Gibson Vs Magnaflow Exhaust System

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Are you caught up in the Gibson vs Magnaflow debate while searching for the best exhaust system? It’s a common debate, but they’ve been growing increasingly competitive. So, what differences exist between Magnaflow vs. Borla exhaust systems? Differences in design, product lineup, construction, and sound quality exist between Gibson and Magnaflow exhaust systems.

You can also see a significant difference in their quality, and performance gain as well. Which of these two options is the better one to go through? Here, we will determine that through a detailed comparison of these two, so stay tuned.

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What is the Gibson Exhaust System?

Gibson Exhaust system

Gibson Performance Exhaust has a history of subwoofers and aftermarket exhaust systems in the RV industry. The subsequent expansion of their product line resulted in the creation of canyon exhaust systems for sport trucks and utility vehicles. These include systems that increase horsepower and torque while lowering the in-cab racket.

Gibson Exhaust gives you more options for your automobile’s gas or diesel fuel. Each Gibson exhaust system has been created for easy bolt-on installation with professional-looking results. 

A special dyno testing has been incorporated with Gibson exhaust systems to reduce back pressure, manufacture more torque, and boost horsepower, Black Diamond Sound! Lower Mid and High Range Torque Enhance Low and Mid-Range Torque.

What is a Magnaflow Exhaust System?

magnaflow exhaust system

Magnaflow is one of the leading brands in the exhaust industry, crafting some of the fastest-moving exhaust systems available. For more than two decades, the engineers at Magnaflow have been involved in cutting-edge research to develop exhaust systems featuring both superior performance and efficiency. 

They draw on only the most advanced equipment and tools to produce exhaust systems that have the most innovative performance. A Magnaflow exhaust system reduces the volume and functionality of engine noise. 

The system essentially captures the waste products of your vehicle’s motor and pulls them through tubing away from the vehicle, minimizing vehicular frustration and eliminating the unmusical noise coming from the vehicle. Through this system, your vehicle burns less gasoline.

Gibson vs Magnaflow – Comparison Table

MaterialsT-304 stainless steel, and aluminized stainless steel.High-flow stainless steel and acoustical packing
Sound QualityDeep but not loudA mid-range whirling or whizzing sound
Horsepower Increment10 to 20 HP horsepower gain10-15% power increment
Product lineupMufflers, Exhaust Tips, HeadersPerformance mufflers, cat-back exhaust systems, and compliant catalytic converters.

Gibson vs Magnaflow: Head-to-Head Comparison

Whether it’s through naturally aspirated or forced induction, investing heavily in Gibson and Magnaflow exhaust systems can help significantly enhance the performance and efficiency of one’s automobile. 

But for a more elaborate breakdown of the similarities and differences that each of these exhaust systems carries, it is most advantageous to investigate the points of comparison found between the Gibson and Magnaflow headers. We’re going to do this job here. Let’s see how they compare:

Gibson vs Magnaflow – Muffler 

Because there are different muffler options, your choice can have a major effect on the average noise your vehicle creates. If you have a specific goal or wish to increase the volume of your existing exhaust system, you will need a choice that is different.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old exhaust pipe or you simply need to catch some additional sounds, Gibson and Magnaflow offer a vast array of options. Here we go:


Gibson believes its mufflers are the most economical, dependable, and hassle-free option on the market. Their exhaust mufflers primarily serve nearly every scenario. Along with the selection presently offered, they may refine their products to accommodate your specific needs. Here are their muffler options currently available. 

  • CFT Superflow – The CFT Superflow is considerably lower on the restriction scale than several other mufflers on the market, for a greater flow of exhaust. The Convergent Flow Technology (CFT) actually tunes the air in the chambered and louvered design and increases horsepower, torque, and performance through high-performance sounds.
  • SFT Superflow – From a workshop into the cabin, the straight-through, baffled, and chambered individual crate design can give you more embracing the block and rotational torque for different pulling abilities, powerful big-block sound at the tailpipe, and lower resonance inside the cab. 
  • MWA Superflow – The base mufflers from Gibson Performance Exhaust allow optimal down-flow with cool calm sounds. Its all-DVI style creates a flow pattern that conserves fuel by preventing engines from being overtaxed and keeps units from overheating. The muffler has an average flow rate of 3 cfm.


Magnaflow makes the parts that it uses to build vehicles out of the durable material, stainless steel, and has holes enclosed to enable the sound to get to a maximum volume. This process will not occur right away, should occur as soon as the unpacking process is being done. 

While others may do it based on the kind and driving mechanism, Magnaflow is divided into categories by type and function, whereas some others have to choose whether they only want a loud part.

  • Off-Road Pro – If you are nearby to places suitable for off-roading, this muffler option will do its best to satisfy you. It holds together the suspension and gives you improved ground clearance. 
  • RockCrawler – Specially developed for the Jeep Wrangler, these exhaust systems are capable of working with bumpers made by Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Pro so that drivers can purchase aftermarket accessories.
  • Competition Series – Production results for this series are abundant and include strident external sounds.
  • MF/Performance Series – These exhaust systems are equipped with discreetly muted or softly audible cues to balance out a delicate sound balance between the interior of the facility and the exterior.

Gibson vs Magnaflow – Sound Quality

You are particularly keen to hear the exhaust system sound. Inside the combustion chamber, hot air evaporates and forms cool air molecules, which are then blown out by powerful pressure through the pipe and cool throughout the day.

The air that you encounter while driving is influenced by the cold air of the gases within your vehicle. Your vehicle includes a muffler for this very purpose, effectively reducing noise. Notice how these two manufacturers break down their noise specs below:


If you want to hear loud music blaring to almost max volume, then the Gibson exhaust will not work well for you. Alternatively, you will certainly be hard-pressed to find a performance exhaust that works as well as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). There is virtually no dramatic crackling on startup. It certainly sounds deep, but that is not to say it’s loud.

Though the Gibson exhaust system certainly wakes up as you rev the engine, the noise steadily decreases as you drive. At wide-open throttle and greater revolutions per minute, it has a quite intense roar to it, with none whatsoever. 

There’s no mistaking that the 4runner has a performance exhaust on it, but it nevertheless sounds relatively quiet at faster speeds. It resembles a modern gas V8 with a high-performance engine installed on the vehicle.


Magnaflow mufflers begin to outdo their alternatives with great engine sound quality, as they’re set up to use the sound made by the engine to the very highest potential. 

They’re the most efficient in regard to cold starts, due to the high-pitched sounds they contain and the precision with which they sum up the engine sound. These are carbon-fiber stacks with straight-through designs, which minimize engine and exhaust noise while providing superior sound.

Gibson vs Magnaflow – Performance in Power Gain

As is the case with other types of auto modifications, alteration to an exhaust system results in a decrease in the impact it has on an auto’s speed and its level of energy. It is the prevention of the obstruction which reduces the effectiveness of the system altogether. Therefore, the performance of an exhaust system depends on the efficiency of that system. 


Gibson Superflow mufflers only inhibit a certain restriction, allowing you to add a lot more horsepower and torque. As we mentioned earlier, they decrease exhaust back pressure, which works to raise engine power. Typically the power gain from Gibson exhaust systems is anywhere from 15 to 20 horsepower.


Magnaflow exhaust mufflers have very few restrictions on the exhaust system, enabling the exhaust fumes to flow freely. Magnaflow has strong and technically advanced exhaust systems, and on the basis of a number of testimonials, the organization says that it produces an increase of as much as 10% horsepower. 

Pros and Cons of Gibson Exhaust Systems

Let’s examine a few of the pros and cons of the Gibson exhaust system as quickly as possible.


  • 100% T304 stainless steel 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Decrease engine temperatures
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Exhaust alignment seems to be slightly off
  • Cheap quality

Pros and Cons of Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

We have also put together a list of the pros and cons of Magnaflow exhaust systems.


  • Crafted with industrial-grade stainless steel
  • Perfect for mid-sized vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.
  • Easy to install
  • 10-15% horsepower gain
  • Relatively affordable


  • Emissions of black smoke
  • Noises

Final Verdict

Let’s give our final verdict on the Gibson vs Magnaflow debate, especially when you’re thinking about which one should you choose. Well, the choice depends on your personal preference and budget. 

As you can see, Gibson is mostly intended to target customers with limited budgets. So, you shouldn’t expect massive performance gains from these. Alongside, they’re mostly suitable for people who don’t love roaring on the road. 

On the other hand, if you prefer something more durable and worth your investment, in terms of performance, and moderate sound quality, Magnaflow exhaust systems should be your first choice between these two brands.

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