New Catalytic Converter Cost & Why Is Expensive?

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The catalytic converter is one of the vital factors for an engine and also your car. It helps a car run smoothly and prevents a car from producing black exhaust fumes that could really jeopardize the environment.

In addition, people who want to buy or have proper knowledge about new catalytic converter costs put on the right foot because, in this article, we demonstrate properly so users can get a proper idea of new catalytic converter costs.

How A Catalytic Converter Price Vary

New Catalytic converter cost

Lots of people may wonder how much a new catalytic will cost? I hope, this article will help you out with catalytic converters, price differentiation, and which kinds of factors are necessary to vary the price.

However, come to the point, catalytic converters have different brands, different models, and different sizes which are prime factors including the price. For this reason, there is no limitation and no exact figure, it could cost you a minimum to a max of $70 to $700 or more.  

  • Different Brands– It has so many popular brands, like MagnaFlow exhaust products, walkers, eastern industries, and so on. Each brand has a special specialty and offers different price tags for different products. Moreover, brands earn their reputation by giving tremendous durability, and it becomes reliable to users.
  • Functions– Basically, it is constructed with three different functions that cut off the emissions. Now, each brand and each product have a different function ability and emissions ability that plays a vital role in the price.
  • Warranty– Another reason for price differentiation, catalytic converters can offer 3 years, 5 years, and 8 years of warranty which also impacts cost. so, catalytic converters have no specific price, only what could meet your requirements.
  • Dangers Of Pollutants– Without a redox process to filter and transform nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, and hydrocarbons, air quality occurs harmful to human beings and nature. Regardless, of how a catalytic converter controls these harmful fumes. The cost of a new catalytic converter depends on the exhaust fumes.

Why New Catalytic Converter SO Expensive?

New catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is a three-way catalytic converter, which means it oxidizes hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to H2O, CO2, and N2. The oxidation of HCs and CO creates heat, which is why the converter gets so hot.

The creation of NOx is less efficient and requires the use of a special catalyst. The extra expense for a three-way catalytic converter comes from the cost of the extra catalyst.

The main component of a catalytic converter is a ceramic honeycomb-shaped substrate that supports a thin layer of platinum. The platinum works as the catalyst by promoting a chemical reaction that converts the pollutants into less harmful ones.

The price of a catalytic converter reflects the cost of the platinum and other materials used in the manufacturing process. The cost of raw materials may be higher because of limited supplies or because of environmental regulations that restrict how much can be mined or refined to the environment which is completely safe for the environment.

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