G35 and the G37 are fantastically reliable. There were a few minor niggles with them, but Infinity later ironed out those issues. If you’re looking for ultimate reliability, then the G37 is going to be better than the G35.

Is the G37 coupe heavier than a sedan?

Although the G37 coupe is heavier than a sedan, it is also more porky. The 3.7-liter VQ V-6 engine in the G37 Coupe makes up for its lesser car brethren with an additional 24 horsepower (now 330).


Both cars have some tremendous features and advanced configurations. If you are looking for a spacious and large room car, you can choose the Sedan. But if you’re searching for a budget-friendly and best car for the money, you can buy a Coupe. Hopefully, all of you enjoyed and understood the article about the G37 Coupe vs. Sedan. And also hope you’re going to buy the best car for your fit.

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