180-Degree Thermostat vs. 195-Degree – Major Differences

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The thermostat plays a great role in reducing overheating to make the entire part cool. But it varies from angle to angle. The working process and efficiency are not the same However, there is a lot of confusion and hesitations between a 180-degree thermostat and vs 195-degree thermostat. The temperature gap between them is 150 F which is a subtle distinction.

A thermostat is a great system to control the temperature of your home electronic appliances or car systems. It is a great unit for controlling heat or hot temperatures and making the entire car’s internal system cool. The fundamental difference between them is that the 180-degree thermostat works in 1800 F whereas the 195-degree thermostat works fine in 1950 F. But both have V-groove electrode valves.

180-degree thermostat VS195-degree with a Table

Basis of differences180 degrees195 degrees
Manufacturer MotoRadStant 
Made in The USAIsrael
Weight2.56 ouncesAround 1.6 ounces to 2.4 ounces
Dimensions3.8×2.8×1.7 inches2.28×2.8×2.72 inches.
QualityIt is made with OEM quality material for better life expectancy and better safety.It is also an OE thermostat that continuously provides better operation in both hot and cool conditions.
ModelThe model number is 45868The model number is the STA45359
Construction materialsIt is made of high-grade, double-bridge stainless steel that protects the entire product from rust and wears.The bridge and the piston are made with rust-resistant and rigorous stainless steel material.
DurabilityOriginal equipment quality, impeccable construction, sensational copper cage, and hard wax compounds make it long-lasting.Stainless steel bridge, spring, and piston ensure longer life and trouble-free operation.
It is made of high-grade, double-bridge stainless steel that protects the entire product from rust and wear.Larger than an average thermostatAverage 
Performance in Winter conditionsIt works comparatively better in winter. It turns fast and converts the cooling engine into heat soon.It is not so good in wintry conditions but perfect for summer while saving energy.
Key featureThe price is slightly higher compared to 180 degrees.Durable and stronger springs intimate the valve quicker for achieving better temperature monitoring under crowning conditions.
PriceThe price of this cooling operating system is quite lower than its counterpart.Heat Motor

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180-degree thermostat VS 195-degree: Major Differences

To know more about the distinctions between them, take a look at these factors and pick your best.


The 180-degree thermostat is better for increasing engine efficiency and fuel mileage expectancy while lessening emissions. It helps the engine to operate efficiently at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it prevents overheating and cools the engine when it is hot.

On the contrary, a 195-degree thermostat works under extremely cold conditions. It allows fluid or gear oil to flow through the radiator for better performance. Often it allows the engine to run a little bit hotter. Moreover, it eradicates water from the oil which ensures fuel efficiency.


They are both prepared in different countries. So it can be said that in this case, they are a little different. The 180-degree thermostat is built in The United States Of America. On the other hand, 195 degrees is manufactured in Israel. So it is clear that there are distinctions between them.


The 180-degree thermostat is slightly bigger than the 195-degree thermostat. However, their design of them is not a major distinction to talk about. But still, they have differences in this area.

The 180 models are designed with a bleed or V-groove with a check valve. Also, its operating temperature is 180. In contrast, the other model is also designed with V-notch electrodes for a delicate and precise engine. It is a high-flow thermostat for high-quality engines.

Weight And Size

It is a thinkable issue when going to buy a thermostat for a cooling system. The weight and size matter a lot. Less weight and dimensions help to maintain it easily.

Most importantly, it allows you to install it hassle-free. Anyway, the 180-degree thermostat is slightly heavier and weighty compared to the 195 degrees. The 180-degree thermostat weighs 2.6 ounces whereas the opposite model weighs around 1.6 to 2.4 ounces.

Cooling Efficiency

It goes without saying that there is no dispute about cooking skills. The cooling efficiency of both is almost the same. But they offer different performances in different seasons. As it has a low temperature of 180 degrees, it performs well in winter. In contrast, the 195-degree thermostat works well during the summer.

Construction Materials

In fact, the structure of all thermostats is almost the same. Moreover, they are prepared with almost the same thing. Both are made with stainless steel. The first model is an Original equipment quality product. The spring and bridge are made of high-grade, double-bridge stainless steel.

Counters and rust-proof stainless steel bridge with channel-design construction make the late model efficient. The piston, spring, and brass cover are also made of high-quality steel. that protects the entire product from rust and wears


The 180 degrees are suitable for any off-road vehicles, light trucks, Chevy 350, and many other cars. On the contrary, nowadays, the 195-degree thermostat is used by the maximum number of drivers. It is the perfect addition for heavy-duty vehicles and cars. The great advantage of this thermostat is it helps manage fuel-efficient


The price range between them is slightly different. The price of the 180-degree thermostat ranges from $8 to $15. But when you look at its counterpart price, the price ranges from $16 to $40.


The 180-degree thermostat has a unique weir valve that allows precise flow even in cold weather and light load operation. As mentioned before, the construction materials are rigorous to keep the system running for a long time.

Besides, the counterpart model is made with higher-grade and heavy-duty corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing for longer engine life.


The installation process is not a hard nut to crack for both. However, the first model offers a direct fit as it is an OE equivalent thermostat. Contrarily, the 195-degree thermostat fits perfectly in any vehicle. So it is also comparatively easier to install and remember it is also an OE equivalent product.

180-degree Thermostat – Best for Summer Use

There are some major factors like coolant, fan, radiator, and airflow that depend on the temperature. Using a 180-degree thermostat means your engine is always heated. This is why it performs well in wintry conditions. It is capable of changing heat quickly in winter conditions. It is a large and efficient thermostat that is made of rigorous and rust-proof materials. The OE quality and advanced construction ensure a great fit and fade-free performance always.

195-degree Thermostat – High-performance Engine Thermostat

This cooling system is designed for consistent opening and closing of the valve. By opening and closing, it operates the temperature and airflow faster. It features a unique V-notch and non-linear design that lessens wear and cycling. This V-notch/groove provides instant flow and makes the engine heat. As soon as the engine is heated the V-notch gets wider.

This process continues until it gains the desired temperature. The most sophisticated thing is that it is made with high-quality, A-grade, and corrosion-resistant materials which ensures durability. The motor is larger enough to achieve desired temperatures faster.

Final Verdict

The exact temperature is needed if you want a better riding experience. And for that, we need a high-quality and efficient thermostat. Before that, you need to know the difference between a 180-degree thermostat and a 195-degree thermostat.

For many, 180 is good because it is cheap and offers good service in winter.  Also, its structure is very strong which increases its durability and enables it to work for a long time.  When it comes to 195 degrees, it can be said that it is a little better in terms of structure and construction. Also, it demonstrates its efficiency even at high temperatures.

However, its price is a little higher than the opposite. Now, decide which one is the best fit for you.

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