Can You Mix Platinum And Iridium Spark Plugs?

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Platinum and Iridium spark plugs are the most well-known and effective spark plugs used in modern engines. You can use them collectively in your automobile engine, but make sure the gaps are correct and match your manufacturer’s instructions.

The spark plug, which is considered the heart of a petrol engine, is available in three components – copper, platinum, and iridium. Among them, the last two are the most widely used, especially in contemporary engines. There are several differences between platinum and iridium spark plugs. The only problem is ‘durability’ – Iridium lasts a little longer than platinum. Considering that many customers are mixing in their engines. 

Whether it is good or bad to use two types of plugs at the same time, the concept depends entirely on personal taste. We’re going to see if we can combine platinum and iridium spark plugs, but first, we’ll talk about them quickly.

Platinum and Iridium Spark Plugs in Brief

Each spark plug has a copper core; The difference is the tip of the plug. Platinum spark plugs have a platinum-coated tip, whereas iridium spark plugs have iridium.

A platinum plug is stronger and more durable than a copper one. Since platinum heats faster than other metals, it burns all the debris in the plug. As a result, this plug operates smoothly. These plugs can cover up to 100,000 miles and they have double platinum technology, the plugs are unaffected by environmental conditions such as cold weather and rain. We cannot use platinum plugs in electrical DIS. 

Iridium is a silver-white that is one of the hardest metals. Therefore, plugs made from this material are among the strongest. Iridium plugs have the longest durability, they cover up to 120,000 miles and usually more. Due to their small electrodes, these plugs also require low voltage. They have a high melting point. Iridium plugs have a lot to offer and they are extremely reliable even under extreme pressure.

Advantages of ‘Platinum and Iridium’ spark plugs

Both have common advantages such as helping the engine run smoothly, providing better throttle response, efficient heat transfer, and lasting longer than regular plugs. Other benefits include: 

Platinum Spark PlugIridium Spark Plug
-Lasts longer than copper plugs
-Burn clean
-Good price 
-Lasts longer than platinum plugs
-Small electrode
-Less voltage required 

Disadvantages of Platinum and Iridium Spark Plugs

The mutual disadvantage of both of them is that they are less conductive than copper plugs. Others are

Platinum Spark PlugIridium Spark Plug
-Expensive compared to the other plugs -Expensive compare to the other plugs 

Can You Mix Platinum and Iridium Spark Plugs?

Modern automobiles include one spark plug for each cylinder, of four to six spark plugs in the engine. Since platinum and iridium plugs function similarly, the engine cannot address the disparities if both are used simultaneously. 

However, the only problem you have to face is that platinum plugs can wear out faster than iridium plugs. As a result, platinum plugs need to be replaced before iridium plugs. Also, contemporary spark plug makers make their plugs in cross-reference with other brands. Thus, most brands are interchangeable.

Although according to customers, combining platinum and iridium spark plugs at the same time did not cause any serious problems, experts recommend reading the catalog that comes with your car and then buying spark plugs as per the instructions. In addition, the gap between the plugs should be correct. 

To Sum Up

We found that there are some differences between the Platinum and Iridium spark plugs that do not affect the performance of the engine. In addition, manufacturers make plug-ins with cross-references so that they can be used interchangeably. Finally, you can mix Platinum and Iridium Spark plugs as long as you maintain the plug gap and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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