How Do Electric Impact Wrenches Work?

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The electric impact wrench is the most effective tool to work with different kinds of nuts & bolts for different types of cars.

We need electric impact wrenches for much different work. For example, when we fail to lug nuts & bolts by hand, we need to impact wrench, where an electric impact wrench is a vital fact.

Two Types Of Electric Impact Wrenches

  1. corded electric impact wrench
  2. cordless electric impact wrench

Whenever you need less power, you are encouraged to use a corded electric impact wrench. However, if you need the most powerful wrench to loosen and tighten nuts & bolts, you should use a cordless electric impact wrench. Let’s see step by step how do electric impact wrenches work?

How Electric Impact Wrench Generate Power

First thing first, both corded and cordless impact wrench start with generating the power. Of course, the power which is created from different sources makes a powerful impact wrench.

Corded impact wrench– it is generated power from the electricity which has a direct connection from the electricity source- that means you are not allowed to use it anywhere, where electricity is not available.

Cordless impact wrench– it has a rechargeable battery. Simple, this battery gets power from electricity or you can change the battery. You can use it anywhere, where you would like.

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Design Of An Electric Impact Wrench

Corded impact wrench– typically, it has a longer body shape and has a wire to connect with electricity. 

Cordless impact wrench– it is the most stylish impact wrench on the market. End of the handle there is a small box, where you can place the battery. 

Where To Use 

Corded impact wrench– both are used for losing and tightening nuts & bolts, where this is used for less torque, Where less power is needed.

Cordless impact wrench– it is a compact impact wrench. It is highly preferable to use in the most stubborn nuts and bolts. You can turn up and down the power with a switch. 

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Corded & Cordless Electric Impact Wrenches Differences

  • A corded electric impact wrench cannot use without electricity, where a cordless can use anywhere because it is rechargeable.
  • Corded is lightweight which means it can be used for a longer period of time. On the flip side, cordless is a little heavier than corded so it gives you extra pain when using it for a longer time.
  • Corded is cheap while cordless is an expensive
  • Corded is most commonly used for thin work. On the other hand, cordless is used for thin work as well as heavy work because it a speed controlling switch.


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Final Thought

Our question was how do electric impact wrenches work? More simply, corded and cordless electric impact wrenches both are part of electric impact wrench, but corded is usually known as electric impact wrench because it directly connects with electricity. I Hope, I provide you clear thoughts. If you have more inquiries, you can comment below.

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