Bosch Focus Vs Bosch Icon (With Pros And Cons)

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Main difference Bosch Focus Vs Bosch Icon: There are more similarities between these two products than differences. The brand, size, and so on are practically the same. However, there are slight differences between these two. First off, the price of the Bosch Focus is much higher than that of the Bosch Icon.

Moreover, Bosch Icon takes an extra wipe when it comes to cleaning off, but it is slightly less noisy than the Bosch Focus. The coal coating in the spoiler of the Bosch Focus helps it absorb some of the reflection, which is not the case for the Bosch Icon. Though, the Bosch Icon has better wind handling.

Bosch Focus Vs Bosch Icon with a Table

ComparisonBosch FocusBosch Icon
Definition These are premium wipers to clean off the waters and dirt in rainy seasons, specializing in dark weather. A budget and great wiper for overall performance and classic cleaning of your windshield. 
Wipes to clean After a test, it seems to take about 3 wipes to completely clean off.It takes 4 wipes on average for a complete result.
Noise It gives off 65 dB of noise.The Bosch Icon gives off an average of 63.4 dB of noise. 
Price The Bosch Focus has a price of about 32.99 to 35 US dollars per piece. Bosch Icon Windshield Wipers have a  price of about 24.15 to 26 US dollars on average. 

What is Bosch’s Focus?

The Bosch Focus windshield blades are premium windshield Wipers made to optimize nighttime running and service. Overall, they are well made and consist of clever technology. It has a strong and consistent service all the way through. For the spoilers, they are coated lightly with charcoal powders which help absorb some of the extra reflection. But, they do sometimes cause the Wipers to get stuck to the windshield. They are easy to install and conveniently have a wear indicator, which turns yellow when almost expiring. Moreover, they are not too loud either. For 26-inch Wipers, they come at 32.99 US dollars per piece.

What is Bosch Icon?

This is another excellently made wiper by the same company. Moreover, they also have many similarities. The Bosch Icon is more of a balanced and well-designed windshield Wipers. It has an asymmetrical spoiler, which creates a balanced air pressure to keep the blades onto the windshield. They are also great to use in high-wind weather.  They are made using Bosch’s ClearMax 365 technology. The Wipers consist of a soft rubber core and a hard polymer shell on the outside. It has overall great longevity and performance. The installation is also relatively quick and easy. They come at about 24.15 US dollars. 

Bosch Focus Vs Bosch Icon with Features

Size and brand

Another obvious similarity between these two products is the brand. Both the Focus and the Icon are made by the popular brand Bosch. They are also very similar in specifications. Also, both the Bosch Focus and the Bosch Icon come in at the same size of about 26 inches. In brief, it is a great size which will most probably be enough for general use. 


An important aspect of windshield Wipers is what they are made of. If they are made of harder substances, it might result in cracking or shattering of the windshield. In the case of both the Bosch Focus and Bosch Icon,  they are made of soft synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is generally found in petroleum by-products, so they are durable and elastic enough to last. Moreover, they will not affect your windshield. 


Too much noise can be annoying when it comes to wiping your windshield. So naturally, it is better for your windshield wiper to be less noisy. In this case, the unit Decibels are under usage to show a relative unit for the loudness of a sound. The Bosch Focus has a noise rating of 65 dB and the Bosch Icon has a noise of 63.4 dB rating. So, the Bosch Icon is less noisy than the Bosch Focus. 


Efficiency is key. Especially while driving during rainy weather, you might need to look ahead of you as quickly as possible. In this case, the Wipers need to be fast, or else the incoming water or even snow can blind your view. As a result, fatal accidents can occur. In this case, the Bosch Focus comes in slightly more efficient, taking 3 wipes to get a clear view. On the other hand, the Bosch Icon takes 4 wipes. 


To put it simply, the Bosch Focus is slightly more expensive than the Bosch Icon. In most stores, the 26-inch Bosch Icon comes at as low as 24 or 25 US dollars. The Bosch Focus, however, comes at almost 8 dollars higher at 33 US Dollars per piece. 

Bosch Focus: Better for Technological Advancement and Efficiency

Overall, considering the price of the Bosch Focus, it is safe to say that it is a great deal. The clever use of darker substances gives it a boost when it comes to comparing. However, the product does have slight flaws and room for improvement. Also, they are quite fast with the cleaning job and will definitely help in rainy or snowy weather. So, if you have a couple of extra bucks to spare for a tech-savvy wiper, this one is the one to go.


  • It is advanced in technological sight. 
  • Has great reflection-absorbing ability. 
  • It has a unique design. 
  • Great day and night performances can be expected. 


  • It is more expensive than the Bosch Icon.

Bosch Icon: Better for Budget and Design

In comparison with the Bosch Focus,  the Bosch Icon gives up a sweet deal. At only 25 dollars, you can get a lot of service from this product. Also, the well-done spoiler of the wiper gives it a boost in terms of windy weather or fast driving. Compared with the Bosch Focus, it also has a better design with simple and elegant curves and cuts. So, if you are looking to get the best product at the least cost, this one will do the deed. 


  • It is more affordable and budget-friendly. 
  • Better balance is found In case of windy weather. 
  • It has a better wear indicator, which makes it more convenient to plan for replacement. 


  • It falls back to technological advancement. 
  • Comparatively falls back in terms of reflection. 

Final Words

So, in conclusion,  it is clear that both these products are amazing in their fields. Again, it matters what you are looking for in the product and how much you are willing to spend. If you are looking for an advanced wiper for your vehicle, the Bosch Focus will help for sure. But if you are looking for a more elegant and standard one, the Bosch Icon is bound to help. However, make sure to look into its compatibility with your vehicle before buying.

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