Black Smoke From Exhaust Petrol Engine (Reasons and Solutions)

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Have you ever experienced black smoke from an exhaust petrol engine? If you have had such an experience then assume it is the deviation of your engine. This indicates that your engine is burning fuel excessively. Don’t understand? Let’s understand.

It also means that the fuel has become contaminated or has been mixed with the engine oil at an excessive rate. In petrol and diesel engine cars, the rate of this smoke is higher than average. This fume is seen when you start your engine or when you apply hard acceleration.

However, there is no problem, there is a way to get rid of it. This article will discuss why black smoke is seen and its solution. So read this article from top to bottom and fix your problem.

Reason to Black Smoke Come From The Exhaust Petrol Engine

There are some issues behind black smoke from exhaust petrol engines. Notable among these are faults in your engine or poor fuel functionality. There are several other reasons why this problem may arise. Another major reason for this is that the engine is burning fuel at a deadly rate.

Today there will be a discussion on why this kind of smoke comes out of the petrol engine. Let’s come to the main discussion without wasting your valuable time.

Bad health conditions of the engine

If the internal functions and functions of the engine are not processed properly, black smoke can come out. If your car has been in operation for a long time and you have not taken care of the engine then the condition of the engine will be bad.

It is seen that even if a sufficient amount of fuel enters the engine, it cannot perform properly. Or can’t convert heat into action. As a result, black smoke starts coming out of the engine at an uncontrolled rate.

Clogged air filter

A bad air filter could be the main culprit for black smoke. Let’s clear this up delicately. When the air filter is bad or clogged, it is normal to flow less fuel to the engine.

Moreover, that being said the deposits and particles can’t exit from the deep. This is why they burn automatically inside the fuel tank and piston. As a result, the black smoke comes densely and on a regular basis.

Block manifold

The manifold is the first and foremost part of the exhaust system. It is attached to the engine and collects the gas emitted from the engine. It also helps to keep the engine running by receiving air or gas from many cylinders.

But when it loses its own individuality or is blocked, it cannot emit any gas from the engine. So there is a possibility of such problems.

Problems in the fuel injectors

The fuel injector is the part that delivers engine fuel by inhaling and spraying petrol or gasoline. It is located near the intake manifold near the intake valve.  Its main and first task is to make sure that the fuel is entering directly into the cylinder

Unfortunately, when the fuel injector gets clogged and accumulates various moss, it cannot do its job properly. As a result, the excess fuel is converted into solid carbon. And this black smoke is created by burning that carbon.

Worst oxygen sensor

When the smoke comes out rapidly, understand there is a problem in the oxygen sensor. Since it is a sensor, its main function is to transmit information to the engine control unit so that the engine is able to work. It also efficiently prevents all types of emissions.

When the oxygen sensor is damaged, your car will run at a slower speed than before which will burn extra fuel. And for this reason, as a bonus, you will be given the gift of black wash.

Defective auto computer

An automated auto computer is a device that contributes to the emission of air from a car. But when its efficiency decreases, it causes various problems.  Notable problems are the firing of black smoke from the misfiring and exhaust system. This type of problem is often seen so observe well.

Filthy exhaust gas recirculation valve

This valve recycles the exhaust gas at a fixed rate and returns it to the combustion chamber when it is combined with clean intake air. It increases the amount of water vapor by reducing the amount of oxygen which in turn helps to reduce the subsequent combustion temperature.

But when it stops working or the dirt gets stuck in it, it cannot circulate the gas properly.  And the temperature continues to rise at an uncontrolled rate. As a result, the engine heats up and the number of carbon increases, producing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas.

Also, bad piston rings, useless and faulty gas pressure regulators, and excessive carbon coagulation can create such fumes.

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How To Fix It?

For so long you have known why black smoke comes out. Now let us know how to get rid of this problem very easily.  Below are some important solutions and tips.

Clean the air filter

The first and foremost task to eliminate this problem is to clean the air filter. This is because most of the time the smoke comes out as a result of the fuel and other dirt stuck in it for a long time. So it is mandatory to clean it.

Replace or repair your old auto-computer

The second and another most crucial consideration is to repair damaged auto computers. If the computer is completely damaged or worn out, replace it and install a new one immediately.

Change the oxygen sensor

Changing the oxygen sensor will help your internal function work properly. Because a good quality oxygen sensor transmits better information in the engine. So hurry up and change it for better performance.

Use fuel additives

Using fuel additives does a lot of work. If the air filter or manifold is blocked or clogged, fuel additives do their best to remove this hassle. It also helps to clean the EGR valve.

Change the engine oil

Old engine oil can ruin the overall performance of the engine. Furthermore, it destroys the efficiency of the engine. So make sure your engine oil is fresh and if not, change it now.

Final Thoughts

Black smoke or blue smoke coming out of the petrol engine is not a good sign. But sometimes car owners have to face this kind of problem. This article is about why black smoke comes out of petrol engines and what is the real solution. I hope you have benefited from this. Happy riding and fix your issue easily.

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