Driving With a Blown Exhaust: Is It Safe or Not?

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Did you witness any raspy sound or hissing noise from your back? It is a symptom of blown or broken exhaust. So it is not advisable to drive a car with a faulty exhaust. In addition, driving with a blown exhaust is neither safe nor valid. If you notice that your exhaust is damaged or broken, it would be a wise decision to change it immediately.

A better exhaust system can make your drive blissful and enjoyable. It should be well-maintained because it is an integral part of any vehicle. But if it is simply cracked or broken, it destroys other parts to function accurately.

If your exhaust system or muffler is faulty, you can never find peace while driving. You can’t feel comfortable when accelerating, and it may emit harmful gases. To learn the exact signs and dangers of a blown exhaust, read the entire article.

Signs of Exhaust System that Blown Out

There are some signs to identify if there is a lack of exhaust. One of the major signs is hearing unusual sounds from your car’s back (muffler or tailpipe). However, you can never say or understand that this is one of the reasons your exhaust pipe is broken or useless. So the following symptoms will be helpful to be completely sure.

Hearing strange sounds

This is very common and the first reason that a broken exhaust system will generate deep or high rumbling noise. The most common but horrible sounds are roaring sounds, hissing noises, and metallic vibrations. If you have ever heard of such sounds, then you need to understand that your exhaust system is broken or leaked.

This also means that there is a hole in the exhaust pipe or a problem in the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is an important component that protects the environment from harmful effects and also from harmful fumes.

So it is better to fix it without increasing the level of damage. If not, you will have to take the trouble to fix it later and also count the high price.

Lower the fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency and fuel economy are considerable things for riding your car full of fun. If the exhaust starts to deteriorate, this can be the main culprit to reduce fuel efficiency. So it is a noticeable and great sign to comprehend blown exhaust. In addition to lowering fuel efficiency and consuming excess fuel, it can reduce mileage. Therefore, focus on this issue deeply to identify the exact problem.

Lessened power and acceleration

Another common and crucial sign to understand your car’s exhaust system is bad if your engine produces less HP and torque. When you realize your engine makes rapid and consistent noise while starting, understand there is something wrong with the mufflers.

Or, you may experience acceleration while trying to start. Moreover, you may notice a late start or less performance. All in all, if you notice all of these issues, try to fix your muffler or tailpipe soon.

Terrible smell

What if you drive your car and want to go for a long drive but there is a terrible smell? Isn’t this the worst feeling? If yes, then what is the problem? The problem is blown exhaust. Until you fix it you may feel this terrible and unwanted smell. The main reason for producing a bad smell is producing CO from the exhaust.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is very detrimental to humans and other animals and flora. So there is a chance to feel suffocating. This smell may hamper your driving experience and distract you from your actual destination.

Emits harmful smoke

There are several fumes or smoke coming from the exhaust when it is bad. Smoke in black, white, blue, and gray is one of them. It is normal to have light white smoke but excess is definitely harmful.

The main reason for the black smoke coming out is that a large number of carbon particles get stuck in the air filter and get jammed or clogged. As a result, gas cannot be emitted properly.  Which later causes black spots and is very harmful.

What Happens While You Drive a Car With a Blown Exhaust System?

If you drive a car with a broken exhaust, there is a chance to break its legitimacy. Also, it can’t eliminate harmful and lethal gases from your vehicle. As a result, the internal parts, especially the engine, will be damaged completely.

Risky to drive

A broken or useless exhaust can damage your entire system. By doing this you will not feel better driving. Instead, there will be noise, bad smoke, engine failure, and more. Damaged exhaust can complicate all activities instantly and cause any kind of problem. So you must take immediate action.

Increase fuel cost

Worn exhaust never saves fuel economy. Also, it destroys fuel efficiency. Which causes a negative effect on your car’s engine. If you drive for more than a week with a blown exhaust, it is possible to damage your car. For this reason, you need to insert more gas into the tank. So it would be a wise decision to replace your blown exhaust hurriedly.

Damage to other parts of the vehicle

It is normal for other parts to be damaged when excess gas and other harmful substances cannot escape. And the faulty exhaust system is responsible for all this. This is because the function of the exhaust or muffler is to keep the engine cool and efficient by expelling all the gas.

But unfortunately, a blown exhaust system can never work properly. This puts more pressure on other parts of the car. It also destroys them. 

Detrimental for environment

It is also illegal to run your car with a broken exhaust. Also, it occasionally emits harmful gases into the air that pose a threat to humans and other animals.  This is especially true when it emits large amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

This causes severe damage to the environment. Also, the car has a noise limit of 95 decibels. Exceeding this limit makes it seem unheard of to people which is due to bad exhaust. 

Final Word

Driving with a blown exhaust may be good for a while but it will cause long-term damage to your car. It is also illegal to drive with a blown exhaust. In this case, it is best to either repair the broken exhaust system or reinstall it. This will reduce the risk of accidents and will not harm the environment.

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