Bosch Icon Vs. PIAA: A Comprehensive Comparison

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The Bosch Icon is a beam-style wiper blade, while the Piaa is a curved style. The Bosch also has an aerodynamic design that is said to provide improved wiping performance in all weather conditions. Additionally, the Bosch Icon uses a synthetic rubber coating that is said to resist cracking, fading, and ozone damage. Finally, the Piaa blades are said to be easier to install due to their curved design.

Bosch and Piaa are both well-known brands in the automotive industry, known for their high-quality wipers. But which brand produces the best wiper blades? Here, we’ll pit Bosch Icon against Piaa to see which one reigns supreme. Both brands are popular among car enthusiasts, so it should be an interesting battle!

What is Bosch Icon?

Bosch icon

It’s made by Bosch and is designed to provide a longer life span and better wiping performance than traditional wiper blades.

They are made with a dual-rubber compound and an asymmetrical spoiler that creates more downward pressure on the windshield, which improves contact with the glass and increases wiping performance. Additionally, the built-in aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and drag, making them quieter and more efficient than other wiper blades.

The Bosch Icon wiper is an excellent choice for extreme weather conditions. The precision-shaped beam securely clears away ice, snow, and heavy rain, while the asymmetrical spoiler ensures a clean wipe at high speeds. The Icon wiper is also coated with an aluminized finish to resist corrosion and keep your windshield clear in all kinds of bad weather.

What is Piaa?

Piaa wiper

Piaa wiper blades are made of a unique silicone rubber compound that offers superior wiping performance in all weather conditions. The combination of durability, flexibility, and resistance to tearing and ozone makes Piaa wipers ideal for extreme driving conditions.

Most importantly, Piaa blades are designed with an exclusive asymmetrical spoiler that increases the down-force on the blade as it moves through the air. This additional force keeps the blade in firm contact with the windshield, even at high speeds or when the vehicle is making sharp turns. As a result, Piaa wipers provide streak-free cleaning and superior visibility under all driving conditions.

Bosch Icon Vs Piaa On the Table

ComparisonBosch IconPiaa
Made inTienen, BelgiumJapan
Built withDual-rubberSilicone rubber
Best forWinter season, and windshieldBetter visibility
Lifespan12 months6 months
PriceExpensive than Piaa (Price between $20 to $45)Cheap than Bosch Icon (Price between $20 to $30)

Bosch Icon Vs Piaa Differences With Features

Mounting Systems

One big difference between the Bosch Icon and the Piaa wipes is the mounting systems. The Bosch Icon has a three-point mounting system that makes it more stable on the windshield. The Piaa wipes have a one-point mounting system that can make them less stable, especially in windy conditions.

Another difference is that the Bosch Icon comes with a carrying case, while the Piaa wipes do not. And finally, the Bosch Icon uses an ice scraper to clear your windshield, while the Piaa wipes use a squeegee.

Wiper Style

Wiper style is the primary difference between these two brands. Piaa wipers are designed with a flexible frame that conforms to the curvature of your windshield, while Bosch Icon wipers have a rigid frame. Both brands offer a variety of attachment styles and lengths to fit nearly any vehicle.

Bosch Icon wipers are also said to be better at clearing away snow and ice, while Piaa wipers excel at removing rain and dirt. Ultimately, the best brand for you depends on your specific driving needs.


Bosch Icon is made with dual rubber, while Piaa is made with silicone rubber. This difference in materials makes Piaa more difficult to tear, but can make them less effective at gripping the glass. Bosch Icon also comes in a thicker sheet, meaning they’re more likely to stay in place when cleaning. Additionally, Bosch Icons come with a microfiber edge that helps remove streaks and smears from glass surfaces.


The Bosch Icon type is beam and the Piaa type is traditional. Beam wipers usually have a longer life because the metal spring arm transfers less wear and tear to the blade. Traditional wipers use a metal frame that retains the blade and squeegee which can often wear down and damage the blade.

Another difference between these two types of wipers is that beam wipers are often slightly more aerodynamic, so they move more easily through the air at high speeds. This can be important for drivers who frequently drive long distances or in difficult weather conditions.

Which is Better for You?

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on a variety of factors including your specific needs and driving habits.

That said, Bosch Icon wipers are often considered some of the best wiper blades on the market, thanks to their superior wiping performance in all weather conditions. They’re also known for their resistance to snow and ice build-up.

Piaa wipers, on the other hand, are known for their unmatched visibility in extreme weather conditions. So if you frequently drive in difficult conditions (e.g. rain, snow, sleet), Piaa wipers may be a better option for you.

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