Autolite Iridium XP Vs. NGK Iridium IX – The Major Differences

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Are you feeling the vibration from your car’s engine? Then there is something wrong with spark plugs. Both Autolite Iridium XP and NGK Iridium IX are two spark plugs with the best design and extraordinary features. The basic and fundamental difference between Autolite Iridium XP Vs NGK Iridium IX is external design.

The Autolite Iridium XP has a fine wire design and platinum side wire technology to improve ignition for quality rides. In contrast, the NGK Iridium IX is a highly durable and stress-tolerant spark plug with superior anti-fouling.

The engine is a vital part of any type of vehicle. And to keep the engine high-performing and workable, spark plugs contribute a lot. There are many things to consider for riding better and keeping your vehicle up-to-date.

Autolite iridium XP Vs NGK Iridium IX with a Table

Basis of comparisonAutolite iridium XPNGK Iridium IX
Brand Autolite NGK
Items weight1.12 ouncesAround 0.88 to 1 ounces
Products dimension1 x 1 x 3.63 inches4.35 x 2.24 x 2.08 inches
Made in Auckland, New ZealandUSA
Size of fine wire0.6mm fine wire design enhances ignitability and combustionThe 0.6mm laser welded excellent Iridium tip provides a maximum and consistent stable spark.
Core metal Autolite introduces a feature of OEM Iridium long-life plugs that ensure 100k miles of wear-free performance.Copper 
Body materialsThe spark plug’s body is made of rust-resistant alloy steel with both platinum and nickel plating.The body is made of high-alumina ceramics and trivalent metal plating with anti-abrasion and anti-seizing copper sealing.
Key featureIt features platinum-protected ground wire and a more focused ignition for the highest ignitability.It features a longer insulator nose to obstruct fouling and a triple gasket seal for extracting combustion gas leakage.
Life expectancyThey are OEM products, with great fit, and functionality.The mileage expectancy is lower compared to its opposite version. It can deliver up to 40k to 50k miles effortlessly.
Key technologyIt features a V-trimmed platinum side wire technology to enhance efficiency and performance while resisting wear.With 3-ground electrode technology, it provides hassle-free installation.
OEM variantPrecious and ultra-durable metal body finish with copper coating enhances longevity.All the spark plug of NGK is designed for an OEM application
Durability The main body is made of alloy steel and platinum coating resists all kinds of harmful objects to ensure durability.It offers a 5-year limited warranty and 60 days guarantee.
Warranty It offers a limited lifetime warranty.Slightly more expensive compared to its counterpart.
Expenses This spark is lower in the price range than NGK spark plugs.Slightly expensive compared to its counterpart.

Autolite Iridium XP Vs NGK Iridium IX: Major Differences

There are some extra features of them that distinguish them remarkably. They are different in terms of design, shape and size, body material, core material, mileage expectancy, and many more areas. Here is an in-depth description of them.


Autolite produces and offers tremendous and technically advanced spar plugs right now. With lots of high-quality features and benefits, they provide longer service than average. Recently, they have offered a limited lifetime warranty. 

On the contrary, the NGK is the world’s leading brand known for producing quality ignition parts. They introduce different heat ranges and sizes of spark plugs for better ignition and combustion.


Both spark plugs are designed genuinely and they have an eye-catchy design. They have a 0.6mm platinum fine wire design to enhance ignitability. Autolite iridium XP has a V-shaped upper mount to a ground electrode that improves ignitability. Also, it allows the engine to start quickly and increase fuel efficiency.

Inversely, it has a tape cut and ultra-thin iridium alloy center electrode with a 0.6mm diameter. It has a thermo-border design for the central electrode. Center and ground electrode design ensure optimum heat resistance and durability.


Both spark plugs are made with superior and highly durable materials to provide extreme insulation. Iridium-enhanced central electrode and platinum coating side wire technology ensure better insulation. Also, it enhances durability and sudden wear resistance.

Contrarily, the NGK parts are made of elevated alumina ceramics to provide maximum insulation while resisting heat and thermal conductivity. Moreover, with a special powder coating inner cover, it provides accurate and excellent gas-tightness.

Heat resistant capability

The precondition for getting optimum performance from an engine is minimal heating. If the engine gets hotter instantly, it will no longer be able to deliver efficient performance. The Autolite spark plugs have nickel plating and NGK has a copper core. That makes a huge difference.

The copper core is more effective than a nickel. The copper core dissipates a large amount of heat quickly to provide an ultra-wide heat range. It ensures better performance at both high and low speeds.


There is a huge difference in construction. The body of Autolite’s plug is made of alloy metal with platinum coating. To magnify the shine and resist dirt, it has nickel-plating over the body. With both platinum and Iridium mixing designs, it adds a new dimension. The 0.6mm fine wire and v-trimmed ground electrode ameliorate the ignitability. There are no rib stripes in the new design but the gasket and terminal nut are attached.

When you look at the NGK Iridium IX, you can see the body has metal finished with copper core materials. There is a special nickel alloy on the thread that prevents rust and dust. Also, the ceramic resistor protects the upper part against corrosion and prevents additional electrical noise. Metal shell ensures the resistance of high-temperature corrosion.


A perfect spark plug saves fuel economy and provides optimum internal combustion while increasing performance. An Autolite Iridium provides the highest concentrated spark, which gives a 21% larger amount of ignition. So it can be said, this product has excellent ignition ability.

On the other hand, NGK spark plugs don’t have much higher grade ignition compared to Autolite. They allow engines to operate using a small number of fuel emissions.

Autolite Iridium XP – Best for Better Ignition

Stay tuned with Autolite Iridium XP spark ignition plugs and get the optimum running benefits for your engine. It is a better option for better ignition and durability. Without wearing and wearing, it can deliver top-notch performance even in the harshest conditions.

It has a V-trimmed ground electrode to enhance overall ignitability and enhance performance. A fine finish over the body increases the life of the plug. A 100% leakproof gas-tight seal ensures no gas leakage. So it is efficient to save the fuel economy and save your money as well. Moreover, high nickel alloy steel preserves appropriate gaps.

NGK Iridium IX – Best for All Types of Automotive

In recent years, NGK has been a top-notch and leading manufacturer all over the globe. It features special and impeccable nickel alloy to ensure optimum heat resistance and durability. Consequently, the engine stays cool and in the meantime, it can operate at maximum efficiency.

There are five ribs on the upper side. They are provided to expand the insulating area distance between the terminal and the metal shell while preventing flash-over. One last word, with rugged and delicate design and powerful construction, they are perfect for all automotive and non-automotive applications.

Final Touch

Here in the conclusion part, it can be said, that these two spark plugs have tremendous value when it comes to engines. They both are highly capable of igniting the air or fuel mixture and creating explosions to produce engine power. The difference between Autolite iridium XP and NGK Iridium IX will help you to choose the best.

However, Autolite is a great and well-known manufacturer since it comes to the aftermarket. With alloy steel material covered with nickel plating, it ensures durability. The 0.6mm fine wire design, provides optimum durability and performance for a long time. It has better overall ignitability with a minimum cost range. In contrast, the NGK Iridium IX is made with copper core trivalent metal plating rust-resistant and anti-seizing properties. Now, the decision is up to you which would you prefer.

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