Rough Country Shocks Review – Is It Worthy To Buy?

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Rough country shocks, Whether you need V2 Monotube, N2, or lift F150 Shock, Tacoma, Coilover, and Vertex Shocks have the perfect solution for your needs. That’s why we put a rough country shock review together to provide information about each rough country shock series so that when it comes time to make a purchase there will be no questions asked.

The Rough Country Shocks is a top-of-the-line product for those who love taking their vehicle off-roading or having an enjoyable ride on smooth roads. They have been engineered to provide you with amazing wheel control, the highest durability, and the finest quality whether it be dirt roads or city streets. With each shock being backed up by its own limited lifetime warranty this purchase will not leave any buyer disappointed in what they get from such high-priced parts as these come at prices much lower than competitors’ rates.

However, one downside is that they don’t seem to last as long as other brands of shocks. I’ve had a set on my truck for about two years now, and they’re already starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Quick Overview Of Rough Country Shocks

Rough Country’s suspension systems are designed to give you the ride of your life for years after installation. Here is a quick overview of the rough country shocks review.

Warranty for Shocks & StabilizersThe warranty is a big selling point for this product. It has been proven to cover leaks, diminished effectiveness, and breakages with no limits on its coverage and limited lifetime warranty.
Warranty for Bushings, Ball Joints, EtcThe warranty lasts one year, which means you can return any of your items for repair.
Rough Country Lift KitsThey provide great value for money and will last a long time.
Built WithT6061 aluminum
Ball Joints UsedPOM ball joints
ManufacturerHeckethorn Products Inc
Made InUSA

Rough Country Shocks Reviews

Here’s a list of the top shocks from the rough country. You’ll find descriptions with their own values, features, and pros/cons so that when deciding on your perfect shock it can be tailored toward what fits best for you.

Rough Country 6″ Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 6" Lift Kit for 99-06 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 4WD - 27220A

Rough Country 6″ Suspension Lift Kit is a high-quality product that enables you to lift your truck higher and improve its off-road performance. If you’re looking for a reliable suspension system that will handle whatever you throw at it, then the Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit is a perfect choice. Designed to provide superior levels of ride quality and handling, this kit is perfect for anyone who wants to take their vehicle off the beaten path.

This kit offers unmatched ground clearance, premium N3 shock absorbers for the best in performance on and off-road, heavy-duty lifted knuckles and cross members, and skid plates. The coil spacers are rear-supported to ensure a stable ride quality. Backed by Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty, this lift kit is sure to provide you with years of driving enjoyment.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Run up to 37″ tires for the ultimate in off-road performance.
  • The high-quality equipment in this kit will help you to get the job done right.
  • The heavy-duty skid plate shields differential, protecting you from hazardous terrain.
  • The durable driver and passenger side-lifted cast knuckles will ensure that your car is running smoothly on all four wheels.
  • The items you buy from us are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


  • The quality of this kit is top-notch, which makes it expensive.
  • The installation of this kit is not as straightforward and needs careful attention.

Rough Country V2 Monotube Rear Shocks

Rough Country V2 Monotube Rear Shocks for 2005-2020 Tacoma 4WD | 2.5-3.5" Lift 760799_A

Rough Country is proud to announce the release of new monotube rear shocks. These shocks are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on and off-road, while also improving your vehicle’s handling and stability. With adjustable settings, you can customize your ride to match your driving style and needs. So whether you’re hitting the trails or just cruising around town, this shock will keep you comfortable and in control.

Made from tough T6061 brushed aluminum with a tensile strength of 36kN, our shocks are built to last – and react lightning fast, with no cavitation or vibration damping. So if you’re looking for an uncompromising upgrade for your Tacoma, look no further than Rough Country’s V2 Monotube Rear Shocks.


  • With a high-flow piston, you can get excellent performance.
  • Monotube design
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Durable
  • Adjustable setting
  • Highway/off-road ride quality is smooth and comfortable.


  • They have not done much rebranding to distance themselves from the past
  • The installation of monotube shocks is an expensive process that requires specialized knowledge and tools.

Rough Country N2 shocks

Rough Country 87317N2 - Steering Stabilizer with Premium N2.0 Series Shock

Rough Country offers their Steering Stabilizer with Premium N2.0 Series Shock. This combo will help keep your ride stable whether you’re on the street or off the beaten path. With a premium shock and a stabilizer that is specifically designed for off-road use, you can’t go wrong with this setup from Rough Country. So if you’re looking to take your vehicle to the next level, check out our Steering Stabilizer with Premium N2.0 Series Shock.

This easy bolt-on installation kit replaces your factory steering stabilizer and comes complete with all necessary bracketry and hardware. The included Premium N2.0 Shock helps to better stabilize your off-road tires, preventing wear and tear on your ball joints and tie rods. So go ahead – take on that tough trail with confidence knowing your truck or SUV is equipped with Rough Country’s Steering Stabilizer with Premium N2.0 Series Shock.


  • The installation process is easy and straightforward, so you can be up and running in no time
  • It’s affordable and provides great quality.
  • This kit includes all the brackets and hardware you’ll need to install.
  • Excellent performance and stability
  • This Damper is great. And rough country shocks allow you to ride over even the most rugged terrain with ease.


  • Some customers found that the mounting hardware came with a lack of sense for their 2004 WJ (Grand Cherokee).
  • This is not idle for all vehicles.

Rough country 3.5 lift Shock

Rough Country 3.5" Bolt-On Lift Kit w/N3 Struts for 2005-2022 Tacoma - 74231

If you’re looking to lift your Tacoma, then you’ll want to check out the Rough Country 3.5″ Bolt-On Lift Kit w/N3 Struts. This kit is designed to give you a smooth ride on and off-road, while also providing impressive levels of stability and performance. Plus, it’s easy to install, so you can have your truck up and running in no time. So if you’re ready to take your Tacoma to the next level, be sure to check out the Rough Country 3.5″ Bolt-On Lift Kit w/N3 Struts.

Rough Country’s 3.5″ Tacoma Lift Shock is the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style for your Tacoma. The unmatched ground clearance and premium N3 coil spring struts provide superior performance on and off-road, while the N3 rear shock absorbers maintain a smooth OEM-like ride. This kit levels the front with the rear and is backed by Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty.


  • Offer unmatched ground clearance with a full line of equipment.
  • Use this shock to take on any terrain.
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • The perfect blend of style and affordability.
  • With our easy installation, you can have your new shock in no time.


  • The shock is a bit stiff after installation.

Rough Country 3-5″ Rear Vertex Shocks

Rough Country 3-5" Rear Vertex Shocks for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK - 699006

Jeep Wrangler JK owners looking for a quality shock that will provide a smooth ride on and off-road need to check out Rough Country’s 3-5″ Rear Vertex Shocks. Made from high-quality materials, these shocks are designed to last and provide optimum performance in all conditions. So whether you’re hitting the trails or just cruising around town, Rough Country’s Vertex Shocks are the perfect choice for your Jeep Wrangler JK.

For starters, 8-Stage Adjustable Reservoir Shocks allow you to fine-tune your ride height and compression damping to perfection. The massive 2″ piston provides plenty of cushioning power, while the 22mm Chrome Hardened Piston Rod ensures durability even under the most extreme conditions. The 3 Stage Seal System helps keep oil in and dirt out, while the Heat Treated, Alloy Bearing ensures a lifetime of smooth operation.


  • Your purchase will be backed by Rough Country’s 3-year warranty.
  • The mono-tube design is an excellent way to make your car look more appealing.
  • The company’s excellent performance is a result of its Nitrogen-Charged, and Zinc Plate Finish
  • They’re designed to withstand even the toughest journeys, and their durable build means they will last long enough
  • Easy to install


  • The price is higher than other shock series in this company.
  • There are some complaints that the lifts ride rough or rust too easily.

Compare to Competitors

Rough Country Shocks Vs Bilstein

The two most popular types of shocks for off-road use are Rough Country and Bilstein. Both offer high performance, but rough country shocks may be more affordable than the Bilstein depending on your needs.

Rough Country Shocks vs Fox

The handling of a vehicle is important, and if you want to get the best out of your ride then it’ll be worth investing in some professional-grade shocks.

However – there’s more than just price that matters when looking at these two brands. The Rough Country Shocks have been known for being excellent at delivering what drivers need while also remaining affordable, whereas Foxshock provides high-quality products with a higher price tag.

Rough Country Shocks vs Rancho

The decision between Rancho and Rough Country comes down to price, quality of a product as well as a lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking primarily at pricing then the rough country suspension kits will suit your needs perfectly, however, if performance or top-of-the-line features are what matter most in choosing an upgrade for your ride I recommend going with Rancho significantly higher than their competitors.

Rough Country Shock Customer Reviews

We found some customers used rough country shocks for their vehicles which are clearly pointed out below.

I highly recommend using the Rough Country shocks for your truck. I was always looking to buy a shock that comes with all of its features and makes installation easier so it would be perfect because my F250 has these types on them, which really impressed me since what I wanted most out of this purchase were ones designed specifically for ensuring smooth drives. Reviewd by Richard T. James

When I got my parts, there were a few scratches on the frame and welds that needed to be smoothed out. After spending $450 in total for all these pieces (including shipping), it’s been really frustrating not having them installed yet because of some missing hardware, the worst customer service. Reviewd by Ramon T. Suarez

The Rough Country Shock is a high-quality product that has been proven to be durable. I love how it adds personality and style while giving my vehicle an offroad feel without sacrificing comfort or control. I am really happy with the Rough Country Shock that I purchased for my Tacoma. It has been perfect in every way and helps make Off-Road driving much more enjoyable. Reviewd by Lloyd E. Gregorio

How do you install Rough Country shock absorbers?

  • You need to remove the old shocks in order for you and new ones alike, so get ’em out! There are typically four nuts that hold onto this part of your car’s frame. Once they’re all loosened up though it shouldn’t be too hard to push or pull away from their mounting spots until everything starts coming off together at once.
  • Disconnect the shock from your car’s suspension.
  • Fit the new shock back onto your suspension control arm, making sure that it is properly seated and secured with bolts on each side.
  • It’s important to be sure all of the equipment is secure before we go tightening things back down. Recheck your specifications for torque and make any necessary adjustments.


Are Rough Country shocks good?

Rough Country has been around for years and its products have always held up well. With new improvements to the ride quality, we think this is one of those brands you should consider when shopping around – they don’t break your bank account while still providing top-notch shocks.

Who makes shocks for Rough Country?

In 1986 this company was purchased by Heckethorn Products Inc. and since then their product line has expanded from shocks & steering stabilizers all the way through leveling kits for every major make/model out there today.

Which is better: Skyjacker or Rough Country?

If you’re looking for the most durable off-road products and want something with sturdiness, then our recommendation would be to go with Rough Country Shock. We also like their comprehensive set of features when it comes down to deciding on shocks, they have everything that any consumer could need.

Are rough country V2 shocks worth it?

The V2 is a better choice if you’re going for value, but the N3 has higher-quality aluminum parts and valves.

Are Vertex shocks any good?

Vertex shocks are great. The rebound control allows you to feel confident at higher speeds, and they make those nasty bumps disappear. Compression: So far so good.

Are rough country Vertex shocks height adjustable?

This wrench allows you to adjust the ride height of Rough Country’s Vertex shocks, which are Height-Adjustable.

How long do Vertex Coilovers last?

The Rough Country warranty is 3 full years.

How do I know which Rough Country lifts?

Familiarity with the Rough Country lift can be derived from looking at your front cross members and measuring how far away they are from their mounting hole. If you have blocks instead of leaf springs in the back, know that there will likely be 2-3 inches less clearance than what’s on top, so keep this factored into any calculations before buying.

Final Thought

After discussing each product about rough country shock with its pros and cons, you can understand which one will be better for your needs. It also helps to know how they differ in responsibility so that when deciding between them it’s easier.

It is important to have the right shock for your truck. Rough Country’s line of shocks is made specifically with trucks in mind, so you can be sure they’ll work great and last longer than other brands.

We recommend the Rough Country 6″ Suspension Lift Kit for your truck. If you want to invest in a high-quality shock, then this one from them would be perfect. It comes with all usable kits and has been designed specifically according to vehicle-specific needs so it will work better than other brands’ designs every time – guaranteed or your money back.

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