Nissan Pathfinder: 7 Best Shock Absorbers Reviewed

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Whether you’re in need of new suspension parts, wish to replace worn struts, or simply want to make sure you have the best quality shocks possible for your ride, installing top-quality components is the only way to ensure you get the greatest joystick, smooth out much of your ride, and achieve even wear on your tires.

Similarly, installing genuine OEM and aftermarket car parts in a Nissan Pathfinder will qualify for a reward for profitably conquering all terrain. Rugged all-weather vehicles such as the legendary, sturdy Nissan Pathfinder were built to work in every climate and environment where they are driven, but in order to endure, they need regular maintenance and first-rate parts.

But what are the best shocks for Nissan Pathfinder in terms of driving style and preferences? Maybe the numerous options in the market make you confused. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Just stay tuned. 

Shocks For Nissan Pathfinder Comparison Table

NameImageBest forRatingPrice
Monroe Front Rear ShocksMonroeBest overall9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
KYB Excel-G Shock AbsorberKYB excel-gBest for Ride-handling9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
Rancho RS9000XL Adj Shock SetranchoBest for Regular Drive9.7 Out of 10See On Amazon
Fox 2.0 Performance CoiloversfoxBest for Performance9.8 Out of 10See On Amazon
Bilstein Shocks StrutsbilsteinBest for Off-road9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
KYB Shocks StrutskyaBest for Smooth Drive9.9 Out of 10See On Amazon
KTXX Customized Front Struts Rear ShocksktxxBest for Comfort9.5 Out of 10See On Amazon
best shocks for Nissan Pathfinder

Why Should You Replace Shocks in Your Nissan Pathfinder?

A stock suspension’s ability to perform perfectly depends on the car, how it is driven, and the driver’s expectations. Some suspensions are better able to deal with heavy loads and older vehicles, while others simply do not possess the performance to do so. 

Vehicles that have been around for a long time show the reliability of the suspensions that added that much to them. Obviously, worn-out parts won’t perform as well. This is where aftermarket shocks come as the savior. Check below why and when you should think about replacing the shock absorber in your Nissan Pathfinder:


Well-maintained roads usually offer variations of a maximum of glide up and down 100 to 1,900 times per mile. In 50,000 miles timed at 75,000 cycles, this can represent 75 million cycles. The performance of vehicle suspension tends to decrease gradually; as a result, the shocks are usually ignored and the aging process often goes unchecked. 

Replacing shocks and struts after 50,000 miles can help maintain the suspension of the vehicle as well as it was designed.

Better Handling

Worn shocks and struts reduce the vehicle’s ride quality over time to such an extent that the driver’s ability to control the car diminishes. In general, road testing and a performance evaluation by a qualified technician every 12,000 miles are advised to screen problems and inform the driver. 


The vehicle’s chassis is designed to provide comfort and handling for various needs. If your normal use of a vehicle in your everyday life or on the farm most often entails heavy, top-heavy loads, trailer towing, or other off-road conditions, you may consider replacing your shocks with heavy-duty ones.

Ensuring Safety

When you drive from a jolt or shock, your vehicle controls you. If your vehicle stops running due to a defect, it can hurt you. These kinds of signs indicate that your vehicle may be making unsafe driving decisions. In such a scenario, there’s no way to replace the existing shock absorber. 

Shocks For Nissan Pathfinder Buyers Guide

It is almost impossible to become an expert in all areas of life. You can carry out a reliable buying guide before acquiring shocks for your Nissan Pathfinder, so you can not become a fool for this ignorance.

You will only need to be familiar with the key points for a particular product in order to make the best purchasing decision. Just keep these main points in mind, as they will help you understand what you want to buy. By utilizing these points, you can make the process of buying more enjoyable and simple.


Your first consideration when purchasing shocks for your Nissan Pathfinder should be its compatibility with your vehicle. You may be the lucky one to receive great shocks, but they are completely useless if they don’t fit your vehicle. So be certain that you weigh the specs, and then factor in the fitment of your vehicle.

Most makers will list possible compatible models in their catalog, regardless of whether you have one or not. Just review the differences between the shocks and your vehicle, and find one that will work perfectly.

Explore the Features

Whether you’re going to purchase a shock for your Nissan Pathfinder over the internet or in a pop-up store, you need to assess the features of the product you are contemplating. This will be an excellent way to identify if the product is a good fit for your requirements or not. It will let you know whether the product is a good fit for you or not.

It also helps us quickly differentiate ourselves from others throughout the process. Subsequently, we can compare the attributes to those of others. Performing this will allow you to reach the final choice quicker because it will allow you to take into account the quality of the products you have to choose from.

Be Cautious of Brands

Since we have strong emotional tendencies to rely on certain brands, we often lean toward their products. This has its benefits, but it also has drawbacks, such as not producing satisfying results at times. However, there is no realistic method to disagree with the concept of adhering to commonly known brands.

Having money available can make the decision-making process simpler because you don’t have to listen to brands that want to make you buy something you don’t really need. 

But don’t invest your money blindly; be sure to thoroughly research every brand before you buy a product from them. That is the reason you should be very careful about how you choose your brands for various products.

Price and Budget

You can easily limit costs prior to buying anything else if you budget appropriately. You can make any number of your preferred product’s price and create a product spending budget in this regard. That depends on the associated expenses, such as purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, operating expenses, and branding all have a role in cost.

The better quality you want, the more costly it’s going to wind up costing you. You have to choose how much to budget, and the same is accurate for all different types of shocks for Nissan Pathfinder too.


By ensuring your shocks are made from strong material and have solid construction, you don’t want to have to change shocks frequently, so it is also ideal that your choices use materials that are very durable and are topped with a chrome or zinc exterior. 

The most common materials used in quality shocks are steel and aluminum. They are typically finished with a zinc or chrome coating for longevity. The shelf life of shock absorbers can be 1 to 5 years, but high-quality types might make it to as many as 10 years.

7 Best Shocks For Nissan Pathfinder Review

By studying factors such as quality, function, and pricing, we’ve already done most of the hard work, so you can buy with certainty and know that your products will be ready to stand up to the job. All you need to do is look at our top-rated list below, select the products you like, and order them! 

1. Monroe Front Rear Shocks

Monroe Front Rear Shocks Struts For Nissan Pathfinder & Infiniti QX4 2WD RWD - BuyAutoParts 77-69482G4 New
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Starting our top-rated list with a product from the legendary Monroe, and it’s the Monroe Front Rear Shocks especially made for Nissan Pathfinders. The precision, dependability, and affordability of Monroe’s revived shocks coupled with the VPV (Velocity Proportional Valving) technology are appealing to most people, so it’s an upgrade that’s practically obligatory. 

Monroe has accumulated a lengthy history of leadership in the auto parts market and is frequently regarded as a producer of original components for many car makers. A monotube, nitrogen gas-filled shock that attempts to enhance the comfort and performance of suspension systems, and the general design are somewhat conducive to balance and stability. 

The self-lubricating fluid seal extends the lifespan of the fluid, thus giving the system a longer life span and coming at a reduced price point, which makes it suitable for a lot of vehicle owners. 

By taking full advantage of its self-lubricating abilities, our fluid retains the lubricating power and silicone properties without friction or wear and tear. We’re confident that it’ll have a really good return on tons of driving conditions and will continue to provide drivers with a great level of comfort and control.

Driver Experience: Yes, this shock replacement is an alternative to many cars and SUVs, and you do have to identify some problems. One of these is that there is a lowered ride height when it is installed, while the lighter functions will notice that the shock stiffens the ride, which may not be desired. It seems that some control factors are a concern, but Monroe backs the product.


  • Superior handling
  • Convenient installation
  • Great comfort
  • Almost standard ride quality
  • Improved performance 


  • Lower ride height
  • A bit stiff

2. KYB Excel-G Shock Absorber

KYB Excel-G Front & Rear Strut Shock Absorber Kit for Infiniti Nissan Pathfinder
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KYB is the world leader in the manufacture of shocks and struts for automobiles, and the Excel-G was created on the assembly line using the same high-quality parts that KYB utilizes. KYB’s Excel-G series is the only line of shocks and struts specially developed to help restore a car’s original ride control performance, not alter it. 

All the members of this lineup are built using KYB’s original equipment assembly lines. The same components are used in the production process as OEM. 

The more satisfying fact is that KYB will design your Excel-G shocks and struts to your exact make, year, and model of vehicle. This means they’ll not only wholly match the contours of the suspension but also provide you with the perfect, painless installation. Not only will this product help restore OEM ride quality, but it will also provide the ideal, custom fit for peak performance.

These shocks are equipped with innovative acceleration valves that comprehend changes in road conditions and automatically adjust to the changing conditions and engineering design to ensure a smooth ride, whether you are on a smooth road or a rocky one. With no uncertainty, KYB shocks are composed of OE or higher-quality materials.

Moreover, we found these struts have the inner gas dispersed with great precision, which will continually set the tone for the ride. In addition, the KYB Shocks backing ensures your fixture withstands damage for a wide variety of years, so it can protect itself from grave wear and tear.

Driver Experience: Installation proceeded without a hitch. The unit effortlessly fit in the front driver’s and passenger’s side. The OEM strut mount plates were in good condition as expected. The improvement in ride quality is significant. I’m really satisfied with the result. I have noticed the screeching sounds in the engine bay tend to be replaced with applause. However, the general ride is firm yet comfortable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Almost stock feeling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Suitable for off-roading
  • Effortless installation


  • Short lifespan
  • Feels bumpy

3. Rancho RS9000XL Adj Shock Set

Rancho RS9000XL Adj Shock Set fits 2005-2012 Nissan Pathfinder
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Have a tight budget? Worried about whether an affordable shock will give you the exact value you paid for? Rancho RS9000XL Adj Shock Set is the answer for you. 

Rancho RS9000XL shocks are among the most functional SUV and truck shocks available. You can select between 9 levels of rebound damping and compression, enabling your shocks to perform based on whichever driving environment you’re in. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or scaling rocks, Rancho RS9000XL shocks perform how you want them to.

There’s a substantial and palpable difference between the softest and strongest settings on the robotic shocks. Its exquisite ride characteristics are apparent, not only in terms of its working but also because of its adaptability in varied scenarios.

If you set it to the softest setting, you can experience a slight dragging sensation on the road. Here you’ll find minor jolts in the road, but the system’s influences on your vehicle are minimal. 

One downside to the soft setting is road joints, which have a big change in the pavement density, sometimes causing the vehicle to buck. Changing to normal settings restores the vehicle to the way it was designed.

Driver Experience: After a hundred clicks, the shocks had loosened much quicker than the shocks had in the past and the most notable changes began to appear. Installation was pretty straightforward as well, the only thing I would’ve done differently is turn the rear shocks in the opposite direction. If I hit a bump, there’s a good chance the shocks’ adjustments would get flipped, as well.


  • Excellent adjustability
  • Promising durability
  • Reasonable price
  • Superior comfort
  • Straightforward installation


  • Too soft for some drivers
  • Knobs are prone to breakage

4. Fox 2.0 Performance Coilovers 

Fox 2.0 Performance Coilovers Front Pair for 05-15 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD RWD
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At the fourth position, we have an exemplary edition from the world-renowned Fox Performance series here. The Fox2.0 Performance Coil Overs can be considered to be tendinitis relief for Fox entry-level suspension options. Not everyone is willing to spend the extra money for a fully adjustable, large-body shock with a remote reservoir. 

Fox’s 2.0 model seems to be perfect for Nissan Pathfinder fans who want something between premium and affordable. Although there are several other companies that provide comparable products, the prices for these Porter options are quite good. 

They’re several of the few hundred less than one with comparable options, from variants like Icon and King to, of course, the Toltec Bilstein kit. Fox has used aluminum in the construction instead of steel, and thus they more quickly dissipate heat. This also helps them keep from rusting, and it’s a really nice benefit indeed.

However, we believe it’s also important to continue to clean them, as aluminum has the potential to corrode and oxidize over time. The specialized valves used in Fox shock absorbers are usually great, and the 2.0 lives up to the hype. 

These are specifically outfitted for your vehicle’s particular make and model, so you aren’t enduring the suspension setup suited for the weight of a full-sized pickup on your smaller-sized SUV. 

Driver Experience: The ride experience is far better than I found from the stock unit. It quickly reaches the perimeter when it hits the center line. The instructions state the lowest stock trough, middle peak, and highest 2 inches peak. To suit the upper limit, I installed it at the highest stock height, but it raised up 2 inches instead of 1 inch. I’m lucky I did because I found out 2 inches is far superior to the expected 1 inch.


  •  Aluminum construction
  • Completely customizable 
  • Superior off-road racing experience
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Rides really firm 


  • Rides rough in bumpy conditions
  • Regular maintenance is almost obvious

5. Bilstein B6 Shocks Struts

For Nissan Frontier Pathfinder & Xterra Pair Bilstein B6 Front Shocks Struts - BuyAutoParts 75-86799B5 New
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The name Bilstein has been associated with responsive suspension design for many years as it pertains to vehicular handling and comfort. The absence of Bilstein from a top-rated list appears to be missing something. That’s why we have Bilstein B6 Front Shocks Struts listed here, which is compatible with Nissan Pathfinder.

Despite the B6’s present rigid suspension design, the big wheels on this model of Acadia have minimized the loss of body roll that is typical of rigid suspensions. The amount of chassis roll has been substantially reduced. How the car is driven and feels during sharp curves has been tremendously enhanced. Cars and large potholes no longer bottom out and impart extra vertical movements into the car. The whole vehicle has a much better grip on the road, with great traction and takeoff. 

We kept the lower guidance bar of our tow car previously for its well-aggressive weight distribution hitch, but when our efforts failed at the front end of trailing with the OEM ball mount we put their trailer on the ball, and the rear end would relax somewhat before the suspension and shocks bounced back. 

Regardless of whether you’re driving a sports car or another kind of automobile, you’ll enjoy a smoother journey by replacing the factory suspension with these Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty Shocks, also called monotube gas pressure struts. 

These struts feature design adjustments that accurately reflect all types of roads, ensuring a smooth ride. The Bilstein B6 series is appropriate for daily drivers seeking to improve their vehicles’ performance.

Driver Experience: I installed this 2 weeks ago. After 60,000 miles, my OEM shocks appear to be too squishy for comfort. The new B6 really was far superior to the OEM. Car body roll is greatly reduced when driving on uneven roads. I did not replace its coils because it would negatively change the car’s geometry by 3 to 4 centimeters.


  • Improved handling
  • No unusual noises
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Reduced body roll


  • Expensive
  • Higher firmness and tier shock

6. KYB Shocks Struts 

KYB Excel-G Shocks Struts
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Once again, we have KYB on our list and this time we have the KYB for your Nissan Pathfinder. KYB Shocks Struts are created with linear damping just like others, and they’ve been tuned to help the cars achieve their original ride characteristics.

The entire lineup is produced from this firm’s original equipment assembly line, and the components used for the main parts are the same as those used by the corporation for its OEM clients. Surprisingly, the KYB team will not only produce your Excel-G shocks and struts according to your model, year, and trim level but will also match the contours of the shocks and struts to your car.

These shocks have features that allow them to recognize changes in road conditions and automatically adjust to the changing circumstances and vehicle’s physical structure in order to guarantee a comfy ride, whether you’re on a smooth surface or a rough one. 

Whenever you are harming the struts, the precision at which they are dispersed will undoubtedly wind up shaping the overall feeling of the ride. Together with this KYB SHOCKS back support guarantee, this fixture is going to endure a significant amount of deterioration over the years.

Driver Experience: Installation went smoothly. The unit fits inside the driver’s and passenger’s positions as expected. The OEM strut mount plates were in good condition. The improvement in ride quality is significant. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I observe the screeching sounds in the engine bay are replaced with cheers. Nonetheless, the ride is great.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Almost stock feeling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Suitable for off-roading
  • Effortless installation


  • Short lifespan
  • Feels bumpy

7. KTXX Customized Front Struts Rear Shocks

KTXX Customized Front Struts Rear Shocks
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With only a few years in the manufacturing market, KTXX has been distinguished as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers. It has only recently released several products, but people are raving about the effect it has. 

For example, the KTXX Customized Front Struts Rear Shocks have drawn the attention of numerous buyers, when other brands could not match their quality or durability.

KTXX struts are characterized by a hollow bumper, which helps safeguard additional parts and scrapes the surface of the installation procedure. This also helps stop damage to outside components from daily use.

With a hollow design and a strut, the strut serves as an approach to prevent potentially injurious falls. It provides protection for the tubing so that it doesn’t move around nor bend inward when bearing weight.

You’re getting maximum protection for your car while still not making a compromise with regard to performance or quality. It absorbs different crash landings and vibrations than other suspensions do, which means you can maneuver over bumpy roads without needing to be physically taxed.

Driver Experience: I was able to efficiently set my KTXX Full Struts after only a couple of minutes, and I was truly amazed that it felt especially smooth compared to other cruises I’ve taken. I happened to experience a series of improvements in tarmac quality over the years, and driving the vehicle came much more smoothly.


  • Smooth ride
  • Excellent protection
  • Superior ride quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable construction


  • Not suitable for off-road use


What are the benefits of upgrading the shocks on a Pathfinder?

Upgrading the shocks on a Pathfinder offers a range of benefits. Perhaps the most notable benefit is improved ride comfort. Upgraded shocks provide a smoother, more comfortable ride, reducing the risk of discomfort or fatigue on long trips.

Additionally, upgraded shocks can help to increase the stability of the ride, reducing body roll and improving overall handling. This can help improve the driving experience, especially when taking on winding roads or uneven terrain.

Furthermore, upgraded shocks can help to maintain proper wheel alignment, which can help to extend the life of the tires and maintain optimal performance.

Lastly, upgrading the shocks can help to improve the overall safety of the vehicle, helping to reduce the risk of an accident due to poor handling.

How do I know if my Pathfinder needs new shocks?

First, inspect the shocks for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any fluid leaking from the shocks or any visible damage, this could be a sign that they need to be replaced.

Additionally, if you find that your ride is bumpy or that you experience a lot of ways, this could also indicate that your shocks are in need of replacement. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to get your Pathfinder inspected by a professional mechanic. They can accurately diagnose the issue and inform you if you need new shocks.

Can I replace the shocks on my Pathfinder myself?

Replacing the shocks on your Nissan Pathfinder is a job that can be done by a professional mechanic. Although the job is not complex, it will require some mechanical knowledge and the right tools. Before attempting to replace the shocks, you should consult the owner’s manual to ensure that you have the correct tools and that you understand the procedure.

How much does it cost to replace the shocks on a Pathfinder?

Generally speaking, the cost of replacing the shocks on a Pathfinder can range from $400 to $1,000, with higher-end shocks and labor costs on the higher end of that range. Additionally, some mechanics may have different labor costs associated with the job, so it is important to shop around for the best price.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when replacing shocks on a Nissan Pathfinder?

When replacing the shocks on a Nissan Pathfinder, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes that could result in potential issues.

Firstly, ensure that you have the correct type of shocks for your vehicle. Different Nissan Pathfinders can have different shocks, so be sure to consult the appropriate specifications before beginning the replacement.

Secondly, make sure that you have the proper tools and safety equipment. Without the right tools and equipment, you may not be able to complete the job correctly or safely. Additionally, inspect the original shocks for any signs of wear or damage. If there are any signs of wear or damage, it’s best to replace both shocks at the same time to ensure even suspension.

Finally, when reassembling the shock, be sure to tighten all the nuts.

Final Words

Nobody wants to let the hard-earned cash go in vain and of course, you won’t as well. We have just tried to present some of the best shocks for the Nissan Pathfinder. 

That means you have your own space to be more specific in your needs and budget. However, we’re confident enough with our top-rated list. Hopefully, any of these items will be worth your investment.

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