Can You Put Dual Exhaust On A 4-Cylinder?

There is two exhaust type such as single and dual exhaust. In a 2-cylinder engine, the car requires a single exhaust. But can you put dual exhaust on a 4 cylinder? To clear your confusion and get the answer to this question take a look below.

Many experts say that there is no chance to put dual exhaust on a 4-cylinder. The only reason behind this is there is a single manifold in the 4-cylinder exhaust. So it is a wrong decision to put the double exhaust on this cylinder engine car. If so, the performance will be hampered and slowed down the car’s speed.

The exhaust system on a car is a mandatory part to eliminate harmful gas from the engine. It has no alternative for better sound, keeping toxic gas and hydrocarbons away from the driver and passengers. Apart from these benefits, it can also control noise, and improve engine efficiency, and fuel consumption.

Types of exhaust and their compatibility on a different cylinder

In general, there are two types of cylinders compatible with 2-cylinder engine vehicles. But if you look at it with a subtle eye, you can find there are 5 types of exhaust. To know in-detail information, read this carefully.

  • Single exhaust

Single exhaust is the most common type of exhaust which is seen in almost every vehicle. Single exhaust with an aftermarket muffler is a tremendous combination. If you want less sound from your engine, it is better to opt.

However, a single exhaust is compatible with a single cylinder. There is no need to put dual exhaust in a one-cylinder engine. The lightweight design, lower cost, increasing gas velocity, hassle-free replacing, etc. make this perfect for your car.

  • Double exit exhaust

A dual exhaust pipe is a mind-blowing option for improving the car’s performance. In the case of improved performance, sound improvement, increasing airflow, reducing backpressure, and improved horsepower, a double pipe is the best.

Another appealing benefit is it increases the car’s appearance. If you have a single or double-cylinder engine, there is no substitute to install a dual exit exhaust. It helps you to flow the air and gas correctly and at a fixed rate.

Now a question that might be aroused in your mind is can you put dual exhaust on a one-cylinder car? It is possible to put dual exhaust on a single-cylinder worry less. The reason is simple. There is 2 exhaust valve with 2 separate ports. It makes your car aesthetically fantastic.

  • Inverse double exhaust

If the dual back exhaust systems cannot veer, you can install them on your car. Compared to other exhausts, it works slightly differently. The installation process is also different. As it is a dual exhaust system, it is also recommended to put on a 2-cylinder engine car.

You can add this muffler if you have a single-cylinder engine car. But there is no way to put dual exhaust on a 4-cylinder vehicle. The common reason is a single manifold on it.

  • 2-side exhaust

It clarifies that there are 2 pipes next to each other and both on the same side. If you compare it with a single exhaust pipe there is one fundamental difference. The difference is dual side exhaust can expel gases more sharply and efficiently than single. As it is also a dual function, it is also preferred on a 2-cylinder.

  • High-performance exhaust

It is a high-performing and well-organized exhaust system. So there is no doubt it is a slightly pricey option. With a high filtration capacity, proper gas flowing, intensifying performance and efficiency, and long-lasting unit, it is a quality exhaust ever. Even this exhaust is not allowed to be put on 4-cylinders.

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Purposes of putting dual exhaust on a cylinder engine

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of installing an exhaust system. Dual exhaust is better than having a single one. In this section, you will understand the main purposes of the exhaust system.

Improve engine performance

There is no alternative to exhaust pipes to increase the efficiency of the engine by expelling harmful gases and wastes. In most cases, it expels dirt or grease trapped inside the engine. This allows the engine to have the right flow and the engine regains its individuality.

And as a result, the car runs smoothly and without hassle. By doing this, the engine performs better and gives you a long drive without hassle.

Provide better combustion

Proper combustion is mandatory to heat the engine and run the car. However, it is impossible to produce better combustion without having a muffler. In addition, a double exhaust pipe allows the engine to emit the gas better to produce more combustion cycles. Also, it improves airflow, pumps the air better, and creates more horsepower.

Increase sound

When you install a dual exhaust replaced with a single exhaust, you can feel the sound. Apart from increasing sound, it can also reduce the backpressure and honing sound. However, there is less chance of clogging the air filter if the car has a dual gas-emitting pipe. For this reason, it produces better sound and keeps the cacophony noise aside.

Improve fuel economy

Exhaust plays a vital role to increase fuel economy. Interestingly, besides reducing much fuel used it can store engine energy for sustaining the car simultaneously. This is why you will get rid of paying lots of money on inserting fuel.

Removes burnt gas

When the engine gets hot, there is a chance to create burnt gas which causes great damage to the engine. As a result, the engine loses its workability and efficiency. To avoid this hassle, the dual exhaust has no replacement. It removes all the burnt gas from the engine gasket and keeps the engine fresh.

The bottom line

Putting dual exhaust on a 4-cylinder engine is not always bring benefits. In some cases, it is impossible and unsafe for having a single manifold. But yet there is less possibility and recommendation to install the dual exhaust on the tetra-cylinder car. So be careful to put and make your ride blissful. Alternatively, you can put a single exhaust instead of a dual one.

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