5 Best Shocks And Struts For Honda Civic In 2023

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Without the shocks and Stuart, it can be the worst ride with your Honda Civic. That’s the reason you should also have a regular checkup done by experts. Ignoring the resuspension system can cause a bouncy, risky, and uncomfortable ride in your vehicle.

To ensure the maximum facilities, one should pick the best and correct shocks and Stuart for the vehicle. Picking up the right features and designs can’t be challenging for beginners/ To solve this issue, we’ve researched the top 5 best shocks and struts for the Honda Civic. Before that, the article will explain to you some basic and essential things about the topic.

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Brand-wise Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic Cost Chart

SerialManufacturerBrand NameSet ofAverage Cost
1KYBKYB FRONT & REAR shocks4$270-$279
2Skunk2Skunk2 Racing4$145-$154
3SENSENSensen Shocks & Struts2$44-$48
4SENSENSensen Shocks & Struts2$55-$59
5SENSENSENSEN Rear Struts2$53-$57

Comparison Table of Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic in 2023

Best ForImageWeightFit TypePrice
Best Overallbest shocks and struts for honda civic30 pounds2006 to 2008$$$
Best For Smooth Ridebest for smooth ride for honda civic18 pounds2006 to 2011$$$
Best For Low Budgetbest low budget shocks and struts for honda civic12 pounds2006 to 2010$$$
Best For Installationbest easy to install for honda civic9 pounds2012 to 2015$$$
Best Of Sensenbest of sensen band for honda civic‎8.5 pounds2006 to 2011$$$

How do shocks and struts provide a smoother ride for the Honda Civic?

Well, before getting the top five best shock and strut list, you might ask what the importance of the part is. This would be undoubtedly an unignorable part of the issue. Without the correct shocks and struts, you can’t ever get a smooth, safe, or comfortable ride.

Shocks and struts, both are different but essential parts of a vehicle. The most important thing that holds the maximum responsibility for safer, smoother, and uncomfortable rights is picking up the right pieces. No one would want to make their ride so ridiculous without installing this essential part. Let’s check how shocks and struts help your Honda Civic:

Smoother ride

The correct shocks and struts provide a really smooth and soft ride that everyone asks for. Without shocks and struts, your vehicle will go rough and jammed while driving. To give you a push, maintaining high-quality parts is more than just a need. These essential parts help to experience the softest ride on the most challenging area/ road.

Comfortable ride

Comfort is the first priority for most drivers. Especially, those who seem to drive for a long time, can’t really go without comfort on the ride. The perfect shocks and struts help you to get maximum comfort with every ride. Here you’ll get to use the brake and accelerate with no hassle of rough controlling. You’ll not feel any issues while carrying some heavy stuff on the back with the perfect shocks and struts.

Safe ride

Driving without the correct shocks and struts can lead you to accidents. Considering the safety implications, both of these parts should be high and right in quality. Without shocks, struts can create obstacles with the break. Especially on slippery roads, the break-fail risks get really bigger without shocks and struts installed in your vehicle.

What Are the Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic

There are up to five best shocks and struts for the Honda Civic on the market. In fact, all the shocks and struts cover someone’s needs and expectations by creating a smooth ride. To me, KYB is the best brand of Honda Civic that offers the best deal products with price and great features.

5 Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic in 2023

Nobody wants to receive a ridiculous ride just because of the wrong installation. Of course, you’ll be spending so much money on your vehicle maintenance. But when it comes to the correct mechanics, don’t get a fool. It’s an obvious thing that no one would carry the same knowledge about the mechanism parts. In this case, the only solution would be to go to the best mechanic around you. After all, your vehicle should provide maximum comfort, safety, and smoothness at the same time. 

But all these can come with the correct shocks and struts only. You might be thinking about what can be the correct part. No worries, if you’re a Honda Civic rider, things are a little smoother for you. We’ve researched the best and top five shocks and struts for your Honda Civic. Get a check here and make the installation process easy to understand.

So, without any further late, let’s get started with the list here:

1. Best overall: KYB KIT 4 FRONT & REAR

the most expensice shocks and struts of kyb kit

KYB has been the award-winning brand in the shocks and struts world. This particular item holds 30 pounds in weight and is 26 x 20 x 12 inches in height. Besides, these shocks/ struts include 4 KYB Gr 2.

The Excel part number of this item is 339036 339035 343460 343460 which is also winning the best seller rank. On Amazon, the product has gotten 4.2 stars with excellent positive reviews from users.

Users with 2006 – 08 HONDA Civic can certainly rely on this person for KYB shocks/ struts. For a better explanation, You can ask your expert mechanics about the quality.


  • Improves ride quality and handling.
  • Reduces body roll and squatting.
  • Increases steering response and stability.
  • Lowers suspension noise levels.
  • Proven to be reliable and long-lasting.


  • Installation can be a bit tricky, so you might need to get a professional to help you out.
  • Some drivers have reported noise issues after installation, though this may just be due to incorrect installation.

2. Best for a smooth ride: Skunk2 541-05-1250

skunk is also expensive brand that provide great shocks/struts

Skunk2 541-05-1250 is the best-designed featured product among all. The brand ensures high-quality material. Undoubtedly, this is going to enhance your vehicle’s appearance with a smother and comfortable ride. Even if someone is searching for something to use on race, this particular item can stand as a good choice.

The product weight is about 31.8 pounds, which is a standard one, according to the experts. Besides, the exterior of the item ensures the smoothest service. On Amazon, this shock has 3.8 positive starts for serving goods.

This one would be the best option for the users of the Honda Civic 2006-2011. With high performance and quality, it will ensure the best with every ride.


  • Improved handling and reduced body roll.
  • Improved ride quality and comfort.
  • Increased adjustability for a more custom fit.
  • More robust construction for increased durability.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Improves the look of the car.


  • May be too stiff for some people, depending on their driving style and preferences.
  • Not adjustable enough for those who want a really precise fitment.

3. Best for low budget: SENSEN 1890

sensen is the top shocks and struts for honda civic

This revolutionary start manufacturer company SENSEN has owned the market crown for years now. This excellent strut is about 12 pounds in weight and 27.75 x 5 x 2.5 inches in height. So, there would be no hassle with the installation process. 

The exterior of the strut I absolutely high-quality powder-coated which is able to maximize the runtime. Rather than that, the strut has gained so much popularity in the market since its launch. ON amazon, it’s holding a 4.2-star rating.

If you’re a Honda Civic 2006-2011 rider, this strut can be the perfect choice for you. The brand itself has claimed the best replacement for the 2006-2011 Honda Civic.


  • They are relatively affordable, making them a cost-effective option for many drivers. 
  • They are easy to install.
  • They improve the ride quality of your vehicle.
  • Reduced impact on the environment.


  • Some users have complained that the Sensen 1890 is too stiff and makes their ride uncomfortable. 
  • Others have noted that it can be noisy when riding on certain surfaces (such as gravel roads).

4. Best for installation: SENSEN 100645

the top lebel of sensen ideal for honda civic

Here comes another addition of SENSEN struts and shocks company. As an extreme addition, the rear struts have added SENSEN 100646. This particular product holds about 9 pounds weight and 28 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches weight.

SENSEN Always ensures high-quality materials that are going to serve the smoothest in the long run. With this addition, they have made no difference from installation to use. On Amazon, the site has gotten so many positive reviews and 4.00 stars from customers.

So, the item would be the perfect replacement for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic. So, riders with this particular vehicle seem to put complete reliance on this product.


  • Reduces noise and vibration traveling through the vehicle frame.
  • Improves ride quality and handling.
  • Keep all four corners of your car grounded.
  • Absorbs shocks from bumps in the road, keeping passengers more comfortable.
  • Installs easily with no drilling or welding required.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Some people find that they create a jerky ride when driving over uneven surfaces.

5. Best of sensen: SENSEN 104890

the reasonable sensen fits with desirable vehicle

Last but definitely not the most miniature product. SENSEN has always been revolutionary since the launch of this brand. This particular product is really well-reviewed and rated on Amazon. The item comes with around 8.5 pounds of weight and       

27.75 x 5 x 2.5 inches in height. Overall, this is not tough during the installation process.

Besides, Rear Straits has held the best-seller position through quality service. Customers have claimed to experience way too smoothest and most comfortable rides with this addition of SENSEN.

The company claims that this strut will be best for the 2006-2011 Honda Civic Rider. SO riders with this model can definitely try SENSEN 104890.


  • Design to improve the overall ride quality and handling of your vehicle.
  • Keep your car more stable while driving.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Made from high-quality materials that are built to last.
  • Provides a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Some drivers report that the shock absorber can make the car feel a bit bouncy or “springy” when driving over uneven surfaces.

How to Choose the Best Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic? 

Well, now you have got the top five list of best struts and shocks for your Honda Ride. Now, you might ask what the core thing to focus on while choosing the perfect product is. No worries, get the answer here.

If you’re a Honda Civic rider, you might get so many options for the best struts around you. But you can’t just pick one without giving it a second thought. After all, you’re spending so many bucks behind the part. Here are a few things to focus on before choosing the best shocks for your Honda Civic:

Do good research on the brands

Whatever brand you’re choosing, make sure the brand is reliable. After every company gains a brand image after so many years of good services, you can’t really rely on the local brands easily. So, make sure the struts and shocks you’re purchasing hold a good brand background.

Go through the material check

Materials would be the only important thing when it comes to predictability. You would obviously hate it if the struts or shocks made you suffer after using it for some days. You need to go through a strict material check before finalizing a product for your vehicle.

Compatibility check

You can find a really good strut with exotic features. But the main thing is if the mount works well with your vehicle or not. Picking up an unmatchable strut or shocks can stand as good for nothing. So, make sure you’re doing a good compatibility check.

Check the reviews of the particular shocks

The best way of knowing about any product would be to check the reviews. Customers or users would be the perfect people to make sure if the particular strut/ shock is good enough or not.

Compare the price range

Price range is an essential part of purchasing any product. Make sure you’re doing a reasonable price range check to get the best deal in the market. You might get so many online shops on the internet. Get yourself there and pick the most affordable and best one.

Shocks and struts for Honda Civic FAQ

What brand of struts does Honda use?

For genuine vehicle struts, Honda uses the products of the American brand “Showa” Incorporated. This is known as a joint venture of America and Japan for struts. The struts are made in the USA company for all the Honda vehicles.

How much does it cost to replace struts on a Honda Civic?

Well, the price of replacing struts on the Honda Civic would depend on the brand and defects. However, on average, the product replacement cost can stand around $633 and $750. Here the labor cost and parts cost have been included in the average price.

How much are shocks and struts for a Honda Civic?

The exact price will vary depending on various factors. The brand you’re choosing would be the central element of the price difference. Excluding the labor cost, the price can stand around $359 and $403.


Struts and shocks are certainly both unignorable parts of your vehicle. To make sure you have the best experience with every right, you need to put some extra attention towards this shock/ strut selection. The article has explained to you everything that you need to know before purchasing a good strut. Also, with the top 5 best shocks and struts for the Honda Civic list, hopefully, now you will be able to choose the best strut/ shocks for you quickly. 

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