Denso vs. Motorcraft Ignition Coils – Which One Is Better?

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Main differences between Denso vs. Motorcraft ignition coils: Ignition coils can have multiple factors when choosing from. Temperature handling, mileage, fuel economy, and so on. In this case, the temperature service of the Denso coils is generally better for higher and middle temperatures, while the Motorcraft can handle both high and low temperatures overall.

Moreover, on the other hand, Denso ignition coils have a primary magnetic coil that helps generate electrical energy from magnetic energy which isn’t the case when it comes to Motorcraft. Also, the overall strength and coating of the Motorcraft provide the product with a more robust and reliable service. In the case of the Denso ignition coils, they do not perform well under lower temperatures.

Denso Vs Motorcraft Ignition Coils with Table

Product Denso Motorcraft 
Definition These are high-performance, great quality automobile ignition coils made by DENSO.Strong, robust, and agile ignition coils made by Motorcraft. 
Temperature support Higher temperatures are great for the Denso coils.Both higher and lower temperatures can be handled by these coils.
Size They are relatively larger in comparison.Smaller ignition coils are being made by Motorcraft. 
Quality The Denso Ignition coils have an OE quality.An aftermarket quality can be found. 
Price Overall, these ignition coils can come as cheap as 59 US dollars on average.These come in at around 72 US Dollars. 

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What Are Denso Ignition Coils?

Denso 6731303 Ignition Coil , Gray

Ignition coils made by Denso are one of the best when it comes to the market nowadays. These can handle higher temperatures really well, though they cannot handle lower temperatures as well as the Motorcraft ignition coils. With its design, it is made to seep through higher temperatures. It also consists of a magnetic circuit to guide electrical energy to be transmitted into magnetically generated energy, which is a big plus. It also has an overall affordable price with the right features. It is also guaranteed to get better mileage in comparison with the Motorcraft.

What Are Motorcraft Ignition Coils?

Motorcraft DG-549 Ignition Coil

Motorcraft ignition coils are a state-of-the-art ignition coil producer that comes in competition with the greats. Though they do not have much magnetic power, they still create a great amount of electrical power throughout. It has a desirable design and build quality that makes it more reliable in lower and higher temperatures, and it doesn’t arch or crack under loads. Though the Motorcraft ignition coils are expensive, they can still offer great features and overall service. 

Denso vs. Motorcraft Ignition Coils: Major Differences

Build and Temperature 

In the case of ignition coils temperature handling and its overall build matter in a lot of angles. Reliability, use in tougher environments, and so on are all under consideration. In this case, as the Denso is made from only a couple of coatings and scans up some of the dead space, it falls back to lower temperatures. The Motorcraft on the other hand has a better coating for a strong and robust ignition coil for your vehicle. 


Overall, the price matters in almost all products. It depends on how much you are getting from the price that you are paying. In this case, Denso will provide you with most of the essential needs of your ignition coil at around 50 bucks. The Motorcraft however does have a lot more features and smoothness to its product, which makes sense of its 70 US Dollar price on average. 

Fuel economy 

Generally, ignition coils work with 12 volts and create thousands of them to give the best jump-start possible to the spark plug of your vehicle. Any small halt in the ignition coil can cause a misfire. In brief, words, if you want a more reliable and riskless ignition coil for your vehicle, the Motorcraft will for sure do the deed for you. 

Denso: Best for Fuel Consumption 

As it seems in the comparison, if you are looking for a low-cost ignition coil that will save you some money and fuel, then the Denso might be the choice for you. It seems the Denso has reliable and decent features overall and gives a bargain with its low price. Though, in comparison, of course, it gets overtaken by the Motorcraft in many different features. Though, regardless of the comparison, the Denso is a very good ignition coil anyways and will definitely serve up to expectations. Moreover, compared to the given price, it is safe to say that these will definitely give you a good ride, though you will have to go through another change quicker than the Motorcraft.

Motorcraft: Best for Quality 

In comparison with Denso, the Motorcraft comes out on top in many points. Better acceleration, better reliability, better build quality,  smoother use, longer reliability and durability, and so on. Moreover, it also squashes other competitors with its coating quality, rigidness, and its robustness during work. Though, as already mentioned, its biggest fallback is the price that it has. Though, with its costliness, you are getting a whole lot more than other brands, such as Denso itself. In the end, its thick shell-type coating really pays off with the amount of time it can give you the service with the guarantee of not cracking or arching. Also, because of its thick coating, it can be underused in both higher and lower temperatures, which is a great feature to have.

Pros and Cons Of Denso


  • It takes up less space compared to many other ignition coils. 
  • It has an affordable, and budget-friendly price. 
  • It has great fuel consumption and is very economical. 


  • It has a lower reliability.
  • It is only generally usable in medium to high temperatures.
  • The thinner coatings can cause bending and arching in the ignition coil.

Pros and Cons Of Motorcraft


  • It is overall more powerful and robust.
  • Has better features and strength.
  • Can be used in both higher and lower temperatures.
  • Provides an overall smooth experience. 
  • The thick build and multiple coatings bring out a rigid and tough ignition coil. 


  • It has comparatively less fuel savings.
  • It is pricier than its competition.

Final Words

So, after all the comparisons, it seems like the Denso would be preferable. The lower cost and decent service add up to be a pretty sweet deal. Though, because of its low budget, it definitely falls back on a lot of different sides. On the other hand, the Motorcraft offers all that is needed from a coil with a steeper price, of course. However, a good ignition coil can be chosen on many factors like compatibility, price, reliability, quality, and so on. And most of the time, you cannot find all the goodies in one product. So think smart and choose.

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