5 Best Struts For Subaru Outback (Review) In 2023

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If you are the proud owner of a Subaru Outback, then you know how important it is to have adequate struts. The suspension system on your car is responsible for carrying the weight of the vehicle and distributing that weight evenly across all four tires. If your car’s suspension has gone bad, then this can lead to poor handling and control; which can be especially dangerous when driving in wet weather conditions or over rough terrain.

The best struts for Subaru Outback are not always the most expensive. The springs, shock absorbers, and struts are crucial to your safety on the road. What is needed will depend on where you live, how much driving you do, what type of terrain you drive over, and even your driving style.

There are three types of suspension systems that can be used in a Subaru Outback: coil springs, torsion bars, and airbags.

Coil springs have been around since 1911 but now they’re usually limited to smaller cars because they don’t provide as much stability as other systems – especially when it comes to heavy loads like people carrying lots of luggage or equipment in their back seat.

A torsion bar suspension system is a type of vehicle stabilizer that has the ability to change its height with respect to gravity, providing an elastic ride for occupants and increasing durability. Since they’re more easily adjustable than coil springs or hydraulic systems this makes them ideal in terms of ease of use as well! A disadvantage at first glance would be no progressive rate capability.

The airbag suspension system is like the balloon that you pop when it’s time to unhook your transmission. It has a slight upward motion, resists the weight of the frame, and lets out some extra gas so as not to have any squatting issues while driving on-road or towing anything with ease!

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Factors to Consider for The Best Struts For Subaru Outback

Struts are among the most important parts of a car. They support each wheel and allow it to move up and down over bumps in the road. If your struts are old or damaged, you will notice that your rides become bumpy and uncomfortable. We will help you find the best strut for Subaru Outback so you can have a smooth ride again! Before that, you should understand the factors that you should consider.

  • Road Conditions: Different road conditions call for different struts. When you drive on a variety of roads, it’s important to choose the right strut so that your vehicle can adapt easily and efficiently at each stop sign or pothole along the way. For Example Sensen struts
  • Off-road: It is not surprising that if you often drive your Subaru Outback on rough roads, then choosing a strut should be able to provide excellent performance off-road. For example: KYB Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly
  • Comfort Drive: Many people don’t realize just how important comfort is for a smooth drive. For this reason, it’s imperative that you put your priorities in the right place when choosing a strut. For example: UNITY AUTOMOTIVE Complete Strut
  • Heavy-loaded: A strut that is good at heavy loading might be a great option for you if your vehicle has passengers or it’s used to carry heavy things. For example: Gabriel ReadyMount Loaded Strut
  • Long usages: If you’re looking for a long-lasting strut to last through the duration of your trip, then we recommend going with one from Struts that is designed especially for the Subaru Outback. For example: Monroe Quick Complete Strut
  • Fit Type: Before you buy a strut, make sure to check the fit type. If it’s a good match for your vehicle then go ahead and pick one!
  • Types of the Struts: The strut is an important part of your car’s suspension system. There are different types for every situation, and you should choose wisely which type to use depending on where it needs fixing! Fortunately, we sorted out all our top picks so that now it’s no trouble at all to decide what kind will work best in yours as well.
  • Struts Location: The first thing you need to know before buying is which of your struts are giving out. Do you have four front and rear struts, or just the two in the back? What about rears and lefts, do they both need new ones too? So make sure which strut you need for your Subaru Outback.
  • Price: With all factors considered, it’s time to make your decision. The price should be something that you can afford and still get quality parts for

When should I replace the shocks on my Subaru Outback?

How often you need to replace your struts really depends on where you live and the driving conditions in that area. For example, if a car has more than 50% street miles with lots of acceleration or deceleration then it’s likely going to experience wear-and-tear faster than other drivers who only drive on highways for instance; but everyone is different which means there isn’t one rule that applies universally so how long their particular model lasts will vary by driver habit.

Front struts To replaceWithin 35k to 40k miles
Rear struts To replaceWithin 30k to 40k miles
Front and Rear Complete Strut To replaceWithin 30k to 40k miles

Comparison of Best Struts For Subaru Outback

NameFit TypePack OfWeightReviewKey FeaturesProduct dimension
SENSEN Struts2005-20094‎71 pounds4.1 out of 5-Last longer
-Excellent load capacity
-Easy to install
‎25 x 30 x 8.5 inches
Monroe Struts2005-20091‎24.5 pounds5 out of 5-Durable
-Self-adjusting design
-Easy to install
-Excellent ride height
24.4 x 9.8 x 10.8 inches
Gabriel Struts2013-20161‎26.7 pounds4.6 out of 5-Last longer
-Excellent stability
‎26.5 x 10 x 9 inches
KYB Struts2016-20171‎12.5 pounds4.8 out of 5-Excellent damping forces to control
-Better handling capacity
-Maintain ride height longer
‎25.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
UNITY AUTOMOTIVE  Struts2000-20041‎22.3 pounds4.4 out of 5-Come with a top mount
-Bearing plate bumper
-Easy to install
‎38.16 x 8.16 x 8.16 inches

5  Best Struts For Subaru Outback

A Subaru Outback is a great vehicle for any driver. The versatility of the car and its all-wheel drive make it an excellent choice for off-road driving, rural living, or city life. This article will cover 5 of the best struts to help keep your Subaru Outback running smoothly and at peak performance.   

1. Best Overall: SENSEN Struts

SENSEN 101995-SS Front or Rear Complete Strut Assembly Compatible with 2005-2009 Subaru Outback
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SENSEN struts are one of the best and highest quality struts available on the market. They last longer, have a higher load capacity, and have more features than other brands. If you’re looking for superior performance from your car’s suspension system then this is what you need!.

They are made in China with high-quality steel that lasts much longer than other materials found in cheaper models. They also use a precision process to form each strut to ensure it is as strong as possible without causing any unnecessary weight or friction. This all adds up to give SENSEN Struts a load capacity that can be up to 10 times stronger than competitors’ models.

SENSEN Front or Rear Complete Strut Compatible with 2005-2009 Subaru Outback is a quality replacement for your old, worn-out struts. The units are designed to be direct bolt-on replacements that will provide better handling and ride than the original equipment. They come in a black powder-coated finish and include all necessary hardware and instructions for installation so you can get back on the road quickly!

They can be used on many different models of cars and they come in a variety of styles so you can find something that fits your needs. This is a top-quality product that will last for years without having any problems at all!

Here’s how it works: You simply take off your old strut assembly, install these new ones, then tighten them up it’s as simple as that! These replacement struts are made from high-grade steel tubing with an electroplated finish which means they will not take time to install.

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2. Best For Long Lasting: Monroe Quick Complete Strut

Monroe 172566 Quick Complete Strut Assembly
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The Monroe Quick Complete Strut is the best option for long-lasting struts. If you are looking to buy new shocks or struts, this is a great choice because it will last longer than other brands. This strut has many features that make it worth the purchase price. These include an exclusive self-adjusting design, superior durability and performance, and easy installation with no vehicle modifications needed.

The Monroe Quick Complete Strut will provide security for your ride height while restoring it to the way things should be. Made specifically for any vehicle’s needs, their application-specific coils come assembled with an upper strut mount, coil spring, and strut made by highly recognized OE quality manufacturers who take pride in delivering your vehicle back to its original luxurious state.

Once installed correctly our replacement parts are built tough with high-quality steel that provides strength not just now but also 10 years from then.

When shopping for the best strut to fit your vehicle, make sure that it’s a 2016 or 2017 Subaru Outback. This will ensure maximum safety and durability in case you need new struts down the road!

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3. Best For Heavy-weight: Gabriel ReadyMount Loaded Strut

Gabriel G57780 ReadyMount Loaded Strut fits 2013-2016 Subaru Outback Models (Front Left)
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The Gabriel ReadyMount Loaded Strut is the best choice for heavy-weight vehicles because it features a steel-designed, 2-inch diameter shaft that provides more stability. It also has an all-metal construction, which will last you longer than other struts. The installation process is quick and easy with this strut’s pre-assembled design. This strut can be used on any vehicle weighing up to 6500 pounds!

It features a one-piece assembly and all-new quality parts that mean no chance of missing parts or special tools needed for installation. Each new design uses top-quality components, including precision-engineered springs, anodized strut shafts, heavy-duty bushings, and more, then is component and unit tested on a quarter car testing rig. Tough professional mechanics will admire the way it goes together in minutes without any guesswork or swearing necessary.

These heavy-duty struts are for those who take what they do seriously. With superior corrosion resistance, this piston rod will last long enough that you can forget about it like all our other customers. You won’t need any seal lubrication or superior wear because we’ve got everything covered in spades.

If you have a 2013-2016 Subaru Outback, then these struts are perfect for your car. These parts can be found on Amazon and come at an affordable price too so don’t wait any longer before grabbing them while supplies last.

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4. Best For Off-roads: KYB Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

KYB SR4512 Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly -Strut, Mount and Spring
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The KYB strut-plus is the best for off-road driving. This part has been designed to work with your Subaru outback 2016-2017, making it perfect if you take your vehicle on trails or rugged terrain often.

KYB has been the leading manufacturer of struts and shocks, which provide a vehicle’s suspension with damping forces to control movement. The assembly includes both front strut assemblies and upper mounts that are designed specifically for your car or truck’s make and model. These components can be purchased individually as well, but this kit saves you time and money by providing everything you need in one package.

Subaru Outback is in good hands when you replace the strut with our World’s Best Complete Strut Assembly, engineered to perfect your ride height and original handling capabilities. Have peace of mind knowing that this Exact Fitment has been pre-assembled by professionals for a reliable auto part that will stand up to anything on the road.

This product will help maintain proper ride height longer, providing greater control of weight distribution by allowing you to run higher gas pressure without sacrificing your vehicle’s quality of ride.

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5. Best For Comfortable Ride: UNITY AUTOMOTIVE Complete Strut

UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 11854 Front Right Complete Strut Assembly 2000-2004 Subaru Outback
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UNITY AUTOMOTIVE Complete Strut is the best for a comfortable ride. The strut kit comes with all the parts you need to get back on the road in no time. They offer different types of struts, so you can find one that suits your needs and budget. It has a lifetime warranty which guarantees satisfaction or your money back. They offer complete strut kits at affordable prices to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

This suspension product comes complete with a top mount, bearings plate bumper, and coil spring all in one convenient package making sure you get the restorative goods at your fingertips for this crucial automotive component.

Tired of paying for overpriced labor rates to install new struts in your Subaru Outback? They have got you covered with our 100% made-in-the-USA automotive products. Engineered for a Superior Fit and Trouble-Free Installation, in partnership with one of America’s top manufacturers. Make It a Hassle-Free Repair with All-New Components and Eliminate the Need For Specialty Tools.

The strut you need to give your car a new spring in its step has arrived. This one is made for 2000-2004 Subarus Outbacks and comes at an affordable price. 

FAQ Of  Best Struts For Subaru Outback

What brand of shocks does Subaru use?

What’s your favorite brand of shocks for the Subaru Outback? They most commonly use KYB, SENSEN, Monroe Unity, and Gabriel. These are just some brands that people like to install on their vehicles when they’re looking into a specific model or make.

Do Subarus have shocks or struts?

If you want to avoid the annoying bouncing that comes with a lack of shocks and struts, it’s time for a replacement. Shocks wear out gradually over time which means they’ll need replacing in order to keep your Subaru Outback balanced on these worn parts.

How do I know if my struts are bad on my Subaru?

A new set of strut shocks should bounce up and down without much effort, but if you notice a dip in their bounces or see them coming back with only minor oscillations then that means they’re tired from too many miles on the road.

Fina Words

The best struts for your Subaru Outback are not necessarily the most expensive. You should always compare the fit types and budgets before deciding on a specific strut manufacturer. We recommend Sensen because we know they have been making quality products, but if you want to find out more about other brands You can also buy, where each brand is specified by their best type. Best of luck!

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