5 Best Spark Plugs For Audi A4 (Review) In 2023

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Here we are going to focus on the best spark plugs for Audi A4 that give a better lifespan. The Audi A4 is a great luxury small car with a sports shape. it provides the long-lasting powerful performance that a driver always wants from a car. For ages, it became dependable and a symbol of comfort with reputation.

Keeping the engine in the best performance spark plug is one of the most important components. Several spark plug manufacturer companies brought the most advanced spark plug technology to the automotive aftermarket, delivering better efficiency and power for today’s engines.

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Brand-wise Spark Plug for Audi A4 Cost Chart

SerialManufacturerBrand NameSet forAverage Cost
2NGKNGK Spark Plug4$40-$44
3BoschBosch Automotive1$7-$11
4LTHJTSET Iridium Spark Plug4$27-$31
5MIKKUPPAIridium Spark Plugs6$24-$28

5 Best Spark Plugs For Audi A4 In 2023

You’ve already understood which spark plugs should be used for Audi A4 and which are good for it. To understand more, you can read below.

1. Best Overall: Autolite Spark Plug

1 auto

Product specifications

Brand Autolite
Product weight6.7 ounces
Package size 4.29 x 3.7 x 1.18 inches
Pack of 4

Autolite is one of the top reputed spark plug-selling companies among the best companies. Undoubtedly, this company provides better durable plugs for vehicles. Iridium-made spark plugs are one of the best plugs that a car owner can believe in this company. an entire iridium core electrode provides better performance and strength.

The ignition system is covered with a copper glass seal that friendly bonds, the insulator, and center electrode together. Moreover, that ensures they fit and are the right heat for an engine with some compression. The new Autolite spark plug also works to improve fuel economy and optimize longer life. it will last from 10,000 to 20,000 miles which is great for budget spark plugs.

Key Features

Autolite is designed for quick acceleration with better performance. Greatly, They are also concerned about duration and fuel economy.

Multi-rib insulator- It keeps the engine protected from dangerous flashovers. Flashover occurs when the flammable gases are ignited while in the upper region of the flammability range

Iridium core electrode- It provides better performance and helps the engine to be healthy and smooth in all conditions.

Conductivity- Iridium is a stunning conductor of electricity that generates a legitimate boost. Better electricity conductors accelerate your vehicle faster. 

  • Conductivity
  • Inexpensive
  • Good acceleration and performance
  • Lifespan
  • Uses more voltage

2. Best For Audi A4 B8: NGK spark plug

a4 ngk

Product specifications

Brand NGK
Package size48.24 x 41.52 x 10.92 inches
Product weight1.6 ounces
Pack of1

NGK engineers have consistently developed the spark plugs since their commencing phase. To increase strength it is working closely with engine manufacturers worldwide. Most importantly, very few spark plugs are shaped with laser welded, however, NGK completely makes spark plugs with these special characteristics. for instance, if you are asking for long durability the manufacturer’s company left you no choice. Iridium-made spark plugs offer a longer life than any other spark plugs, while double iridium provides a 25% longer life.

it has pre-gapped. Plus, a very thin firing pin increases ignitability and performance. Without a doubt, NGK always concentrates on fuel economy and lower emissions. Moreover, they also attribute surface air gap technology. As a result, gives us a better roar. In particular, they give a satisfactory seven-year guarantee on spark plugs.

Key Features

Absolutely, it particularly concentrates on better ignition quality that provides satisfactory acceleration and better performance.

Corrosion Protection– NGK is engineered with a nickel-plated shell that requires no anti-seize. Moreover, that also keeps the vehicle corrosion protected.

Voltage requirement– Fine wire firing tip effort to reduce voltage requirements, where copper core ground electrodes give better heat transfer when needed.

Ultrafine wire design– It provides next-level ignition and engine performance. In that case, it does not require much cleaning. Additionally, a fine wire plug allows a larger spark gap, a large gap gives a hotter more powerful spark.

  • Excellent performance and engine acceleration
  • Stable combustion during idling
  • Long spark plug life
  • Highly reliable
  • OE-Matched spark position
  • Warranty
  • Quite expensive
  • Does not available for every vehicle

3. Best For Audi A4 B6: Bosch spark plug

BOSCH budget friendly spark plug

Product specifications

Brand Bosch 
Materials platinum
Fit type Audi A4 A6 S4 TT Quattro
Product weight3.52 ounces
Product size0.35 x 0.39 x 1.34 inches
Pack of1

BOSCH is one of the forefronts of modern spark plug manufacturers with over 80 years of experience. Every spark plug in their extensive range has been designed to match or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. This leads to NGK being the right choice of spark plug for your vehicle. The new spark plug model 6962 is designed for both types of vehicles. whether it two-wheeler or 4-wheeler.

it is also called a v-power plug designed with a v-cut in the center electrode. So, that helps the spark generate more power and increase ignitability. In addition, to prevent leakage they use triple seals. Moreover, the copper core made this spark plug more strong to remove heat. , it has a solid platinum and nickel-tipped electrode state and a longer life of 30k miles. Bosch provides a warranty that warps the parts of the spark plug.

Key Features

When it comes to choosing spark plugs for your vehicle, there is no alternative to compromise.NGK spark plugs are absolutely worth the time and money.

Trivalent Metal Plating– This is the combination of chromium sulfate or chromium chloride that is designed to provide corrosion resistance.

V-Groove– To enhance Ignitability NGk designed a 90-degree groove in the tip. So, that ensures the spark is directed to the electrodes.

Insulator Material– Ceramics can withstand high temperatures and are considered good thermal insulators. More importantly, heat can not stretch it up.

  • Fuel economy
  • Resistor
  • Lifespan
  • Inexpensive
  • Conductor
  • Plugs get darker after a certain time

4. Best For Audi A4 B7: LTHJT spark plug

best spark plugs for audi

Product specifications

Fit type Audi A4 A5 VW Passat
Product weight 5.6 ounces
Pack of 

Since the beginning, LTHJT spark plug manufacturers trying to produce cheap spark plugs for your vehicles that are not made of fancy metals. However, they provide the same performance as expensive metals. E3.48 auto spark plug features the patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode, which provides greater power, faster starts, better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions in long-term use.

This spark plug can provide a smooth and healthy power boost. It should be noted, that they also made a promise to increase fuel efficiency. Their fuel economy technology can save 4$ to 13% of fuel depending on the engine class. Its lifetime can be 100,000 miles with better performance.

Key Features

The E3.48 will help your vehicle operate more efficiently using the latest technologies.

DiamondFire electrode– Diamondfire electrode provides a faster and complete burn. Fast and large flame growth for maximum combustion. Stunningly, save gas.

Power increased– LTHJT spark plugs are designed with modern technology that increases engine power systems by up to 5% based on engine quality. When combustion occurs, an incredible amount of energy is released in the form of expanding gases.

Edge-to-Edge Spark Discharge– The strongest part of the LTHJT electrode design is our forced Edge-to-Edge spark discharge, which was proven to be the best way to direct a spark as it leaves the surface of the electrode.

  • provides smoother acceleration
  • increased power and fuel efficiency
  • longer plug life
  • Reduce emission
  • Warranty
  • Quality issue
  • Raise temperature

5. Best For Audi A4 B5: Mikkuppa spark plug


Product specifications

Brand mikkuppa
Materials Iridium 
Fit type TORCH K6RIU Replacement for 1999-2001 Audi A4, 1998-2001 A4 Quattro, 2000-2004 A6 Quattro
Product weight10.4 ounces
Product size6.6 x 5.4 x 1.2 inches
Pack of 6

Mikkuppa has over 100 years of engineering experience. Without a doubt, it’s a giant spark plug manufacturer that belongs to Florida. over the ages, engineers have been working to provide the best spark plugs for your vehicle. Plenty of companies make iridium spark plugs, among those Mikkuppa has a good reputation for the car owner. With an iridium-enhanced .6 mm fine wire design and proprietary platinum side wire technology,

These spark plugs provide better overall durability and a more focused ignition for better overall ignitability and optimum performance. Moreover, it also offers v-trimmed platinum side wire for a longer wire life. Also, this technology works to provide better durability and a more focused ignition for better overall ignitability and optimum performance. Its lifetime can be 80,000 miles with better performance with a year warranty

Key Features

It comprises amazing features which really come in handy for longer life, and provide good service for your car engine.

V-trimmed– The V-trimmed ground electrode provides better ignitability. Additionally, the same trimmed side wire resists wear.

platinum alloy– The present invention relates to a platinum alloy composition for a spark plug electrode for a spark-ignition engine.

Firing Tip– The new platinum spark plugs provide a center wire platinum firing tip for reducing gap erosion misfires, better performance, and more durability than copper plugs.

  • Early Start
  • Pre gapped
  • Quick acceleration.
  • Improves Engine Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Expensive

6. BEST FOR AUDI A4 B9: QYL Iridium Spark Plug

best spark plugs for audi a4 b9
Materials Iridium
Item weight7 ounce
Package dimensions4.45 x 4.21 x 0.98 inches

Spark plugs are a vital component of your vehicle’s engine. They ignite the fuel in the cylinder, which produces power for your car or truck. QYL Iridium Spark Plugs are an upgrade over traditional OEM spark plugs and can improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy by up to 10%.

These spark plugs also feature a patented laser-welded tip, which is designed to prevent cracking and wear that may be caused by high temperatures inside your engine. The unique heat-resistant ceramic center electrode provides increased durability for long service life.

Update over OEM spark plugs

The engines in your car will last longer when you use new spark plugs because the old ones may have been worn down by dirt and dust. New, clean parts for your engine like OEM spark plugs can help extend its life span as well.

Increase engine performance

Fuel efficiency has become a top priority for drivers and car manufacturers alike. So with recent developments in engine technology that use enhanced flame propagation rates, cars can now be designed not only to give an increase of up to 10% but also to reduce emissions by 25%.

  • Long service life
  • Higher engine performance
  • Reduce fuel emissions
  • Quick start
  • Overall good ignition power
  • Not good for cold engine

Best Spark Plugs For Audi a4 Buying Guide & FAQ

best buying guide of spark plug for Audi a4

These five best spark plugs for your luxury Audi A4 car might help you to get rid of confusion. At the end of the day, it’s best to check your owner’s manual and use the type of replacement part that the factory recommends. Below, we go through how to choose the best spark plugs for cars, and some basic questions & answers.

Q: What are the things to look for when buying a spark plug?

There are some vital elements in spark plugs that provide better performance and reliable durability. You should check these elements before buying them.

Appropriate type 

The spark plug is the crucial component to roar your vehicle’s engine. Each of the vehicles has pre-installed spark plugs by the manufacturer. The vehicle company also provides a manual recommendation for changing parts. Check your handbook or internet research before replacing new spark plugs.

Good service life

We can not replace spark plugs overnight. So, Good service life really matters. Misfire can harm your car relentlessly, To avoid misfiring long durable spark plug is needed. Normally copper spark plugs last 10k to 20k miles, while iridium or platinum spark plugs can longer than any kind of spark plug.

Standard material

  • Copper
  • Iridium
  • Platinum
  • Double platinum

Q: Why should you need to change your spark plug?

Even if you see your spark plugs are functional, you might upgrade your spark plug for some valid reason.

  • The engine is motoring roughly
  • Engine is misfiring
  • Acceleration has noticeably decreased
  • Fuel consumption has increased

Q: Type of spark plugs

Each spark plug has its own individuality. All of them work for the same destiny but behave in different ways. Modern technology invented different metals for better quality and performance.

A double Iridium spark plug is on top of them. Because it gives better performance and long durable. Also, it can absorb temperature. Another one is made by only iridium which behaves almost the same as double iridium.

There are also double platinum and platinum spark plugs that are better than copper but not the same as iridium.

Then copper comes with the best conductivity and provides a better electric supply.

Spark plug for Audi a4 FAQ

Q: What kind of spark plugs are required for the Audi A4?

Every model is different, when you are buying a spark plug for your car you should check your previous spark plug design. We presented the 5 best spark plugs for the Audi A4 above, this may help you to choose the right one.

Q: What’s the correct gap for the Audi A4?

These days modern spark plugs offer pre-gapped. Generally, gap settings are different for every model. Most gaps are between 0.28 and 0.60.

Q: Who gives better mileage?

Each metal-made spark plug gives more than 30,000 miles of durability. Yet, Iridium spark plugs give you even better gas mileage.

Q: Is pre-gap applicable for every vehicle?

No one offers spark plugs properly gapped for every application. Gapping has always been the job of the installer.

Do spark plugs need lubrication?

Some spark plugs are lubricated initially, some are not. Those spark plugs that offer Anti-seize can act as a lubricant.

Q: What’s the essentiality of a gap?

The spark plug gap means the distance between the center and side electrodes that provides proper ignition and runs the engine. So the gap is very important to combustion. Modern spark plugs are pre-gapped.

Q: How can a plug make the engine quieter?

Misfires are the main culprit to makes engine heat. That’s why choose a better spark plug for your car, If it reduces misfire, it will keep your engine quieter.

Final Words

Now, when you buy a new component for your vehicle, there are loads of alternatives in the market. Each of the options has its own limitations. In this article, we tried to focus on the best spark plugs for your Audi A4 series and later series as well. Briefly, you have a better reason for what happens when spark plugs are getting an issue with the engine. Moreover, poor-quality plugs can be the cause of fuel waste and lusty performance.

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