Makita XWT04Z Impact Wrench (Review)- Is It Worthy?

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Recently I decided to test a high torque impact wrench. suddenly, I stumbled on the Makita XWT04Z impact wrench. Then I decided why not this higher torque to test it. After using this, I’ve come with handy guidelines for you. So that you can get brief information about this component.

Makita XWT04Z 18-Volt LXT

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It is one of the best design drivers of the Makita series which gives fewer sound levels and long durability. Moreover, it offers a soft-grip handle which rises compatibility on the job. Furthermore, it is very much comfortable to use as it has a rocker switch. Therefore, it is easily forward and reverses. 

This impact wrench provides an easier task to complete your job on time. It comes with an impressive strength up to 325ft. lbs of max torque, which has a fastening strength with 1600 RPM, and 2200 IPM. The following High Torque impact wrenches combine some of the best features, which precisely recommend the use of the daily task and automotive maintenance. 

Key Features Of Makita XWT04Z

Makita XWT04Z 18-Volt LXT impact wrench comes with all substantial features which make it great to have longer services and convenient to use. For instance, longer battery, soft-grip handle, and lightweight design.

Longer battery– It is one of the most prominent features because it operates to control more electronically. This control is compromised for shock-absorbent handling, which protects battery housing for more durability. Therefore, its designs last longer than most other batteries and do complicated jobs as a result.

Superior fastening power– 325 ft.lbs, 1600 RPM, and 220 IPM are the other convenient features that increase power. Changing multiple tires with Makita XWT04Z 18-Volt LXT impact wrench is an easy task to do for this amazing strength ability.

Lightweight design– It comes with 10-½ inches long and 7.5 lbs. So that user can use it for a long period of time. Of course, it has a battery and grip which allow it to reduce operator fatigue.

Why should you buy it?

  • Having a long durable battery is viable to use it for a long time. Furthermore, it has a shock-absorbent handle for extra durability.
  • If you really want to do more tasks with a short time then it will be a wise decision because it remains superior fastening power which increases its ability. Moreover, it earns amazing reputations and positive responses from the users.
  • Less sound is always the best choice for a longer job, and it produces less sound. Another word to say, it comprises grip with its handle so you can hold it very comfortably.
  • Comfortable for auto work
  • Quickly charge the battery
  • Forward and reverse option
  • Weight is only 7.5 lbs.
  • Not good vibration control

Makita XWT04Z Impact Wrench Buying Guide

Motor capacity

It is one of the most vulnerable components to consider. It gives the sustainability and speed of the torque. Needless to say, impact wrenches can be heavier with this element, the way it sits on it. Moreover, the motor increases the overheating while this problem should be sorted out as soon as possible.

Light and battery indicators

Indicating LED light makes users easier to use as it signals while the battery is low. Sometimes, it could be the best solution when you work in the dark. On the flip side, you know that most of the impact wrenches don`t offer LED light components where Makita XWT04Z 18-Volt LXT impact wrench offers LED light.

Battery options and battery compatibility

A good battery can vary from 18v to 20v. Around this capability, batteries define which is good and not good. The most important tool is that it should be borrowed charge to reuse that is why most of the companies now use it. So that it also sets up in their machine to borrow charges from electricity. Above all, the battery should offer long durability as it does.

Makita Impact Wrench FAQ

What is RPM?

RPM indicates the speed or spin per minute of the impact wrench. It is necessary to find a product that requires adjustable speed but doesn`t require the same RPM in all situations.

Makita vs DeWalt: Which brand is better?

Makita is a true impact driver, which produces higher torque and speed. it is also known for giving longer strokes and higher efficiency.

DeWalt is known as a power drill or hammer drill, providing heavy-duty, and more speed settings.

severally, both are better with their own performance_ depending your need, which purposes you gonna use it.

Why is Makita so expensive?

The company has been produced top tools on the market so that users can make the most of it. In addition, it ensures a long life, and consistency that why Makita is slightly expensive than its competitors.

Final verdict

In the case of changing tires, it requires safety first and the Makita XWT04Z 18-Volt LXT impact wrench takes this job seriously. Another point to mention, the battery is the key to an impact wrench and it provides this job tremendously to the users. 

One of the crucial things, there are so many impact wrenches on the market where all are not good to use because some impact wrench is not long durable which creates a chance to waste your money. However, we mentioned all the key components of it. So, if it meets your requirements then you should grab it.

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